The Right Way to Clean Glass Bottles for Reuse

Several types of glass bottlesIn the age of plastic bottles, a glass bottle brings hope and warmth to the table. One reason people prefer disposable plastic bottles is that there is no need to clean them afterwards. These are thrown to the bin after use, supposedly for recycling.

But The Speedy Brush Company Ltd. explains that it is cheaper and more environmentally friendly to use glass bottles instead of throwaway plastic. It is also easy to clean bottles without any use of plastic pads.

Narrow Neck Bottles

A prime example of this is when reusing wine bottles. In the old days, taverns made their own wines, or they bought wines by the barrels. After a bottle has been emptied, these were refilled with wine from the cellar. Of course, at the time, rich folks had their own wine cellars where they kept their bottles of wine safe. These days, some people use glasses because these are hard to clean compared to the above-mentioned plastic bottles, which are conveniently disposed of after use.

Cleaning a glass bottle is easy as long as you have the right brush. It should be long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle. It should have thin flexible bristles that can be inserted into the bottle. It’s easy to find these from the department store. This method works well if there are some materials left at the bottom of the glass.

Regular Cleaning

For instances where the bottle is relatively clean, there are other cleaning methods to consider. Some of these include the use of vinegar and baking soda. These are regular pantry elements, which also happen to be useful for cleaning almost anything.

You need to pour the vinegar into the bottle first. Give it a vigorous shake before pouring the baking soda. This will create a fizz that helps clean the bottle even further. You would need to give the bottle a few more shakes. In case you need to, it’s easy enough to repeat as needed.