What Could Go Wrong with your Garage Door Opener?

a red garage doorThe garage door is easily the most easily overlooked equipment in the house. As long as it continues to work, no one would dare care if it is doing fine. But that should not be so since any trouble could cause a disturbance on the daily grind in your household.

Take for example the garage door openers. This technology that lifts the garage door open and pulls it back to close is packed with little details that help make it effective. Those little details should not be overlooked because any minor trouble could cause a major malfunction if a commercial garage door repair expert in Salt Lake City does not resolve it immediately. Here are a couple of issues you must watch for with your openers:

  • Does not work with the remote. If the garage door opener does not move with a click, there must be something wrong, first, with the remote, or worse, with the unit’s motor.
  • Does not close the door all the way. If the garage door opener fails to complete the action of either opening or closing the doors, something is amiss. You can check the close limit switch, the door rollers, and the safety sensors for any sign of trouble.
  • Does not close and reverses immediately before it hits the floor. Newer garage door opener technologies are packed with a safety feature, which allows the door to reverse if it hits something on its way to close. But it is a different story altogether if it reverses when there is nothing on the way but the floor. Such miscalculation might be caused by rusty rollers, which creates extra friction and sensibility.

Any garage door trouble could be simple or complicated. It is best that you carefully inspect your unit if you sense that something is wrong and immediately call an expert if you think the trouble is beyond your basic technical knowledge. Some repair issues are dangerous to tamper with, and you need the expertise and excellent repair skills of a professional to work it out.