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How Much Should Your Wedding Photographer Cost?

Wedding PhotographerEveryone loves personalized weddings. People love planning everything, from the cake to the décor and perhaps the dress. Sometimes, you’re tempted to take care of the wedding photography and video recording as well. The results aren’t that impressive compared to what a professional wedding photographer can accomplish.

Why get a professional?

According to Elatiweddingphotography.com, professional photographers have the right cameras, editing software, and photography skills. They have what it takes to convert your wedding memories from hazy ideas to immaculate photos that will live for a while.

How much does the photographer cost?

Expect to spend anything between 10 and 15 percent of your wedding’s budget on photography and video coverage.

This is normally higher than most people’s expectations. This is what pushes them into converting the photography into a DIY project.

What determines the actual cost?

The actual cost of the photography project depends on what you want in the package. Native photos and video coverage will be cheaper than aerial shots with constant video coverage. The photo editing services and video editing will also determine the actual cost of the package.

It’s never the same

Most wedding planners fail to consider the actual inclusions of each package. A photographer who caps the number of photos at 700 may ask for less than someone who gives you unlimited photos. Always take the time to understand what’s in the deal.

A good wedding photographer will give you a reason to smile every moment you think of your wedding. The amazing photographs and impressive video coverage will keep your memory of that special event fresh for as long as you live. In the end, the cost of hiring the professional wedding photographer will be worth it.

Perspective Photography

Forced Perspective in Photo Advertising: Challenging Brains, Hooking Consumers

Perspective PhotographyBasic photography may be the least popular form of advertising nowadays. Unless there is a celebrity in the picture, then it will not be a hit. Furthermore, gone are the days when consumers were simple enough to find bursts of colour tempting. It is all about creativity now and pictures are lagging behind. Photographers, however, forever looking for a different ‘angle’, found something that is both intricate and appealing.

Forced perspective photography focuses on creating optical illusions of different entities as one coherent image. There is no depth of perception, and since cameras only have one eye, you can only see it one way. Photographers have to find the perfect angle to ‘force’ the viewpoint. When they do, people will not be able to tell that they are looking at seven things working together to create one thing.

A Mental Challenge

Australian marketers Made4media says that forced perspective is hot commodity in advertising today. The industry is always on the hunt for strategies that embed brands deep into the consumers’ minds. They may have just found it in the form of forced perspective photography, as it is everywhere right now.

Tech giant Apple employed the method in promoting iPhones and to date, the video garnered 1.3 million views. Even Japanese automaker Honda got in on the action by creating a dangerous, albeit fake, scenario in getting their cars.

Stamping Brands

As forced perspective photographs get people thinking, the brand on the picture imprints on the consumer’s mind. On top of of being tricky, optical illusions are appealing, too. It may confuse people, but in terms of making them remember, nothing does a better job.

Yet, forced perspective is not exclusive to photography. It can be a canvas or a printed display. When installed in a public place, more people get to experience its confusing goodness. As a result, they remember it and the company that made it possible.

It is tricky to get forced perspective right, especially if done by someone with no experience. An experienced videographer or photographer, however, can find the twist in everyday sceneries and turn it into something magically vexing.


Skipping the ‘First Look’, & other Wedding Photography Mistakes

WeddingLooking good on your wedding day does not automatically equate to good wedding photos.

Wedding photos are an essential part of that special day. These photos serve as memorabilia from one of the best days in your life. Because wedding pictures are the most tangible items from your wedding, it is important to get them right.

Couples often take wedding photography for granted and this should not be the case. Wedding photos are important as they capture the essence of your wedding day. Immortalize your special day perfectly by avoiding these common wedding photography blunders:

Failing to develop a close relationship with your photographer

Blushing Bride Photography, a Maine-based wedding photographer, emphasizes the importance of establishing a good relationship with your photographer. After all, they will be the ones capturing one of the most important days in your life.

Spend some time getting to know your photographer. This way, you get to know their style while they understand your needs better. This also helps create a relaxed setting between client and photographer.

Skipping the First Look

First look wedding photos are a growing trend amongst engaged couples. This new photo opportunity clashes with a notable superstition: the groom should not see the bride before the ceremony. Despite this belief, it is important for couples to not skip the First Look.

According to The Knot, the First Look is a better option compared to taking couple photos after the ceremony. Rather than looking stressed with your photos, settle for capturing the magic of seeing each other for the first time on your wedding day.

Forgetting the shot list

Never forget to give your photographer a list of shots that you would like them to take on your wedding day. Brainstorm ideas on the perfect wedding shots that capture the theme of your wedding. Help your photographer take pictures of idyllic moments by providing a list of must-have shots for your special day.

Don’t take wedding photos for granted. By avoiding these common wedding photography blunders, you can look forward to magical snapshots of your special day.