The Assisted Living Facility That Seniors Love

Old lady in a care home

Old lady in a care homeOld people’s homes have the unfortunate reputation of being somewhere that people go to die, but memory care assisted living is where they go to live. Care expert states they can enjoy life and their independence once again.

Ask most elderly people, and they will tell you they don’t want to go into an old people’s home even when they can no longer manage on their own. Once they try a memory care assisted living facility, they won’t want to be anywhere else.

What is Memory Care?

Memory care is a style of living that helps those with memory loss remember and live full, semi-independent lives with a little added support. Alzheimer care, Provo, encompasses several aspects:

Safe Building Design

Assisted living homes prevent elderly people from becoming lost if they wander. They are also completely safe and have enclosed courtyards and lawns so that residents can enjoy the great outdoors without wandering off.

Retro Decoration

Many facilities come with retro colors and furnishings to give a “1950’s” feel. Care homes that have tried this approach – for example, by including a 1950s’ post office or shop, find that residents with dementia are comforted, less agitated and happy.

Activities that Don’t Require a Sequence

Some facilities place activities around the building that don’t have to be done in an order, for example, one facility has a ‘laundry room’ where people can peg out baskets of clothing.

Well Placed Cues

They can place posters with prompts on the walls. Personal items of the resident can be used in their room to remind them which is theirs. People who are not as ill can have their own self-contained flat.

Forget armchairs, there’s also great entertainment including daily activities and organized trips out, shopping, cinema and restaurant-style dining so they can eat out in luxury every day – a home from home experience that’s better than home.