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Signs of Divorce: When You Know It’s Time

a conflict between a married coupleDivorce is just one of the options when you have a problematic marriage. Some can work on their behaviors to revive the marriage, but other couples decide it's better to call it quits. 

If you are unsure for now, it's time to start looking for clues that say it's better to stay together or to go your separate ways. These are some things to ponder: 

What Made You Think of Divorce?

There is that one word, thought, or action that makes you think you want to divorce your partner. Sometimes it doesn't end up happening, but when you reach the final straw, you know there's no turning back. Before you contact a divorce attorney in Kent, think about your reason and how sure you are that this is the next step you want to take. 

Has Your Partner's Behavior Changed Drastically? 

You might not notice it happening over time until one day you just wake up and realize you don't look at your partner the same way anymore. And it could go both ways. If they have stopped making an effort and you feel unappreciated, finding attention from someone else seems to be the next best thing. If both parties do not value the marriage anymore, divorce is a smart move. 

Is There Any Way to Fix Things? 

When you notice your partner becoming cold, you don't just turn your back on the marriage all of a sudden. The logical step is to talk to them about their behavior and see if they do better. If the love is still alive, you'll both do your best to show your appreciation for each other. Some marriages recover this way, but if it doesn't work for your marriage, then you might just be fighting a losing battle. 

There is a finality linked to divorce that makes it a hard pill to swallow. When all the signs point here, however, think about the relief you'll feel afterward. 

Ex-couple signing their divorce papers

Why Say No to a Bad Divorce Advice

Couple signing their divorce papersWhen you and your spouse finally decided to get a divorce, you’re likely to get advice from friends, family members, and other people. Most of them want to help and support you, but this doesn’t mean that you should all follow what they tell you. This is because in some circumstances, their advice can be harmful and negatively affect your divorce settlement.

Albuquerque divorce lawyers share a few pieces of bad divorce advice you should ignore:

  • Stay together for the sake of the kids. If you truly love and care for your kids, you wouldn’t want them to see mom and dad constantly arguing and fighting. Staying in a dysfunctional or an abusive marriage can hurt and harm your kids more. If you honestly believe that divorce is best for you and your kids, there is no reason to stay married just because someone tells you to do so.
  • A DIY divorce can save you money. While there are plenty of divorce resources online, you still need to hire a divorce lawyer. You should also keep in mind that family law is complicated and it is easy to commit mistakes. It is advisable to consult a divorce attorney to protect your rights and have a great fighting chance in getting the settlement you deserve.
  • Your spouse should pay for it. If your spouse has done something wrong that led to a divorce, punishing them may seem fair. Getting even or taking revenge, however, can only backfire. It can lead to more stress and expenses, especially if you try to do everything you can to reveal their secrets. It can also cause more hostility and resentment later on.
  • You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself. Divorce is a heartbreaking time for most people, so you need time to grieve and heal. It is okay to feel sad, angry, upset, and sorry for yourself (for a short time), as they are part of the grieving process. Acknowledging those feelings can even help you move on. You can also talk to a counselor or get emotional support from close friends.

These are just a few of the bad divorce advice you shouldn’t pay attention to. If you want your case to go smoothly, only get advice from an experienced divorce attorney.

Divorce costs a lot, yet there are ways to cut expenses

torn piece of paper with divorce text and paper couple figuresThe cost of filing for a divorce can be just as expensive as marriage, although the latter can be quite daunting as it often catches you by surprise.

Marriage requires you to spend the time to prepare a budget. On the contrary, some people may not afford to be divorced, simply because it would be strange to establish a budget for it long before the marriage turns sour.

Cost Cutting

Despite the significant costs, there are ways to reduce the expenses related to your divorce. If you live in Colorado, finding the right divorce attorney in Boulder will require you to scout for many lawyers before knowing which one fits your budget.

Some lawyers may allow you to pay fees based on an installment plan, which will be very useful for those that are unable to pay upfront charges. Others also agree to work on a limited scope representation, such as only appearing in court to represent you in a single hearing. In the end, you ultimately decided the best cost-cutting measures for your case. The high cost of divorce could be one reason why more Americans have decided to remain single.

Expensive Vows

Opportunity America and the American Enterprise Institute’s research showed that married life has become a mark of social status, amid a huge gap in the marriage rate between the rich and poor. The marriage rate for poor Americans aged 18 and 55 years old sharply fell to 26% from 51% in 1990.

While money seems to be the main issue, there are other reasons for the drop in marriage rates. For instance, there are fewer jobs that can support marriage for young adults without college degrees, according to Andrew Cherlin, a sociologist at Johns Hopkins University.


Divorce will require you to spend money, which is why you should be financially and emotionally stable before embarking on a plan to tie the knot.

