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Hospital in UK

Private Hospitals or NHS in Kent? A Dissertation on Choices

Hospital in UKThe National Health Service (NHS) is the public health service in the UK. It gives the best healthcare in the world. This is according to a 2014 report by the Commonwealth Fund, a Washington-based foundation that makes it its business to score public health systems in different countries. This is good news for Kent residents and anyone in the UK in general. There would seem to be no reason to go to private hospitals with such good public health services in place. 

However, about 4 million people still choose to pay for private health insurance, according to The Wells Suite. It may be worth it to look deeper into the report.

The Details

The UK spends less than £2,008 per person, compared to £5,017 in the US. This is a good thing based on the report, which lists 11 criteria for its assessment of the public health system. The UK NHS netted the top score for eight of the 11 criteria, including providing best access, efficient use of resources, patient-centred care, safe care, co-ordinated care and effective care.

However, the NHS got a low score for an important measure: keeping patients alive. Most patients would think that a bit of a problem. It may also explain why the UK is spending so little per person.

The Reality

The numbers for the NHS are impressive, but the reality for patients is not so good. Many have to wait hours to get treatment, or even to see a physician. There is a long waiting list, they have little control over the schedule or physician, and some treatments are not available. In many cases, patients that can afford it go to private hospitals to get treatment.

The Costs

NHS medical care and treatment are free of charge to eligible patients. Private hospitals charge the patient directly. It is obviously more expensive to get private care. For patients that cannot afford private care, there is little choice. However, if the patient can afford to pay for private treatment, or has private health insurance, private care may be the better option.

The NHS may be the best in the world, but it still has serious limitations. A patient has more control over the care received in private hospitals, and does not have to think about the NHS poor record of keeping patients alive.


A Gender Matter: Autism Symptoms Differ Between Boys and Girls


Hand flapping, repeating words and phrases, shaking fingers in front of the face, and arranging and rearranging things are just some of the known symptoms of autism. Although these manifest in most children, the severity varies according to gender.

Recent research asserts that girls and boys with autism exhibit repetitive behaviors differently. The study presents the importance of proper diagnosis to enable treatment, with groups like Mendability.com suggesting autism therapy at home is possible.

Gender Differences in Autism

Researchers from Stanford University School of Medicine in California studied the health records and brain scan analyses of girls and boys with autism. Their goal was to understand the correlation (if any) between gender and behavioral differences.

The study involved two phases. The first one explored severity of symptoms in health records of children with autism registered in the National Database for Autism Research. Here, they found that girls had lower scores on standard measurement of repetitive and restricted behaviors, and boys scored higher.

The second phase involved analyzing structural MRI brain scans. Here, they found that girls exhibited “less severe” repetitive and restricted behaviors.

Researchers then explained that the findings point to the fact that since girls with the disorder show fewer repetitive behaviors, it’s likely that diagnosis may happen at a later age, which reduces chances of early treatment. On the other hand, boys with more prominent behaviors may be immediately and improperly diagnosed.

Importance of Accurate, Early Diagnosis

The research presents the need for accurate diagnosis for children with autism. Parents must seek the help of health practitioners if they see kids having difficulties in social interactions, communication, and behaviors, as these are the common signs of the disorder.

Early diagnosis allows for early treatment and, hopefully, better outcomes. Because there are differences in symptoms, then treatments also vary. The most common therapy is sensory-enrichment. Therapists say that stimulating senses enables the brain to function more optimally.

There are indeed gender differences in the severity of symptoms. Proper diagnosis is important for early treatment.