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Build Your Dream House Without Ruining Your Finances

VillaWhen you have plans for a grand house but your budget is on the lean side, do not despair or give up on your dreams. See, most of the historically significant houses and building took a long while to complete. You too can borrow a leaf from their playbook when building your dream home.

You can avoid putting your finances through a strainer or entirely ruining your quality of life. To embark on this epic journey, you’d need to secure a good deal on a piece of land for sale in Geelong, Victoria.

Build the outer shell

At its barest, a house functions to shield you and your household from the inclement weather. As such, you should ensure that the foundation and the outer walls are structurally sound. A strong core structure will withstand all the mother nature throws at you without losing its integrity.

Commit every available resource to completing the walls and installing windows and doors to create a closed off shell. You want to make sure that the house is as liveable as possible while keeping your family and possessions safe and secure. Once you’re sure that the outer shell is complete, you can them move into the unfinished house.

Work on the interiors at your own pace

Well, there’s nothing glamorous in living in an incomplete house, but you shouldn’t miss the forest for the tree. By moving in, you can channel the money you’d have otherwise paid out in rent to complete the house. Or you could apply for a construction loan to help you out.

Working in sections, you can have the house take shape as the days go by. Doing so helps you avoid the risks that come with big house poor, where one becomes too cash-strapped to meet basic human needs.

Building a dream house often carries a hefty price tag, usually one that beyond your financial capabilities. Instead of getting flustered and paying through your nose, you can opt to build the house slowly.

Renovating Your Old Home within Your Budget

house having nice interiorSome houses need fixing up if you want them to last longer. Often, people are scared of renovation, so they put it off until it’s too late. Instead of waiting for significant repairs, start small and extend your home’s lifespan.


One of the first items to break down in any home is the furniture. Though you might find yourself a bit sentimental, it’s best to replace your furniture if it becomes irreparable. Choose from wholesale ready-to-assemble closets, chairs, and more. They are affordable and can be set up with ease. Only find the right color or style to fit for your resident’s interior design.


Don’t wait for a pipe to burst or your sink to clog before you start repairing. Besides checking your whole house for broken pipes and taps, call your local plumber and ask them to give you an estimate. This will quickly identify all possible plumbing repairs in your home. If there aren’t problems, you can upgrade the pipes, taps, and shower heads. This is still a small investment because not all areas will need fixing all at once.

Yards and Lawns

Whether it’s a small patch of yard or a big lawn at the back, your property can always benefit from your regularly mowing, replanting, or fertilizing your plants. A grassy yard also encourages birds and bees to visit your garden. You can even go further by hiring a landscape designer to improve all your exterior’s open areas. It’s a small but worth investment for upgrading your home’s value while saving the environment.

Your home is a very important place. It’s a part of the family, and it can bring comfort and joy to those who come back from a long day of work. Give your house a few repairs and upgrades occasionally so that you don’t need to worry about significant renovations for a long time.

3 Top Reasons That You Should Use a Mortgage to Buy a Home

a houseWhen buying a home in a tight market, you’re always trying to beat your competition as you put an offer on the home. One of the ways to do so is by offering to pay in cash. While this may make you look more attractive to the seller, it isn’t the best move to do. Here are three reasons to opt for a reliable mortgage lender in Utah instead.

You get to keep some liquidity

Imagine having used up all the money you had in the bank to buy a home, only to realize the roof needs renovation, or that you are about to be laid off at work. There are numerous things that may come up which need money. By applying for a mortgage, you only get to pay the down payment and the closing fees and are left with money that you can use to take care of unexpected expenses.

That money can be invested in a better place

Having enough money to buy a home means that you have a huge amount of cash you can invest, once you pay the down payment. There are plenty of solid investments that can bring impressive returns. For instance, you could invest in the stock market or start a personal business.

You get a significant tax break

Every homeowner who buys using a mortgage receives a tax break on the interest that’s paid to the bank. The tax break you accrue by the time you are done paying the mortgage is a relatively big amount. Buyers who pay in cash miss out on this benefit.

