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How You Can Help Your Lawyer Win Your Case

Lawyer and client having a consultationIf you have a case and you want to have your day in court, you know you would need the help of a lawyer because you lack the necessary knowledge and experience to handle the legalities. Many attorneys in New York can help you resolve any case, but you also need to do the following.

Keep time

One lawyer often handles several cases at the same time. Dealing with all these clients takes up a lot of a lawyer’s time, and they make sure that each second counts. Many attorneys are punctual and often charge by the hour for a consultation, a meeting, or a day in court. Make sure that you keep a record of the length of your meetings and the kind of arrangements you have made for that day.

Bring along documents

If your case involves issues of land, property ownership, or marriage, it’s essential to hold the necessary documents. Your lawyer would know which documents are required for your case, and they could also process any required documentation you would need for your circumstance.

Prepare your evidence

If you have any evidence that supports your case, whether it is physical, documentary, or demonstrative (photos or videos), make sure that you have a copy and they are all duly signed and sealed. If you are in an accident, make sure to find witnesses who could provide eyewitness evidence. If you have any injuries, make sure to go to a hospital and have a doctor sign a medical certificate of your treatment.

Having a lawyer guide you through your case is critical, but you should also know how you can help your legal counsel so you won’t have to spend too much on legal services. Knowing what you need for your case is half the battle, and a good counsel on your side is a sure way to have your day in court.

There is No “Order in the Court” in a Child’s Eyes

Mother and Daughter Talking to LawyerAnnually, there are about 100,000 children who go on the witness stand in the US. Children undergo legal proceedings for various reasons. They may be witnesses to a violent crime or a victim of maltreatment, abuse, or neglect. Or, they may be asked to take the stand in a volatile divorce case. This kind of contact with the legal system is often a negative experience for children.

The Courtroom can Pressure Children

In cities like Long Island, a no-fault divorce can be filed. In this case, children don’t have to testify. But, in other circumstances, children are brought in family courts for divorce trials or custody hearings. They are asked to testify against a parent, even though they naturally don’t want to. Alternatively, a judge can talk to the children alone. Still, this can be overwhelming.

Criminal courts are more intimidating to children, though. These settings often apply pressured upon a child to answer questions they don’t quite understand. The unfamiliar faces of the judge, the jury and the lawyers may make them anxious, too.

The Courtroom can Confuse Children

Children don’t have a grasp of the concept of law. They cannot comprehend courtroom jargon. Additionally, the memory and communication skills of children are not yet fully developed. It’s challenging for children to accurately retell a story and answer questions.

As they don’t completely understand the weight of their statements, children witnesses may distort or leave out details. At times, they give inconsistent reports.

Although children can be reliable witnesses, their suggestibility can discredit them. As witnesses, children are more easily swayed and influenced, sometimes making their accounts inaccurate.

The Courtroom can Traumatize Children

Many time, a child witness relives a traumatizing experience in the courtroom. This results in their tendency to alter the story and leave out the disturbing details of such. Also, being in the same room as the defendant may cause a panic attack. Victimized children witnesses may hesitate to give statements because they fear for their safety.

The legal proceeding may cause emotional turmoil and mental angst to children witnesses.

If there is a need for children to testify in court, parents and child psychiatrists should support and protect them. The courtroom is a generally stressful place – more so to children. Because they are vulnerable, this experience may trouble them for a long time. The law should be considerate in their well-being throughout the process.

ending a civil partnership

Ending A Civil Partnership

ending a civil partnership between a lesbian coupleTerminating a relationship is more difficult for people who are in a civil partnership rather than a marriage. Civil partnerships can only end by court order through a process known as dissolution. Alternatively, people who do not want to dissolve their civil partnership, can opt for a legal separation.

Ending a civil partnership is ideal when both parties have reached a mutual agreement and this can be done with the help of an experienced family solicitors in Portsmouth, like Andrew and Andrew Solicitors Limited. Each party should submit paperwork to court and ask for a permission to dissolve their partnership. Ideally, ex-partners should share a common approach to children and alimony. Moreover, a family solicitors in Portsmouth can help them divide money and property and there is a specific deadline for this in compliance with the law.

Reasons for Ending A Civil Partnership

The grounds for terminating a civil partnership are very similar to those applied for divorces. However, adultery is not a valid reason. Ex-partners can plead for unreasonable behaviour, desertion or separation. Statistically, most civil partnerships in the UK end as a result of unreasonable behaviour, while desertion cases are rarer.

Filing an Application

A family solicitors in Portsmouth will inform each prospective client on the steps they should take for dissolving their partnership. A dissolution application is the first step. Once this is filled and sent to the court, the court will send a copy of the petition to the other person involved in the partnership. If they agree, the next step is to apply for a conditional order.

Conditional Order

A conditional order is a legal document that enables two people in a civil partnership to proceed with the dissolution by declaring their mutual desire to separate. If a partner does not agree, they can contest the conditional order and in this case, a court will formally grant it.

Final Order

If a conditional order is agreed by both parties, either one can apply for a final order, which is the last step of the procedure. The final order is granted when the court decides that everything is done properly and the need of the children — if any — are properly met.

Signs of Divorce: When You Know It’s Time

a conflict between a married coupleDivorce is just one of the options when you have a problematic marriage. Some can work on their behaviors to revive the marriage, but other couples decide it's better to call it quits. 

If you are unsure for now, it's time to start looking for clues that say it's better to stay together or to go your separate ways. These are some things to ponder: 

What Made You Think of Divorce?

There is that one word, thought, or action that makes you think you want to divorce your partner. Sometimes it doesn't end up happening, but when you reach the final straw, you know there's no turning back. Before you contact a divorce attorney in Kent, think about your reason and how sure you are that this is the next step you want to take. 

