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3 Tips for a Smooth Job and Industry Transition

a girl doing a job searchSo, you have finally decided to try to transition to an entirely different job and industry. Sure, it seems scary at first, but once you start your new job and find that you are on the right track, you will realize that everything that you have just done is well worth it.

Experts at peopleready.com discuss the things you need to keep in mind when transitioning from one job and industry to another.

Be patient and passionate

Keep in mind that transitioning to a completely new industry can be a long process. There are different steps that you would have to follow before taking the big leap, and you would have to be prepared and passionate about the whole thing.

Ask yourself the following questions before reaching a decision:

  • What makes you interested in this industry?
  • Why do you seem to like this job or industry?
  • Have you tried working in the same industry before?
  • Are you emotionally and physically ready for the challenges that are about to come?

If you find that your answers to these questions are all negative, then you might not be that passionate about transitioning, and you might want to re-think your decision.

Extensive research

Before anything else, make sure to do extensive research about the industry and job that you are interested in transitioning to. See if it fits your interests and skills and if you have a chance of being successful here.

You can also interview your friends and family who are working or have worked in that particular industry. Ask about the job itself, what it takes to succeed, and if they think your skills would be a good fit.

Just pick one

Focus on one specific industry and job rather than trying to take on two or more industries. You have to make your mind up and decide which one you really want to transfer to, so you would know where to focus all your energy.

Researching about different industries and trying to take everything in can be overwhelming and you most definitely would not be able to decide if you try to do everything at once.

The best thing that you can do is to seek advice from professionals. Look for a company or job portal that can help you with deciding in which industry to transition to for a foolproof transfer.

Private investigator taking photos

What You Should Know Before Taking Private Investigator Training Courses

Private investigator taking photosIf you grew up watching Magnum, PI or reading the Sherlock Holmes series, you might think the life of a private investigator is full of adventure. It could be on occasion. Most of the time, though, nothing very exciting happens.

If you are looking for a movie-like career, then you are not a good fit for the life of a private investigator. However, it is an interesting career if you have the right mindset for it. Here are some things you need to know before taking private investigator training courses.

What is required?

Private investigators come in all shapes and sizes. Look-at-me people do not usually do well, though. For example, if they are doing a stakeout, they should not draw too much attention. They are patient and persistent. They also have keen attention to detail.

Generally, private investigators are college graduates. A degree in criminal investigation would not hurt. However, high school graduates can apply if they are willing to train. Different kinds of private investigator training courses are available online (check out The Center For Legal Studies), so they can work and study at the same time.

What do they do?

Private investigators perform a key service in the industry. They can investigate all types of crimes. They do infidelity cases, too. You might have seen private investigators making shocking reveals in reality shows. Private investigators also do research on legal cases and take up cases for the police.

However, the real value of private investigators is in fraud. Fraud is a big problem for many companies. It could be insurance fraud, internet fraud, or bank fraud. It might not sound very exciting, but it pays well because they save companies tons of money.

Who are the clients?

A good number of private investigators are self-employed. However, some work full-time for large companies. Private companies, banks, lawyers, and insurance companies are the biggest clients of private investigators.

Sometimes the police may ask them to work cases when they need an extra pair of hands and eyes. It is a good way to make the right connections. A private investigator in the US makes about $49,000 a year when working for a private company.

The ones with the longest experience and highest success rates get $90,000 or more. People can also hire private investigators at an average hourly rate of $50.

The life of a private investigator is a satisfying and well-paid one if you have the right mindset. Patience, persistence, and a keen eye for details are key traits. You can make more money once you get some experience and you take private investigator training courses to build your skill set.

Time for a Paralegal Career Shift

Now is the Best Time to Make the Most of a Paralegal Career

Time for a Paralegal Career ShiftSometimes, doubts sink to you when good things are reported about a job. When the good news just keeps coming, you simply realize things are doing well. That’s the story of the rise of paralegal careers in America. With promising outlook, it’s creating a steady buzz of positive reviews.

With the availability of paralegal courses online, you should know that not plunging into a paralegal career today might be a thing you will regret.

An Exploding Career

Salaries define a job. For a paralegal career, it could be where the rubber meets the road. A report shows experienced paralegals specializing in corporate, employee benefits and securities law have a salary range of $70,000 to $100,000, which happens to be the highest in the industry. It also reveals that average annual compensation for paralegals in 2014 was $55,223 in the Great Lakes Region.

As industry authorities note, this has provided excellent opportunities in the job market for paralegals. While this profession is among the underrated jobs in the country, the Bureau of Labor Statistics also projects a 17 percent above average growth for paralegal careers from 2012 to 2022.    

Easier Access

The Center For Legal Studies notes the growing number of paralegal courses, speeding up the learning process even more. Such online education not only prepares one for the demands of the job, but it also gives people who may not have easy access to campuses the opportunity to become a certified paralegal.

Many online institutions offer paralegal programs that you can take at your own pace. This allows people who are already working to equip themselves and transition smoothly into the world of legal assistants. In short, you need not drop your current job just to learn the ins and outs of a paralegal career.

All these should tell you there may never be a better time to set your eyes on a paralegal career than today.