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Feed Them Right: Proper Feeding Ration for Different Horses

Proper Feeding of Your Horse in New ZealandThere are different factors that determine what you should be feeding your horse. For instance, the age of your horse is an essential element to consider when choosing the most suitable feed ration. Other factors include weight, health status, and most importantly the daily activities of your horse. Below is the proper food ration for different horses depending on their activities:


A racehorse is the most hardworking, most stressed, and most fit type of horse. Giving your race horse the right feed will prevent fatigue and ensure it reaches maturity. A racehorse should feed on hay and some amount of grain. Make sure there is protein content in their diet to support the growth of their bones, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. 

The protein content will replace the nitrogen lost through sweating. The feed should also contain minerals, such as calcium and phosphorous, for healthy bones and muscle. Zinc and copper will also help in the development of cartilage, connective tissue, and bones. Iron will help in blood building. The stress that a racehorse goes through makes vitamins a must have in its feeds.

Pony Club Mounts

This horse has a small stomach, and so you should feed them fairly continuously and slowly. Ensure that your horse feeds on much rough indigestible fiber to ease digestion. The horse feed you buy from any NZ supplier should also consist of protein for the building of muscles and carbohydrates for growth. Cereals with oat content provide energy and heat needed by your horse. Carrots and apples are also good for the horse.

Weekend Hacks

Weekend hack horses need a diet that will provide an adequate energy level without making it fizzy. Extra grain and oil will provide the energy need for exercises and workload. Oat, barley, sunflower seeds and Pollard are the most recommended cereals.

You can obtain the extra fat from either cooking oil or vegetable oil. These horses also need protein content that can be obtained from either hay and chaff or bran. Minerals such as calcium, vitamins and magnesium are also necessary. Two to three tablespoons of salt are needed in the diet to replace electrolyte in the horse’s body.

All animals require the intake of particular feed ration irrespective of their type. They all need carbohydrates, vitamins, calcium, carbohydrates and rough fiber for their body development and proper functioning. What varies is the amount of each content. Remember that all horses need enough water intake for survival.

Chicken Feed

Make Every Nibble Count with High Quality Chicken Feed

Chicken Feed in New ZealandIt would always be a pleasure to watch your chickens eat. The way that their head bobs on the grass to pick up those tiny grains with precision can be mesmerising. In order to see more of this action, you may be tempted to just throw on the ground whatever grains you have stored.

On the contrary, you may want to consider giving Chook Chow instead as it is the ideal mix to give them. For one thing, it contains a host of nutrients which would fulfil their daily needs, which is especially important for laying hens. If you need a fresh supply of chicken feed in NZ, be sure to get the right kind this time around.

Perfect Nutrition which Benefits Even the Eggs

In essence, this feed is similar to the handful of grains you grab a handful of and toss for them to grind on. But this mix would be packed with the perfect level of variety. Among the components you would find in it would be barley, wheat, and maize. These would combine to create a flavourful taste for your chickens.

In order to answer to their protein needs, on the other hand, soya would also be included. And if you have ever struggled with weak eggs that easily crack, you can forget that this was ever a thing. With Chook Chow, there is a generous portion of oyster grit to strengthen the shells to a nice crisp.

Give Your Chickens the Food they Deserve

With the livelihood you are getting from your poultry, it is just right that you spoil them with a sumptuous treat. This mix would be good value for every dollar you spend as a bag can definitely go a long way.

All the more you would enjoy the sight of them eating. This is because you know in your mind that you are providing quality food for them every single day. Additionally, you will also have the assurance that they would be in better health. All it takes is making a simple switch.