Has Your Partner's Behavior Changed Drastically? 

You might not notice it happening over time until one day you just wake up and realize you don't look at your partner the same way anymore. And it could go both ways. If they have stopped making an effort and you feel unappreciated, finding attention from someone else seems to be the next best thing. If both parties do not value the marriage anymore, divorce is a smart move. 

Is There Any Way to Fix Things? 

When you notice your partner becoming cold, you don't just turn your back on the marriage all of a sudden. The logical step is to talk to them about their behavior and see if they do better. If the love is still alive, you'll both do your best to show your appreciation for each other. Some marriages recover this way, but if it doesn't work for your marriage, then you might just be fighting a losing battle. 

There is a finality linked to divorce that makes it a hard pill to swallow. When all the signs point here, however, think about the relief you'll feel afterward. 

What Skills Do Efficient Criminal Defense Lawyers Have?

Female lawyer with blurred male lawyerCriminal defense lawyers must have the necessary skills to perform their responsibilities effectively. These lawyers experience different challenges in representing their client. Their work demands mental toughness and emotional neutrality at all times.

In Provo and more key cities, law firms offer the services of skilled criminal defense lawyers. These legal experts ensure their clients’ rights are protected. For criminal defense lawyers to be successful, they should have the have the following skills:

Research Skills

Every criminal lawyer needs extensive research skills. They should be able to conduct thorough research on different related factors in the case. For instance, they need to do legal research to strengthen the case against the prosecuting side.

Communication Skills

Criminal defense lawyers should have good communication skills. In their writing, they should exhibit an excellent command of the language, a professional tone, and familiarity with legal terms. Their communication skills should also be evident when speaking.

Lawyers, in general, must be firm, articulate, and sensible in the way they speak, especially in a courtroom setting. Communication skills are essential for lawyers to convey their message easily.

Analytical Skills

Criminal defense lawyers must have precise analytical skills. Their job is in a fast-paced and highly stressful environment. They need to be able to analyze information quickly to prove their arguments and make decisions in certain situations.

The more experience a criminal lawyer has, the more they can develop these analytical skills. Quick analysis and thinking would enable the lawyer to represent his or her client well and present a stronger case.

Criminal defense lawyers are mentally and emotionally strong to perform their responsibilities. All of the skills mentioned above will help them develop into efficient and competent lawyers serving the legal concerns of their clients.

Divorce costs a lot, yet there are ways to cut expenses

torn piece of paper with divorce text and paper couple figuresThe cost of filing for a divorce can be just as expensive as marriage, although the latter can be quite daunting as it often catches you by surprise.

Marriage requires you to spend the time to prepare a budget. On the contrary, some people may not afford to be divorced, simply because it would be strange to establish a budget for it long before the marriage turns sour.

Cost Cutting

Despite the significant costs, there are ways to reduce the expenses related to your divorce. If you live in Colorado, finding the right divorce attorney in Boulder will require you to scout for many lawyers before knowing which one fits your budget.

Some lawyers may allow you to pay fees based on an installment plan, which will be very useful for those that are unable to pay upfront charges. Others also agree to work on a limited scope representation, such as only appearing in court to represent you in a single hearing. In the end, you ultimately decided the best cost-cutting measures for your case. The high cost of divorce could be one reason why more Americans have decided to remain single.

Expensive Vows

Opportunity America and the American Enterprise Institute’s research showed that married life has become a mark of social status, amid a huge gap in the marriage rate between the rich and poor. The marriage rate for poor Americans aged 18 and 55 years old sharply fell to 26% from 51% in 1990.

While money seems to be the main issue, there are other reasons for the drop in marriage rates. For instance, there are fewer jobs that can support marriage for young adults without college degrees, according to Andrew Cherlin, a sociologist at Johns Hopkins University.


Divorce will require you to spend money, which is why you should be financially and emotionally stable before embarking on a plan to tie the knot.

Nurse Consultant

Becoming a Legal Nurse Consultant: The Essentials

Nurse ConsultantLegal nurse consultants (LNCs) are registered nurses that provide counsel on medical issues for legal matters. They serve as liaisons between the medical profession and lawyers. They assist attorneys in medical-related cases by offering information regarding standard medical practices and related medical issues. If this career sounds interesting to you, you may be thinking, “How do I become a legal nurse consultant?” The Center For Legal Studies shares some details below:

Becoming a Registered Nurse

You can choose from among three nursing programs to become a registered nurse. You can finish a 4-year university program to get a Nursing Bachelor’s Degree, a 2-year community college program to get an associate’s degree, or a nursing diploma from teaching hospitals.

Obtaining Licensure

Once you’ve successfully completed your nursing program, you should comply with your state’s licensing procedures. You must also pass the NCLEX-RN or National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses to become a licensed registered nurse. Some states, however, may have other requirements.

Obtaining Nursing Experience

The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) requires aspiring legal nurse consultants to have five years of experience as an RN. You can work as a staff nurse in a hospital, private doctor’s offices, government agencies, or home healthcare services.

Completing an LNC Training Program

You can choose from certificate programs of LNC training courses. The majority of these programs, however, only accepts RNs. Topics include review and analysis of medical records, legal terminology, employees’ compensation evaluations, forensic nursing, and trial preparation. You’ll also learn tactics about marketing yourself and finding clients.

Becoming Certified

Although certification isn’t actually required to become a legal nurse consultant, being certified means you’ve completed the required training and you have the proper experience and expertise. To be awarded this AALNC certification, you must have successfully completed 2,000 hours minimum of services as an LNC during the last five years and pass an examination. Topics covered in the exam may include medical malpractice, employees’ compensation laws, personal injury, elder law, and risk management.