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House entrance showing main door

Popular Door Trends You Want to Know

House entrance showing main doorWhy do doors get so little attention during home construction or remodeling projects? Most homeowners are very particular about what goes into their home. But they don’t give much thought to the type of doors they have in their houses. Yet doors are the perfect part of your home to make a statement about your style. Check out what’s trendy right now.

Pocket doors are back

Throughout the mid centuries, internal sliding barn doors were a hit with homeowners. Loved for their elegance and neatness, these doors have stood the test of time. And now homeowners seem to be embracing them even more. Pocket doors neatly slide in and out of the wall, giving you more floor space. They’re perfect for your smaller rooms and narrow hallways. There are many lovely styles to choose from depending on your tastes and budget.

People want textured doors

This is perhaps the most popular trend right now. There are many surface treatments to give doors the perfect texture, with the most popular ones being nail-heads, leather, chalk paint, and wallpaper. You can add texture to your ordinary doors by applying an ultra-shiny colour on it, or have a professional give them a textured finish.

Front doors are getting taller and wider

Homeowners seem to want taller front doors, with some going as high as nine feet. And as the height increases so does the width. Front doors as wide as four feet wide are becoming more common in many homes today. Steel and fibreglass are still quite popular as the material for front doors, owing to their higher insulation values compared to other material.

Your home should stand out from the rest, and for all the good reasons. By paying attention to all the details, including your choice of trendy doors, you can make your entire house the perfect expression of your style.

Interior of luxury home

4 Tips to Make Your Dream House Better

Interior of luxury homeHouses cost at least a hundred thousand dollars. This is quite a big investment to make, so it would be understandable for you to be picky and meticulous in your choices while it is still being built. You are, after all, the one funding the construction so it would be sad if the finished product will disappoint you.

The following are tips you may want to remember in building the house.

Know the proper materials for roofing

As important as the other parts of the house, one of the things often neglected in construction is the roofing. You should know the proper materials you should use for the effect or result that you want. For example, flat steel sheets are very popular materials that can work no matter where you are in the world.

It can also serve as rain gutters, and you can even use it inside.

Check the credibility of your builders

Just like in any product or service that you are trying to get, you need to make sure that the team doing the construction of your home has a good reputation. Otherwise, you may be wasting your money on substandard service, which you do not want.

Do not rush in building the house

What you should know about building a house is that it really takes time. It can take up to eight months. Do not rush it so that the home will be built better and according to your specifications.

Put walk-in closets

A walk-in closet is something that you should aspire for when you already have your home. Just a small space would be enough.

Due to the large amount of money you will invest in a home, you should be careful and eagle-eyed about how your contractor builds your house. If you do this, you can assure yourself of being happier and satisfied with how your home will turn out.

Why Choose Glass over the Other Balustrading Materials

Glass Balustrade Provider in PerthOver the years, glass has become the preferred choice of homeowners when it comes to designing their balusters. Though timber and concrete are quite popular too, most people just go with using glass. This is not surprising because the material presents a number of benefits that cannot be achieved from others.

Perth City Glass​ outlines some of these benefits:

Style and Sophistication

Out of all the available baluster options, glass is the only one that can give you a variety of textures and designs. Using glass in your railing can both add style and elegance to any part of your home. Whether you’re aiming for something modern or traditional, you can easily decorate it to your own liking.


Compared to other types of baluster, glass is the easiest to maintain and clean. Just spray some water and use a dry cloth or paper towel in wiping the surface. You don’t need to use special cleaning solutions or chemicals to get rid of stains or dirt.


When it comes to function, you have a lot of options to choose from with this type of railing. From balconies and decks to pool fences and staircases, you can practically use it anywhere.

Environmentally Friendly

Another benefit you can get from this baluster is the safety and environmentally friendly features. Unlike other materials, glass is less likely to corrode or emit hazardous chemicals. Though stainless steel balustrade has the same characteristics, it is not as stylish and classy as glass.


Make your staircases more attractive without compromising its aesthetic value with this a glass balustrading system from Perth’s suppliers. To meet the safety provision and regulation, all manufacturers are using top-quality and heavy-duty materials in producing this material. This is to ensure that the glass will not break or crack easily.

Using glass for your baluster, balcony, staircases, and pool area is a perfect choice when it comes to style, functionality, and efficiency. The next time you think about changing your balustrading system, don’t think twice and use glass panels.