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Report: More Americans Decide to Stay Single to Save Money

Lady with money bills on her right hand and a gold bar on her left handCompared with data from 10 years ago, more Americans have decided to stay single due to financial uncertainty. This is according to Pew Research Center’s analysis of data from the US Census Bureau.

In 2007, the data showed that 39% of all adults in the U.S. lived without a partner or spouse. It has risen to 42% in 2017. The trend has been prominent among people under 35 years old. Researchers consider an estimated 61% of them to be “unpartnered” compared with 56% over the past decade.

Cost Savings

The increase of more adult singles stemmed from their lack of financial confidence. This is according to Kim Parker, director of social trends research at Pew Research Center. However, it also indicated that people today are more conscious of becoming financially prepared before exchanging wedding vows.

Regarding divorce as a contributing factor, the Pew analysis has suggested that it had nothing to do with the growing number of single adults over the 10-year period. But, it may be too early to say that it has no influence. Parker noted that divorce rates among baby boomers and older adults are on the rise. The type of job that you have could also determine the likelihood of a divorce.

High Divorce Rates

Gaming managers are the most vulnerable to a divorce with a 52.9% rate. The reason behind this involves their constant exposure to a party atmosphere, gambling, and alcohol. All of those could strain a marriage.

The place where you live could also be a factor. Gaming managers in Atlantic City, New Jersey, may be more likely to need legal counsel. This is in comparison with those seeking an Albuquerque divorce lawyer in New Mexico.

The increase of adult singles hints on some people’s choice of becoming financially and emotionally stable before marriage. At the same time, the census data should conclude that more people are unhappy due to the absence of a partner or spouse.


Property Relations in De Facto Relationships

RelationshipsThe law protects the hard-earned properties of all citizens. Regardless of the legal status of their relationships, the law still aims to protect the properties of all parties. The fact that a person is involved in a de facto relationship does not change this fact.

De Facto Unions

When we speak of a de facto union, this means that the persons involved are partners who are unmarried. They must be in one household or are living together as consenting adults. It is essential that they, in fact, can get married, but they choose not to.

This means that the de facto partners, while recognized as domestic partners who live together or cohabit, are not legally bound by the rites of marriage by choice and not because they are married to other persons or that there are legal restrictions against it.

Distribution of Assets

A de facto relationship places the properties of the partners in question since there is no conjugal concept to anchor the distribution to. In such a case, the distribution may be stricter since there needs to be an exploration relevant to the source of the property or the source of income used to buy the property.

One partner may have acquired a property using only their funds, but there may be cases when the other helped in its maintenance or helped invest in it. These are factors that authorities need to take into account.

Interestingly, even for married couples, properties that they have acquired before the marital union may still be included in the “pot” of assets to be distributed at the time of the separation. This is no different in de facto unions. Due to the issues that may arise, Dixie Ann Middleton & Associates notes that it is important to have sound advice, such as from the services of seasoned family law solicitors in Brisbane.

With the help of a lawyer, you will protect your assets in the event that the relationship ends. It is better to know about what the law says about property distribution, rather than lose everything in the process.