Ultimately, how you decide to finance the purchase of your home is up to you. But, with all the benefits of using a mortgage to buy a home, it’s almost always the smarter way to go.

Salt Lake City Joins Top Housing Markets as FHA Raises Loan Limits

Paper with words fha loanRealtor.com ranked Utah’s capital as the top 6th housing market in the U.S. for 2018 when the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) plans to increase loan limits in almost every part of the country.

The online property portal listed Salt Lake City among the “hot” markets for homebuyers, based on its National Housing Forecast report. On the other hand, the FHA will implement the new limits on or after Jan. 1, 2018.

Easier Times Ahead

Danielle Hale, Realtor.com chief economist, believes that home buyers in Salt Lake City will find it easier to purchase properties next year. This expected scenario will stem from a bigger housing inventory, which will help in controlling price hikes and moderately hasten home sales, according to the report.

The city’s real estate market also reflects a strong economy, as prices and sales are expected to grow 4.5% in 2018, Hale said. This will exceed the anticipated nationwide average for property price growth at 3.2%, down from around 5.5% this year. Prices in Salt Lake City may be higher than the national average, but an FHA loan lender may help your budget for a home purchase.

Higher Limits

FHA has expanded the coverage of higher loan limits in 2018 to 3,011 counties in the U.S from 2,948 counties this year. Only 223 counties will still have the same limits on borrowed funds.

The agency will raise the ceiling amount in expensive areas to $679,650 from $636,150 in 2017, while the minimum amount will increase from $275,665 to $294,515. The current minimum amount comprises 65% of the national conforming loan limit of $453,100, which applies to counties where 115% of the median home price amounts to less than minimum limit.


Salt Lake City’s housing market will be in-demand next year, which is why home buyers should be ready to compete with rival bidders on property listings by planning their financing strategies.

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Elements that Make Utah a Good Place for Your Family

Couple looking at the houseWhen you’re thinking about your family, you’re thinking about something permanent. You don’t want to be moving around with them if it can be helped. This means it’s important to think about where you’ll plant your family’s roots.

Salt Lake City is one place to consider. Here are three things that make this place in Utah a viable option for your family:

Good Mortgage Rates

Rates are variable all around the United States, with some cities being more expensive than others in terms of home purchase. City Creek Mortgage in Salt Lake City gives you the opportunity to own a property with the best mortgage rate your money can afford. They consider your finances, just like everywhere else, but the properties available within your budget are more than adequate for your family’s needs.

Good Business Opportunities

What would you do with a house if you can’t get employed? In Salt Lake City, whether you’re looking for a job or planning to start a business, you have a good place to get your bearings. Salt Lake City has been named one of the places where young professionals thrive, and that means opportunities to be part of a business that’s fun, dynamic, and unique. With an average rent of $840, you’ll comfortably afford to live in Salt Lake City. Just think of how much better your life will be after you finish paying for your own home’s mortgage.

Good Entertainment Options

Utah is a state that’s not just for work. Here, residents play hard, too. For instance, in Salt Lake City, there is the Salt Lake Comic Con that brings together a great number of comic book fans, sharing their interests and talking with some of the best artists in the genre. Other activities are also scheduled throughout the year, giving residents plenty of opportunities to unwind.

Choosing a home is not just about finding the most affordable house. It’s also about looking at what the city has to offer.

3 Essential Considerations when Building a House

Building a HouseAs exciting as the idea of owning a home is, prospective homeowners should exercise care and precautions to avoid the common pitfalls. The article highlights some of the essential elements to consider when building a house.

While creating a custom home is a thrilling experience for the prospective homeowners, you should not let the excitement cloud your judgment. Glazing over important factors during the design and construction period can stick you with a new house that does not suit your lifestyle.

The goal of building a home stretches more than putting a roof over your head, to encompass the ability to create a custom living space. Therefore, you should enlist the help of an expert and work with them during the critical period.

