What Type of Door You Should Get, According to Feng Shui

wooden front door of an upscale homeA harmonious external state needs to be balanced by welcoming wholesome energies on the inside. This belief is especially apparent in the rules of feng shui. The ancient Chinese system for spatial arrangement takes the orientation of the different parts of a house very seriously to create balance inside and out. For instance, the front door is the mouth of the house that brings the chi — the universal energy — into one’s domicile. It ultimately determines the type of energy that enters the home.

So, before you choose your doors, consider these factors that will ensure you only welcome good energy.

Main Entryway

Wherever you are, whether you’re in east coast New York or Western Salt Lake City, always remember that the front door should be the sole entry point. Other entrances, such as garage doors, shouldn’t be used as the main entrance. This slows down the flow of Chi in the front door.


According to feng shui, disproportionate door sizes cause problems with one’s wealth and career. Moreover, the front door must also be bigger than all the other doors inside the house. If not, the system says that the resident will have trouble with their relationships, marriage, and emotional control.


The color of the door you should pick depends on the Kua, or the person’s feng shui number and the direction the door is facing. Generally, people can choose between two colors: red and green. Red invites abundance, while green invites money. The color is meant to enhance and cure the state of the household.


Some feng shui experts recommend that doors must be made of wood and not glass. However, this is only a recommendation to balance the five elements. Homeowners don’t necessarily need to sacrifice their preferences for this.


Feng shui experts warn against slightly misaligned doors in a house because it disrupts the Chi. Doors should either be completely aligned or not aligned at all. Moreover, the front door should never be aligned with the back door or a bathroom door, because the Chi entering the front door will rush out the backdoor or be flushed down the toilet.

There are many things to consider when shopping around for the perfect door so that a homeowner will invite good energy into their house. But it’s up to the home’s inhabitants to have the final say on what kind of door fits their vision of health and happiness.