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3 Seemingly Harmless Activities That Can Actually Damage Your Water Drains

Drain in the sinkAt home, there are some unsung heroes that need to be recognized. Among them is the water drain—yes, the water drain! Without it, your bathroom and kitchen will surely be dirty and unhygienic. They are the willing transporters of your home’s refuses.

While they are built to withstand a lot of things, that does not mean they do not suffer from damage. There are seemingly harmless things and activities that actually cause damage to your drains. In fact, as All Hours Plumbing and Drain Cleaning explains, these damages may even require high-pressure water drain cleaners in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind to avoid bad habits that affect your drains.


Putting bacon grease into your drain may seem like a normal activity, but it actually has a negative effect on your plumbing system. The grease can harden, especially during cold weather. When it does, it will clog your drain. On the other hand, it may line the walls of the drain and make the passage tight for the water to pass.

Your “Biodegradable” Food Refuses

How many times have you actually thrown fruit peelings and vegetable cutouts into the drain? You may think that they get carried away, but they become obstructions. The flour, the egg shells, and the meat trimmings actually have the same effect.

DIY Attempts

At some point, your plumbing has been damaged. You might have thought that you can save money on repairs by doing the fix on your own. But in reality, it can only cause further damage. Of course, further damage means more expensive fixes.

It is time to change your habits if you want your drains to last a long time. More importantly, you need to fix any problem as soon as possible by working with a reliable solutions provider.

House view from the street

Be on the Lookout for Home Repairs

House view from the streetHome upkeep can be tiring mentally and physically. However, knowing who to call when it matters most can certainly take some of the pressure off. You can also save some money when you become a vigilant homeowner.

Many people would rather fix things instead of buying new fixtures or furnishings. Homemakers are now applying this to home maintenance too. As recycling and repurposing are now trending among homeowners, people are now becoming more aware of the things they should keep an eye on in their home.

Under the Sink

People use the sink most often in their homes, sometimes as often as 20 times a day.  Any leak under the kitchen sink is a potentially serious problem.

If you have a leaky faucet, you can change the gasket and fix it yourself. However, for more severe plumbing problems such as blocked drains and leaky valves, it would be best to seek the advice and services of certified plumbers to address the issue. Plumbing issues can be cumbersome and therefore demand the attention of a competent professional.


Your bathroom and toilet are also prone to disrepair if you don’t give these areas the proper attention. An overflowing or clogged toilet can be distressing, and you might not find the problem in time. Save yourself the trouble and call certified plumbers to do the job for you.


Your heater needs regular maintenance, as sediment could build up if it is not drained properly. You could turn off the power and the water supply to the heater. Attach a hose to the drain valve and direct it to your home’s drainage system. Once you’ve removed all the remaining water, turn the water supply for a minute or two to remove sediments inside the heater. Once completed, you could turn it back on.

These are just some of the areas that may suffer from everyday wear and tear in your home. Doing regular checks is a must if you want to stay on top of repairs, but don’t hesitate to call the right people when you need help.

Plumber fixing gas furnace

Buying a Furnace? 3 Factors that Will Affect Your Decision

Plumber fixing gas furnaceBuying a furnace calls for proper planning. If it’s your first time, the process can be daunting. But you need not worry because you’ll learn some of the most critical factors to consider to get the right furnace for your home.

Action Plumbing suggests that you use this guide if you’re planning a furnace installation in Salt Lake City or any other location.

Fuel Source​

Furnaces use different fuel sources. So, you have a chance to choose among gas, electric, or oil heating. Each type has its advantages and limitations, but the availability of the fuel source matters. For instance, a gas furnace runs on natural gas and is economical than the other furnace types. In addition, gas and propane furnaces are great alternatives, especially in areas where grid connection is not available.


Before stepping you start looking for a furnace, know how much space you have in your house. This will determine the size of the unit you need. Remember that the size doesn’t determine the efficiency of the furnace.

For instance, you may think that the bigger the furnace, the better the heating. On the contrary, oversized furnaces turn on and off frequently and have a short heating cycle. If you are considering an oil furnace, you might need a bigger space to store it.

Furnace Installation

After everything is done and you have settled on the design, size, type, and other factors, you can proceed with the installation. When it comes to furnace installation, never compromise on the quality of work. This is not a DIY kind of job, which is why it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Your contractor should have the qualifications and experience to handle the installation project properly.

Getting the right furnace and having it perfectly installed adds comfort to your home and increases the value of your property. This guide will help you make an informed decision.

Emergency Plumbing vs. Routine Plumbing: What’s The Difference?

Plumbing SystemA clogged toilet or drain can be a major disruption in the house. For some homeowners, they are faced with repeated plumbing issues that predispose them to higher expenses and damage to their pipelines.

During times that these problems happen, you may need to contact an emergency plumber in Salt Lake City who’s prepared to completely fix the problem immediately. However, what is the difference between emergency plumbing and routine maintenance?


In the event of a disastrous sewage or water leak, emergency plumbing services are excellent. Companies offer emergency plumbing around the clock, which means that they are ready to fix the plumbing problem right away.

During an emergency, the plumber will apply a fast fix that will save the property and reduce damage to the pipelines. On the other hand, routine or regularly scheduled plumbing visit entails reducing the risk of an emergency leakage or damage to the pipelines, sewage or faucet.


It is sometimes ironic that emergencies happen at the time least expected. For plumbing emergencies, they seldom wait for business hours. This is one of the differences between routine and emergency plumbing services. Emergency plumbers may have middle-of-the-night shifts for emergency needs while routine plumbers visit as scheduled.


Routine plumbing services are priced lower than emergency plumbing. Normally, emergency services are a bit more expensive due to the round-the-clock nature of the service. Moreover, emergency plumbers have added skills and experience in fixing emergency leaks or plumbing problems.

There are differences between routine plumbing and emergency plumbing services. Hence, you must ensure that the plumber is skilled and has the needed experience to provide high-quality work.

It is recommended to have the contact number of the plumbing company on hand all the time. This will ensure that during times of emergencies, you can contact them right away and prevent further damage to the property.