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Prevent Water Damage: Waterproofing Your Home

Frustrated man repairing a water damaged ceilingWhether you have a newly-built home or live in one with several years behind it, you need to keep it properly waterproofed. Failure to do so can result in major water damage, which could give rise to numerous structural problems and health hazards.

Failing to waterproof your house will cause unnecessary expenses. You should not wait until it’s too late to work with waterproofing suppliers in Sydney, Australia. Waterproofing Direct explains that the correct application of high-quality waterproofing materials as soon as possible allows you to protect your investments from severe damages.

House Waterproofing 101

Your home has many areas that could be prone to water damage, with each one requiring certain types and application of waterproofing.

For instance, you can approach brickwork waterproofing with the use of a specialised type of external paint. Such paint products are more durable than regular outdoor paint, so they give better protection against potential water seepage.

Damp proofing walls

Your external walls need waterproofing more than any part of your home. In many cases, a highly experienced waterproofing supplier would recommend damp proofing. This is a series of treatments on your external walls to prevent the massive increase of rising dampness in building walls.   Roofs and gutters   You should also invest in waterproofing specifically for roofing systems and gutters. Properly-waterproofed roofs and gutters won’t just last longer than non-proofed ones; they also contribute largely to the protection of the interior components of the roof, as well as the area right below it.

Make sure to protect your home and property by waterproofing the areas that need attention. In Australia, a good waterproofing supplier could give your home the protection it needs from the elements.

What the Doctor Ordered: Discounted Loans

Home LoanIf you are a doctor and you need a personal home loan or a commercial property loan to expand your practice, you could get a discounted home loan for medical professionals to get you started.

Banks are looking to assist doctors, dentists and other medics in developing their businesses or making personal home improvement plans for their residential dwelling. This is because banks know that doctors are honest about their income and their higher earnings mean they rarely get into financial difficulty so they won't default on their loans. Unlike many other professions, where interest may wax and wane, there is always a steady need for medical services. There are several ways that doctors home loans could save you money:

Reductions in Interest Rates

You can get an attractive, low-interest rate on your loan that is not available to other members of the general public so that more of your payments go to paying off your loan and you can be debt free faster.

You can still get this low rate even if you only borrow a smaller amount.

Small Deposit

If you don't want to pay out a large amount of your own money to even get your loan, choosing a loan that is designed for doctors can get you a small deposit for as little as 5%.

No Lender's Mortgage Insurance

As you're a high earner you won't have to pay lender's mortgage insurance. Lenders usually insist on this insurance in case the borrower fails to make repayments. Prior industry experience with medical professionals shows that they nearly always pay. Eliminating this insurance will save you thousands of dollars. For instance, on a $500,000 loan, you could save $17,500.

To discuss your home improvement or practice expansion needs, get in touch with Australia's finest doctors loan company and you can begin reaping the benefits.