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Four Different Factors to Consider When Choosing Paint for House Exteriors

Man painting his wallYour home’s exterior is the first thing people will notice about your house. And while hiring painters can get the job done right away, choosing the right paint colour is what matters. So, before you go on painting your walls, here are a few tips on how to select the right paint.


Making your house stand out from the rest of the ones in the neighbourhood is most homeowner’s dream. However, you should not go overboard and make your house look unappealing.

It’s important to consider your neighbourhood when choosing the right paint colour. Just try to check the styles and colours of your neighbours’ houses and see if you can make your house stand out without looking garish.

Architectural style

When choosing the right exterior colour scheme, it’s always important to ensure that it’ll blend well with your home’s architectural style.

Several paint brands offer a wide array of some historically accurate set of paint colours. You could use this as a springboard for your paint palette before you consult a professional.

The visual effect

Take a look at your house from the road. Does it sit back amid a cluster of towering trees, or is it located in a clear and wide lawn? Choosing a slightly brighter colour can make your house stand out. Meanwhile, a darker hue can make your house blend well into its surroundings.

Shades of paint

Always remember that an exterior scheme for your home consists of three major parts — field colour, which dominates the rest of the shades; accent colours, which makes shutters and doors stand out; and trim colour, which is perfect for doors and windows casing.

Considering each of the colours is important to produce a more crisp and dramatic effect to your home.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, you may always check most of the paint brands to see their available colour palettes and see which one is perfect for your home’s exteriors. You may also hire an expert to get the right colour combination that’ll make your house look attractive.

House entrance showing main door

Popular Door Trends You Want to Know

House entrance showing main doorWhy do doors get so little attention during home construction or remodeling projects? Most homeowners are very particular about what goes into their home. But they don’t give much thought to the type of doors they have in their houses. Yet doors are the perfect part of your home to make a statement about your style. Check out what’s trendy right now.

Pocket doors are back

Throughout the mid centuries, internal sliding barn doors were a hit with homeowners. Loved for their elegance and neatness, these doors have stood the test of time. And now homeowners seem to be embracing them even more. Pocket doors neatly slide in and out of the wall, giving you more floor space. They’re perfect for your smaller rooms and narrow hallways. There are many lovely styles to choose from depending on your tastes and budget.

People want textured doors

This is perhaps the most popular trend right now. There are many surface treatments to give doors the perfect texture, with the most popular ones being nail-heads, leather, chalk paint, and wallpaper. You can add texture to your ordinary doors by applying an ultra-shiny colour on it, or have a professional give them a textured finish.

Front doors are getting taller and wider

Homeowners seem to want taller front doors, with some going as high as nine feet. And as the height increases so does the width. Front doors as wide as four feet wide are becoming more common in many homes today. Steel and fibreglass are still quite popular as the material for front doors, owing to their higher insulation values compared to other material.

Your home should stand out from the rest, and for all the good reasons. By paying attention to all the details, including your choice of trendy doors, you can make your entire house the perfect expression of your style.

5 Designer Hacks in Choosing the Right Fence

Fences While the front door is always one of the things people notice when they visit, your fence actually speaks more about your taste. Home fences can either make or break your home’s aesthetic. They can be lovely to look at or a total eyesore.

How do you choose the right industrial fencing for your home? Here’s some designer advice to help you:

Factor in your privacy.

A fence’s main goal is to improve your home’s privacy and security. If privacy is important to you, choose a fence that has little to no space between the boards. Ornamental fencing such as the types with lattice and foliage can also address privacy issues.

Experiment with heights.

If you want extra privacy in your backyard, you can go for fences with stepped design to allow the varying heights to conceal private areas like hot tubs and seating areas. Here, you can even use fences that have no spaces between the boards.

Glass fences.

These types of fences do a great job in blocking the strong breezes without constructing the view. They are great options for homeowners who want the chic and classy vibe. Best of all, they’re such a breeze to clean. These glass fences can also be used to secure your pool area.

Choose a material that suits your taste.

Industrial fences come with a huge assortment of materials, from aluminum to glass. What’s important is to decide on the material that best suits your taste and security preference. For instance, wooden fences sure look great, but they can be harder to maintain in the long run when compared to glass fences.

Check the laws and regulations in your city.

Every town and city has its own zoning laws that you need to check if you want to install industrial fences in your homes. Before decide and buy the fence that you want, check with your community’s association first to see which types of fences are allowed.

While you can always hire an interior designer to do the work for you, remember, you will have to live with the type of fence you choose. It’s better to be hands-on when choosing items for your own home, so you can better enjoy the things you invest on.