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The Millennials are Buying Homes: Here’s the Surprising Reason

Real Estate Agent Showing the PropertyThere’s been endless talk about the relationship of millennials with property. Many surveys show that with house prices too high and student debts strapping them down, buying homes is just not a priority. But it does become a priority for millennials when they take into consideration one important thing: their dogs.

For the Love of the Four-Legged Beloved

A 2017 survey shows that a third of millennials bought their first property because they felt the need to have a space for their dog. This special consideration when purchasing homes comes in third of the reasons cited, far more important than having children and getting married.

The top two reasons to buy homes were to have more living space and build equity. For those who never purchased a home yet, almost half of them shared that their dog would be a big consideration in buying a property.

So, what does this mean for property sellers? Dog-friendly homes: maximized indoor spaces, increased security with decorative metal fence panels you can get from vendors such as GreatFence.com, and a playable yard.

A Pet-Friendly Space

Millennials are already driving the workforce. So it makes sense to consider them as a profitable property market. And in so doing, it’s important to appeal to such needs and preferences. Building a dog-friendly home starts with making sure that dogs have enough access to water, shade, air, and natural light.

So, it’s best if you could have open spaces, instead of the traditional walled sections to lessen obstructions for dogs, helping them move freely and making it easier to go outdoors for play.

If you could create an area in the house where millennial homeowners can let dogs rest and keep pet-related items (e.g., food, toys, leashes, etc.), that’s better. You can do this by offering lots of storage spaces in the garage or outdoor shed.

It’s also important to spruce up the yard, with special consideration on security. Make sure to install a fence around the outdoor space. You have many options here: aluminum, wood, vinyl, or chain link: choose the one that can complement the home’s overall aesthetics.

Millennials are buying homes – bringing in their furry friends. When they visit your property, it surely must be dog-friendly.

3 Top Instances to Walk Away From A Deal When Buying Land

Land for sale signageWhen it comes to making a deal on a real estate property in Rockport, TX, it’s all glitz and glamor. The same, however, cannot be said of due diligence. It’s the reason why so many investors make acquisitions that they end up regretting after making the purchase. Here are three top instances you should walk away from what once seemed like a decent deal when buying land.

The deal suddenly gets too expensive

If, when you spotted that prime land for sale, it was well within your budget, but it has now become too expensive, then it might be advisable to walk away. Sometimes, this case scenario is occasioned by the presence of multiple bidders for the land. Don’t let a big ego get in the way of your rational thought when someone outbids you.

The property has too many usage restrictions

Part of your due diligence should be finding out what zoning requirements are in place for a vacant piece of land. If, in the course of your negotiations for the land you realize that there are too many stringent restrictions, think twice before proceeding. Remember you want the piece to serve your needs, so take a walk if it won’t.

Some public utilities are absent

Buildable land must have access to the staples of decent living. That means you want to have access to water, electricity, sewer, gas, and phone. Without one or more of these utilities, then you’ve lost a huge portion of your land’s usability and value. Don’t even think of putting your money in such an investment.

Vacant land may be full of superior benefits when bought at the right price and time. However, it’s crucial to be sure that you’re buying the right piece of land, so you don’t land yourself in a myriad of problems.

Licensed Conveyancers vs. Solicitors: Is There Really a Difference?

Big Ben and Westminster Bridge at dusk, London, UKWhen selling, or purchasing a property in England, you are required to appoint a property lawyer to represent you.

Choose a Licensed Conveyancer controlled by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers or a Solicitor regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority first, then you can compare conveyancing expenses and costs.

Both are entirely controlled, insured and function to the same conveyancing procedures and practices.

The Responsibilities

Licensed conveyancers are dedicated property lawyers who mostly accept residential conveyancing responsibilities, while some undertake probate and commercial property work. All licensed conveyancers are office-based to guarantee consistent and great client communication every time.

Meanwhile, property solicitors do not specialise in conveyancing and assume other responsibilities. This includes personal injury and matrimonial work besides conveyancing.

This generally means that they are either out of the office or in Court when you need them, which causes frustration towards client communication.

Some solicitors specialise in conveyancing and are a part of the Law Society Quality Standard that makes them a counterpart of Licensed Conveyancers.

The Fees

The variations between conveyancing costs charged by Licensed Conveyancers and Solicitors do not differ that much. If you do try to compare the average conveyancing costs, Licensed Conveyancers offer a much cheaper and reliable service.

This economical rate can be quite inviting, but make sure that you get the best possible service there is. Do keep in mind that the strain of selling or purchasing a property could get even worse if you choose an undependable conveyancing service.

If you find yourself seeking a Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer, understand the differences between them first. This way, you will know what to expect with their responsibilities and how much everything will cost you.

Just make sure that you choose the one that prioritises your needs and does not see you as just another client on their sleeve.

Home for a Home: Surrendering Properties for Bail

Bail bonds SignIt isn’t easy getting cold cash in times of emergency. In America, 51% of adults live in middle-income households while 29% are in the lower-income bracket, dominating the remaining 20% elite. When the situation calls for it, it is difficult for more than half of the population to conjure a large amount of money on the spot.

Unfortunately, a person may be put behind bars before they are proven guilty. If your loved one ends up in prison and you have no other means to pay, don’t worry – money isn’t the only way you can settle a bail bond in Raleigh, NC.

Collaterals and Good Faith

Although bail bonds present themselves as solutions for those who aren’t financially capable of releasing their imprisoned loved ones, there are people who still can’t pay, no matter how small the amount.

Bail bondsmen allow their clients to deposit properties as collateral while payments haven’t been settled. The collateral is a deposit by the client to the company, which the bondsman value in “Good Faith” settlements to ensure that the defendant doesn’t miss the court hearings on purpose. When you get the trust of your bail bondsmen, the company returns the collateral to you in full, whether it be cash or property.

High Risks for a High Price

Properties up for collateral agreements must be valued at an amount equal to the bail or higher. Some courts, however, want the properties to have a value twice the amount of the bail. Once a real estate appraiser takes a look at the property and approves the value, a judge may grant the defendant bail. If the defendant forfeits the bond, the court and bondsmen work together to sell the property or put it up for foreclosure.

Bail bondsmen are very generous in giving their clients the means to get their loved ones out of prison. The key to keeping the settlement intact is to create a good relationship with your bondsman and follow instructions honestly.