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Guidelines on Creating a Healthy Workplace

a healthy work spaceA healthy work environment helps boost productivity and ensures the well-being of your workers. Here’s a guide on how you can go about creating one.

Maintain a clean and comfortable workplace.

Keeping the office sparkling clean can have a tremendous effect on your employees’ health and morale. You can hire commercial cleaners in Moncton for this purpose. Also, if work entails your employees to sit in front of a computer for long hours, you need to ensure you have an ergonomic office to prevent musculoskeletal injuries. Back pain is one of the common causes of absences in an office.

Comply with legislated workplace standard.

Occupational health and safety regulations are in place to protect employees from any health risk and injury in a workplace. Be sure to comply with those. You can also be proactive in requesting for workshops that you and your employees can attend so that you are well versed with the current health and safety practices in an office.

Maintain a positive culture.

Each organization has a unique culture, and it’s usually the leaders who set this in a work environment. Make sure that you have fair and clear policies in place. Also, you can expect different personalities in an office setting, so it’s important that those in leadership roles have what it takes to engage people from different backgrounds and with varying personalities. Empathy works. When people know that they’re cared for, they’ll usually reciprocate by doing their job well.

Encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Office work can cause your workers to be very sedentary, so it might help to schedule team-building activities to encourage your staff to be more active. You can also offer incentives to encourage them to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Providing free membership to the gym or healthy meals can do the trick.

People are your best asset. If you can provide a healthy environment for them to work in, it will help mitigate work-related stress and help your staff perform well at their job.

Interior Design Tips for Your Workspace

A modern office workspaceThe average British worker spends up to 40 hours at the office per week. That is a great amount of time to invest in the workplace. No wonder then that companies work closely with interior designers in efforts to create a work environment that not only makes their employees feel more comfortable but also increases their productivity.

Experts from Whiteleys Office Furniture list some of the factors you need to keep in mind to transform your workspace into a healthy environment for your employees:


Look for ways to maximise the efficiency of your workforce. Consider the number of employees working in the office, their hierarchy, company departments, and other office amenities, such as kitchen and restrooms. There should also be properly designated spaces for collaborative activities, such as conference rooms and boardrooms. The workspace must reflect and build on your company culture. Some companies go so far as to ensuring that the same design elements are upheld in all of their offices and branches, thereby creating brand resonance, which is felt by employees and customers alike.


A workspace cannot be well lit enough. There is always the possibility of improving the current lighting conditions. Naturally then, lighting must be kept in mind when looking for ways to enhance your office design. If your office lacks large windows for letting direct sunlight through, it makes sense to invest in energy-efficient lighting solutions to minimise the long-term electric costs of this decision.


The right colour elements bring out the best in your limited office space. Pick a colour combination that instils life in your space. Bright colours, such as yellow, orange and red, can foster creativity and happiness. While you are at it, you should also look for furniture and office art that complements the colour scheme of the office.

“Get Organised” Month: The Process of Decluttering Your Warehouse

Warehouse ManagementWith 2017 fast approaching, there is no better time to commit to organising business processes than January or “Get Organised” month. Those running a warehouse should take the opportunity to go through their inventory and take out all the clutter to improve operational efficiency. While it may seem tedious and daunting at first, as long as there is a clear and solid game plan, you’ll be clearing through all of your dead stock in no time.

Examine Your Warehouse Design

The trick to streamlining your warehouse layout is to re-evaluate its design every now and then. With the constant changes in supply and demand, you might need to change your layout to make sure you’re still using the right product flow.

Keep Commonly Used Items Together

Finding products can be time-consuming, so it’s best to have a logical and defined system in place. By keeping commonly used products in a single area, workers can easily access items in a shorter amount of time, thus speeding up operational processes.

Use Ergonomic Equipment

Using ergonomic equipment in the warehouse keeps employees happy and healthy, and this leads to higher productivity. For example, making use of a cantilever rack can put space consuming products such as steel and pipes together all in one shelf. Not only does it improve warehouse efficiency, but it also lowers the risk of injury from workers lifting heavy loads.

Utilise Vertical Space

Don’t block your aisles with boxes and pallets. The excess clutter is never helpful to business operations, so make sure you clear the aisles and stock products in the right places. Try making better use of space by stacking your items vertically — you’ll be surprised at how much warehouse space you’ll save!

You won’t have to worry about a disorganised warehouse as long as you start decluttering early. With the New Year and the “Get Organised” month ahead, there’s no better time to launch initiatives geared towards improving your business operation.