Define Your Needs

After settling on the house design that complements your lifestyle, it is time to determine the amenities to have in the house. Preferably, you should draw up a list with three columns: the must-have items, the really wants, and would-be nice facilities. Such an approach allows you to prioritize and build a home that meets your specific needs without experiencing significant hiccups along the way. It also enables you to define areas in which you would be willing to compromise on.

Understand Your Floor Plan

The floor plan is the road map to a successful home construction. Therefore, the ability of the home to meet your specific needs lies in the correct its proper execution. By studying the plan, you understand the location of the electrical outlets, the laundry room the size and location of the bathroom and other important features of the house. It also allows you to make efficient use of space and account for the flow of traffic around the home.

Define Your Budget

The mortgage remains the most convenient way of financing home construction. As such, you should ensure your credit score is to bolster your chances of qualifying. Use of specialty building technology enables you to create an accurate construction estimate. For instance, by getting building materials in the right quantity, take off construction software allows you to get the budget just right.

While building a custom home is an exciting endeavor, one needs to tread with care to avoid common pitfalls.

American Living: A Tour Inside the American Ranch House

American Ranch HouseThe ranch house, also known as a rambler, is a quintessential American home style which blurs the line between elegance and modesty. The ranch-house style speaks of a time when rural America began to embrace modernity.

You can immediately tell that it’s a ranch-style property with just a glimpse of its exteriors, but what’s more fascinating is that each ranch house has its own distinct feature. Modern homes tend to look and feel the same even if they follow totally different concepts, but a rambler home, in all its crookedness, is especially unique.  Here’s what makes the American ranch a favorite of many.


Ranch-style homes became prominent in the 20th century among middle-class families and individuals. By the 1950s, ranchers accounted for nine out of every ten new houses. The single story floor plans and use of native materials in a modest style made the ranch house a practical option because these features satisfied the needs of the time.   

Key Features

The ranch house style has its roots in North American Spanish colonial architecture, but each decade had their own treatment. Ranch houses of the 40s and 50s were more rustic, regional and attuned to the natural environment, while those of the 60s and 70s incorporated western, fantasy-like stylings such as dovecotes and Swiss board edging on trim. Despite the many variations, Keystone Construction writes that rambler houses are prized jewels of the property market for being uniquely American heritage.

Modern Inclusions

Many of the old and new ranch homes in America still maintain their original style and choice of materials, but some homeowners would add modern inclusions for the sole purpose of convenience and adaptability. But it really depends on the needs and preferences of the homeowner. Some would replace adobe blocks with masonry, or remove partitions for easier navigation, and upgrade technologies such as heating and cooling systems, ventilation, wiring, plumbing, and windows and doors.

Today, many middle-class families and first-time buyers scour for ranch homes because they are affordable entry-level homes in many markets and locations. As a result, developers are responding to the revival of interest in ranch-style homes by incorporating this quintessential house style in their designs and floor plans. 

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Home Building and All the Things You Need to Know about It

House in PronvoAs a soon-to-be homeowner you should know that building a new home starts long before its foundation is poured. To ensure that you’re not committing any costly mistakes during or before the construction process, it is necessary that you answer the following questions to prep you up in your upcoming building project.

How Much Can You Afford?

One of the things you should look at is how much will the project cost you. Regardless of how big or small it may be, new home building will likely cost a lot. That is why you need to consider the option of home loan (mortgage). It is always better to have an approximation of your possible expenses for the project, so you can easily make any adjustments prior to your budget.

Where Do You Want to Build It?

Before you look for possible floor plans and details of your future home, you must first search for a site or land where you want it to be built. This is to help you determine whether the area of your choice is suitable for residential construction or not.

What Plan Will Fit You?

For the design and floor plans of your home, you can simply some stock plans from a home design catalog. To match your needs, you can ask your builder to make the necessary modifications, such as the style of windows, room size, and etc. This is certainly the easiest way to come up with the style that you want. However, if you want something more unique, you can always create your own plan.

