Top 3 Basic Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Maintenance For Beginners

Mining Machinery in a Vehicle WorkshopCar and heavy equipment maintenance sounds like a completely new concept to most people. Whilst most of us own and have driven cars before, it is surprising that not many know how to take proper care of them.

You do not have to be an expert to know a thing or two about your vehicle, you only need to learn the basics. Here are a few maintenance tips that even the most clueless of pedestrians can follow.

Check the Manual

Your car or heavy equipment has a manual and in it, you can find a maintenance schedule. So take it out, post it on the fridge door or write it on your calendar or planner. If you do not know which fluids to replace or how often you should have your machine, stick to the manual. You can never go wrong.

Routine Maintenance

Now that you have those things down pat, do not forget other simple care tips. Whilst you are at the shop, make it a habit to do these three things: clean your windshield; check your tyre pressure; and check your oil. Hamilton has plenty of shops that you can choose from.

Cleaning your windshield should be a no-brainer. The tyre pressure check takes a little practice but if you are at the shop, you can have all the help you need and the equipment to do it as well. Get wheel alignment service, as well. Checking oil levels and topping off if needed is likewise a good idea.

For heavy equipment, Tyre Tracks recommends keeping the tracks in good condition to ensure optimum performance. On-site inspection and maintenance services are likewise available throughout New Zealand.

Keep it Clean

Wash your vehicle or equipment regularly. If you have a vacuum cleaner, clean the interior as well. Get rid of the trash piled up inside, dust the seat covers, wipe the windows and wax your hood. Cleaning does not necessarily need expertise, and you can save a few hundred bucks a year if you do it yourself.

Vehicle and heavy equipment maintenance should be a priority. You will be surprised at how long your machine can last with just a little effort from your side.