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3 Types of Water Softeners.

A water softener used at homeWater is a universal solvent. Rainwater is naturally soft. However, somewhere along the way, it picks up naturally occurring minerals such as calcium and magnesium from the rocks and soil, which results in its hardness.

For water to be suitable for use in homes, manufacturing processes, cooling towers, rinsing water application and other processes, it needs to be soft. This is where water softeners in Ogden, such as Kinetico Utah, come in. There are various technologies and methods used to soften water. Here are some.


You can use this method for both water purification and water softening. It comprises of heating water to a vapor level, where the vapor redirects to another container where it cools off and becomes liquid water again.

This method is best suited for water used for industrial purposes since it does not have oxygen or any minerals in it.

Ion Exchange

Besides being the oldest water softening method, it is also considered as the most conventional. It works through the exchange of magnesium and calcium ions for two sodium ones. It is the most efficient method as it allows for large amounts of water softened in a short time.

However, it does not get rid of pathogens, particles, radon gas, or organic chemicals in water.

Reverse Osmosis

If your goal is to soften drinking and cooking water only, then this is the best option for you. Reason being, it not only softens but also highly purifies water.

This method uses pressure of about 40 psi and an Osmotic Membrane Chamber, which has very tiny pores such that they cannot allow passage of anything else other than water molecules. This gives you highly purified and soft water for home use.

For you to protect your plumbing system, electrical appliances, or to get that extra tasty cup of coffee, always soften your water. Before selecting a particular water softening method, identify you soft water requirements and the water hardness level in your area.

Water: The Perfect Beverage For Your Oral Health

Small boy drinking a glass of waterYour teeth need more than just daily brushing and flossing. If you want to do your whole mouth a favor, it is best to drink more water. Other than fighting cavities, fluoridated water can keep your teeth strong and prevent different mouth problems.

Here is how water benefits your oral and overall health:

Fights Dry Mouth and Associated Risks

Saliva doesn’t just help your mouth fight decay; it can also assist you in swallowing with ease. Another good news is that it carries minerals that rebuild your teeth’s enamel surface. Without enough saliva, you may have a dry mouth, which increases your risk for tooth decay. Smile Designs Dentistry, as well as the top Manteca dentists, note that water can help you combat dry mouth and avoid other issues related to it.

Cleans Your Mouth and Reduces Acid Attack

There is no other beverage that can rinse your mouth and keep it clean. Water does not only quench your thirst; it also washes leftover food debris and particles that are known to cause cavities. The opposite thing happens when you drink soda and other sugary beverages. Other than leaving sugar on your teeth, they produce acids that can attack and wear away the enamel.

Helps You Lose Weight

Water doesn’t have sugar. This means choosing this beverage over others reduces your risk of unwanted weight gain. Studies also suggest the drinking more water can help you lose weight. It helps boost your metabolism, serves as an appetite suppressant (if consumed before meals), and cleanses your body.

Water is the best drink for your teeth and overall health. It is still fine to consume other beverages such as coffee, tea, and fruit juice, but they shouldn’t be your go-to or preferred drinks. It is also a good idea to rinse your mouth with water after drinking such beverages and after a meal. Brushing at least an hour after eating should be your goal, but if this isn’t possible, drinking water is beneficial.

Water bottles

Water is the Key to Life in the Universe

Water bottlesYou can see it plastered in every major news daily and highlighted on every major TV network in the world: man is to conquer Mars. While all the conquistadores and navigators like Amerigo Vespucci spent their lives finding the New World, today man is bent on expanding his reach, outside of Planet Earth.

However, one thing has been the key measure to start: water. You see in that glass of water that you are about to drink lies more than just a drink to ease your thirst. Much more than that, water itself is life. Man may land on a thousand moons and picture a hundred planets, but without water, no life is possible.

Water Begets Life

It’s complicated, and it may even go down as one grand religious debate, but one thing is clear: any planet that could support liquid water is Earth-like. Meaning: It could support life.

One such planet has been found and is in what scientists call the ‘Goldilocks’ distance – one not too near and not too far from its sun. While you could be just sprinkling water all over your yard, it’s good to note that water is a key indication of the possibility of life in another planet.

Clean Matters

Mahatma Gandhi may have survived without any food whatsoever for 21 days. However, 3 days without water could spell a life-and-death situation for many. But not just any water – for our homes, clean water matters.

This is why water filters have caught on, which purifies water coming through to the home. Others also elect to lend a sense of minimal clutter to their kitchen and instead installed undersink water filters. Beyond just aesthetics, however, undersink has proven to make the water safer than most water filter designs.

Water may be enough for most of life, but for man, it’s clean water that’s life.