Are You Hiring the Right Team?

For a complex project such as this one, you will need to search a team of experts who can design and construct your home professionally. Some of the key players for your project include a concrete cutting professional in Provo like GreenesInc.com, an excavator, a contractor, a surveyor and an architect. Just to make sure you’re hiring the right person for the job, you can check out some reviews and customer feedback about them.

One good way to ensure that your project will become a success is by carefully considering all the factors first before you even start it. You may ask some advice to people who already went through the process and ask for tips to make the planning a lot easier.

New Home for your Family

Advice for Newlyweds: On Home Buying

Buying a House in UtahStarting your life together as newlyweds will bring in new challenges and achievements that you need to work on together. One of those major decisions is buying a home. If both of you have decided to take the real estate plunge but don’t know where to start, go through the short list below:

Know Your Capacities – Before going through any major financial responsibilities, such as mortgage payments, you need to know how much you can spare from your combined earnings. Count your monthly household expenditures and make sure you can still keep a marginal amount of savings for any possible financial emergencies. Knowing how much you can afford will provide you with realistic decisions.

Prepping for a Loan – Knowing how much you can be approved for saves you the pain of rejection from lenders. Gather all your financial documents together. Raise your credit score by settling any backlog credit card or loan payments; make sure you pay the rest of your debts on time. Get yourself pre-approved by any reputable Utah mortgage company before going on any real estate viewing.

Asking for Assistance – Talk to real estate experts, professional mortgage consultants, or even with friends and family that have prior house hunting experiences. If you find a house you want, look for a certified inspector and have it checked before buying. There is no shame in admitting that you need advice, as this is your first home purchase.

Once you’ve put everything in order, feel free to do the rounds with your partner on the properties you like and are within range of your budget. Note each other’s preferences and opinions before making a unified choice. After all, doing things together is one the major reasons you both got married in the first place.

A Successful Home Renovation Begins Here

Home Renovations in PerthEven before you make plans to renovate your home, make sure to check the general condition of your home first. Does it really need remodeling? What areas should you focus on? What are your needs vs. your wants? Once you’ve answered these questions truthfully, you can now look for contractors and follow these tips to ensure a successful home renovation project.

Make Realistic Decisions and Stick With Them

If you want your home renovation to be successful, make important decisions before the construction begins. A great home renovations Perth specialist can help you through the potential situations that could crop up during construction. However, every single time that you delay making decisions and change your mind about something, this will affect your timeline and your budget. While these changes may seem minor, there will always be associated costs that can add up without you realising it. The entire schedule will be affected too. While it’s fine to make changes — it’s your home and budget anyway — just remember that sudden changes can delay and disrupt your renovation project.

Let the Builder Buy the Materials

This may seem more expensive that sourcing materials yourself since builders normally mark up costs that will be added to your bill. However, you should know that builders get great discounts, which means that even after marking up prices, you’ll really be paying pretty much the same cost.

Set Up a Contingency Fund

If you’ve completed the home renovation within your budget, then great for you! However, this rarely happens so it’s best to have a contingency fund to dip into. If you plan the entire project properly, you can work within your budget or go only a little off the mark, especially if you have a great home renovations Perth builder working with you.

Make Sure that You Have a Design

Never start your remodeling project without a detailed design plan. Plenty of design elements interact with space and once they’re all on paper, you can pinpoint potential issues before construction begins. While you can create beautiful spaces without detailed plans, you can create beautiful and fully functional spaces with the right designer. According to Grannyflatswa.com, every home is different and every home has differing privacy, lighting and existing structure particulars. Your designer can help you create the best design for your home.

Get a Place to Stay During Construction

Plenty of homeowners ignore this advice since this can add to the already expensive costs of the home renovation. However, if you can’t afford to stay somewhere else, make sure to schedule some away time from your home so that you’ll have a place where you can relax. This is especially true if you have small children and pets since they can also get in the way of construction, or worse, injure themselves.