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Going Through Divorce

 A Divorce AgreementDivorce is never easy, especially when children are involved. You have to approach the issue more delicately. Here are some tips on how to proceed:

Choose a Good Counsel

Start by finding a good child custody attorney because the law is deeply vested in child welfare. You’ll see that there are loads of legal issues to consider when custody is involved, which is why you will need one of the lawyers in Charters Towers who is adept in the ins and outs of the process. Your counsel will guide you on what to do to increase your chances of gaining custody and how to reach an amicable settlement with your spouse correctly. More importantly, lawyers have an idea how to calculate child custody payments accurately.

Cancel Joint Accounts

Have your joint accounts with your spouse or partner cancelled or suspended, depending on the situation. It would be best for these accounts to be frozen to give the law a fairer way of dividing up the assets between the spouses. On the flipside, you should also take into consideration existing debts under your name as a couple. If your ex-spouse defaults in the payment of a debt made in your names, this can severely affect your credit score. Figure out how much your living expenses would be with your new situation.

Consult with a Child Therapist

It can be tough for kids to understand precisely why mom and dad are moving into separate houses, so make sure you have talked to them about it. The input of a therapist would be exceedingly helpful, especially if the child is a bit older and capable of making the distinction. One thing to bear in mind is that children are not usually forthcoming about what they think about the divorce. Their behaviour, however, will tell you a lot about their real thoughts.

The critical thing in divorce is to properly settle any concerns resulting from your marital life so that you can freely continue with everything else. Make a point of resolving the issue as amicably as possible for the sake of the children.

3 Things to Do to Handle a Divorce Better

Handling Divorce in AlbuquerqueDivorce is never an easy process to deal with. Your life will totally turn upside down because you will feel emotional pain, deal with legal matters, and need to prepare yourself financially. Sometimes, divorce is the only option if your marriage doesn’t have any hope anymore. When this happens, here are some advice you need to remember to protect yourself and your rights.

Protect Your Papers and Accounts

Have a list of all your joint bank account numbers and have copies of important documents you may need in court. You don’t want this information to disappear suddenly or become out of reach because your spouse has hidden them. You should also take pictures of your home and all your appliances. When you consult a Rio Rancho divorce lawyer, Law Office of Doreene A. Kuffer noted that you will need all of these for them to help you strategize and present your case in court.

Don’t Involve the Kids

If you have kids together, always put their needs and interests before yours. Never use them against your spouse, no matter what the circumstances are. Instead, act like civilized adults and tell your kids that you are getting a divorce. It’s better to do it this way to avoid the risk of your kids knowing about the situation from somebody else. When you have the talk, assure them that you will always be there for them and you will love them just the same.

Reach Out to Your Loved Ones

You don’t have to go through this alone. Reach out to your parents, closest friends, and loved ones to seek guidance and companionship. You can cry in front of them and unload all your pain and suffering. It's okay to spend time alone to think, but it will also benefit you if you have some time with your loved ones that you know will always have your back.

These are only some of the things you need to do for yourself when going through a divorce. This way, you can regain control over your life and become an even better person afterward.


The Bitter Truth: Why More Women than Men File for Divorce

Divorce“I want a divorce.”

Perhaps just the thought of hearing these words from your spouse will instantly make you feel depressed and rejected. Divorce, without a doubt, is something we should not take lightly. It can crush hopes and ruin the lives of everyone involved.

The process of divorce is complex, but there’s one devastating truth that every husband needs to know right now: women are more likely than men to ask for a divorce in the United States. The reason? It’s not money.

Initiating Divorce at an Alarming Rate

Researchers discovered that wives initiated approximately 69% of divorces, two times higher compared to 31% of men. In a dating relationship, however, men are more likely to initiate breakups. This has prompted concerns on whether or not there’s something about married life that makes many women decide to leave.

As Lewis & Matthews, P.C. points out: “For most, an overwhelming sense of stress and confusion can accompany the early stages of a divorce. No one realizes how complicated dissolving a marriage is until one must endure the experience. Almost every aspect of both parties’ lives is placed under a legal microscope. This is not just to make divorce agreements official and formal, but also to ensure that the agreement is fair for everyone involved.”

Growing Concerns about Gender Equality  

In the past several years, social scientists have explained that women are getting a divorce due to heightened sensitivities even to small issues. They can’t endure the ups and downs of a relationship. This means that they don’t hesitate to leave their partners, whether it’s a marriage or non-marital union.

The latest data, however, shows that gender inequality is the culprit behind many divorce cases. Wives no longer just want to stay at home, take care of the kids, and do the household chores. They want to have a stable job and build a lucrative career.

It would seem as though women have a predominant role when it comes to filing for a divorce in the country, if the statistics are taken into account. Their intentions for wanting out of a marriage, however, are unique and evolving.