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Woman shopping for boots

3 Must-Haves for the Perfect Cowgirl Look

Woman shopping for bootsWhether you want to embrace the lifestyle or just the style, the practical yet fashionable cowgirl chic look will always be timeless. Perhaps you want to go all-out on donning authentic Western pieces together to complete your look, or you just want to add a subtle cowgirl flair to your OOTD (outfit of the day).
Either way, there are must-have accessories that you should put in your closet if you want to look and feel the part.

Bring out the cowgirl in you

Aside from the ever-trusty denim jeans and skirts and your choice of plaid or plain button downs, putting the finishing touches to your cowgirl outfit lies on the following accessories:

Cowboy boots

A cowgirl outfit is never complete without the classic pair of boots. These are typically made of leather and come in different colors and styles, such as round toe, pointed toe, and square toe. You can opt for those made with other materials such as fabric, exotic skins, or faux-leather if you prefer an animal-friendly alternative.


If anyone would recommend Western-style cowgirl accessories, they will surely have the hat at the top of their list. Whether you choose woven, fabric, leather, or straw cowgirl hats, these accessories add a healthy dose of fashionable flair to your look, as well as protect you from the sun. Complement your outfit with a tan, brown, or black piece for an understated, subtle feel, or go loud and bright with bold colors for a daring statement.

Chunky Belt

Large, heavily-accented belts always make a cowgirl outfit pop—and they are a must-have for those who love detailed embellishments that instantly jazz up your everyday style.

Cowgirl belts are usually made from leather with solid, large buckles that come in various designs. Go for a simple strap with a gold, silver, or turquoise buckle, or brighten the mood with braided belts or medallion designs; the possibilities are endless.

You can sport a cowgirl look by accentuating your outfit with these accessories. You can always mix and match or go simple; the choice is up to you.

Here’s How to Wear Your Engagements Ring

Man hiding his wifes eyes to offer her an engagement ring for a marriage proposal“Will you marry me?”

These three words will surely make you giddy, happy, and romantic all at the same time. And after you say “Yes,” you will then let the man of your dreams lift your hand and put the engagement ring on one of your fingers.

This is undoubtedly a milestone in your life, and you will want to tell everyone it. But there is a problem: you don’t want to appear like a showoff, especially if you are given a diamond ring from Utah.

Don’t let this dilemma keep you from wearing you’re wearing. Here are some tips:

Choose your wardrobe

As ring as an accentuating style element (or the cherry on the top), you need to make sure that dress you will put on will complement the spark of your ring. For one, if you have a crystal clear diamond, you should wear colorful attire, although pretty much anything can go with it.

Stay subtle

If you do not want to be loud with your attire, go subtle with what’s in your hand. What you can do at this point is get the nail color that will match your ring. Have your nails colored that will highlight the shine of the ring. Refrain, however, from getting too much polish, as it will distract the onlookers from the shine of the diamond.

Mix and Match

Go back to basics and do what you have learned from personally styling yourself with jewelry. Match your ring with a nice bracelet or another ring. But make sure that the stone of the complementary jewelry is not that shiny. Otherwise, you will keep the attention of the onlookers from your ring.

These are just some of the things that you can do to wear your engagement ring. Let your personal style do the talking.

Going on a Trip? Here Are Tips for DIY Jewelry Storage

Jewelry in a storage box A fashion statement can never be complete without those little accessories. When it comes to your OOTD, the cost does not matter may it be a pricey or one from retail jewelers like AAA Jewelers.

Utah local artist Jodi McRaney-Rusho has even produced jewelry from old colored bottles, and they are amazing!

Fancy or not, a good organizing is still all you need to keep them intact, especially if you are going on a trip. Here are ways to store jewelry.

Plastic Straws

A tangled necklace is the least you would want for on-the-go travel. A simple hack yet still storage savvy way is by using a plastic drinking straw. Insert half of the necklace into the straw and lock it up the usual way.

The firm plastic line of the straw will keep it in place. You can then simply toss it inside your pouch.


A royal pain and hassle when traveling are missing one in a pair of earrings. At times, you cannot just get over with losing the one thing that might complete your OOTD. One solution is utilizing buttons. An excellent way to organize your earrings in pairs and the bulkier button will be easy to find inside a bigger pouch.

Jewelry Roll

An all-in-one jewelry storage is a good way to keep them intact and organized. This is a smart idea, and you can easily buy them. But you can also DIY the whole thing. From studs to dangling earrings to necklaces and bangles, this stylish and functional way to pack and carry your jewelry is all you need.

Plastic Wrap

An easy way of carrying a clutter free jewelry is using a simple kitchen tool, a plastic wrap. Lay all the jewelry on a single sheet of plastic wrap then cover it with another layer. This thin film will stick together creating a tight vacuum seal that will keep the jewelry in place.

You can then just fold them and tuck it in a bag pocket.

That is it! Remember these tips when going on a long journey with high prospects of OOTD opportunities and selfies!