Two is Better than One: Remote Security Surveillance and Onsite Personnel

Guard Watching Video Monitoring Surveillance Security System

Guard Watching Video Monitoring Surveillance Security SystemTechnological advances have seemingly permeated every industry in the world, including security and surveillance. In fact, the public’s perception of what constitutes effective security measures has slightly shifted. It’s no longer just brawn that counts, but also the quality and sophistication of surveillance technology one has.

This implies that the public is becoming increasingly reliant on surveillance technology. It makes sense, too, since technology does enhance the ability of security personnel to monitor all activities inside and around their premises. Resources permitting, it’s better for any site or establishment to have both personnel and technology provide multiple layers of security.

Risks and Benefits on Both Sides

The debate over man vs. technology in security persists because consumers can see the disadvantages and benefits of each option — and even in combining both.

In terms of reliability, both man and technology are not 100% foolproof. Guards get fatigued, overlook details, or get distracted while on duty. Meanwhile, cameras and recordings are susceptible to damage, errors, hacking, and manual overrides.

Together, however, their strengths could fill the gaps left in their counterpart’s capabilities. As video surveillance cameras capture events as they occur, it is up to the guards to interpret their implications and react accordingly.

Surveillance Technology Should Not be a Standalone Protection Measure

Today, high-tech surveillance equipment is widespread but still expensive. Oil and gas site security provider J&G Security says that although they are unquestionably effective, security equipment cannot provide enough protection to a site or building all on its own.

Studies show that security cameras do deter crime, but the presence of uniformed guards can discourage criminals even more. In most cases, vandals, thieves, and intruders avoid confrontation because law enforcement will then be more likely to catch them.

Investing wisely in both will heighten the security around any establishment. With business operations and human lives on the line, management cannot afford to cut corners with its allocation for security.