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PRI vs SIP Trunking: Which is the Best Option for Your Business?

Happy businessman talking on phoneCommunications technology has been heavily reliant on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), even when the earliest iterations used analog lines. The digitization of telephony then paved the way for Primary Rate Interface (PRI) lines. These allowed businesses to field and receive up to 23 calls at the same time and on the same line. As things progressed with Internet connectivity, the SIP trunking-supported VoIP system started gaining prominence.

So, PRI vs. SIP, which is the best for you? This guide takes a look at both to help you decide.

Primary Rate Interface (PRI)

PRI has the advantage of over four decades of infrastructure and standardization to ensure that things flow smoothly. It can also be easily backed up by a second PRI for redundancy and security in case of an emergency. Additionally, it doesn’t need to rely on data bandwidth to support the voice calls it’s called upon to handle.

On the downside, PRI systems are costly to implement and upgrade. It also requires long-term telecom contracts that are still stymied by a 23-line limit. Lastly, upgrades or modifications could take weeks to implement. The system remains viable for businesses without sufficient bandwidth allocation to sustain modern IP phones as well as those with working structures in place, however.

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

SIP services are the marketing term used when implementing VoIP calls, a communication system that offers several benefits to businesses. It supports the transmission of all-important voice calls as data and multimedia. While still maintained by a vendor, the system doesn’t need much in the way of a physical infrastructure. Moreover, it is cheaper than traditional PRI systems and can integrate mobile phone calls in an emergency. Best of all, it’s thoroughly modern, offering remote connectivity and support.

The system, however, requires a strong Internet connectivity package that might be beyond smaller businesses. It is also more vulnerable to cyber crimes and attacks than its PRI counterpart. Finally, the variation of quality of services offered by VoIP vendors can be vast and unreliable if not carefully researched. Carefully implemented, however, this fits most businesses today.

When choosing which technology to leverage, take a look at your company’s needs. Decide which pros fit you best, and which cons are most manageable.

How Business Owners Can Save on Overhead Costs

A money box and electronic calculatorAs a business owner, you should always find ways to reduce your overhead costs without sacrificing the quality and value of your services or products. There are ways to reduce your operating expenses while maintaining every aspect of your company that keeps customers happy.

Consider a Modern Workspace

If you operate a smaller business, consider the benefits of a modern workspace. A virtual workspace allows you numerous modern benefits, including a reputable address and phone number, and even a secretary who will answer customer calls for you.

Contact a company that offers virtual office franchise services in your area for assistance, such as Venture X.

Sublet Your Extra Space

If you have extra office space that goes unused, it is a waste of resources. Unfortunately, many new startup companies find themselves locked into 3 or even 5-year lease terms, making it impossible to move on and find a space that is better suited to their needs.

Fortunately, you can reduce overhead costs and wasted space by subletting the unused office space.

Switch to Electronic Paperwork

It costs money to store paper files. Paperwork takes up space in your office, and you lose time and money when you have to dig through stacks of paper to find what you need. Rather than investing in a space with a storage space or digging through files, switch to electronic paperwork.

Aside from reducing overhead costs, you will also save at least a few trees.

Control Purchases You Make

Another way to reduce overhead costs is to reduce the purchases you make. Evaluate every purchase made to determine if it is necessary. If you find that it is something you can go without, skip it. Also, look into alternatives to what you want to buy to see if there is a cheaper option.

Controlling your purchases can save you money and reduce overhead costs greatly.

You will find that once you reduce your overhead costs, your profitability will increase. You need to improve your profitability to succeed as a business owner in this day and age.

Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur: The Benefits of Investing in a Franchise Business

Portrait of a businessmanIf you’re not in comfortable purchasing an existing business or establishing your own from scratch, a franchise ownership would be perfect for you. Principally, the franchisor will ask you to pay the initial fee along with ongoing royalties of their computer franchise business. In exchange, you will get to utilize their trademark, receive continuous support from the franchisor. You will even have the right to use their system of conducting the business, as well as, sell their services or products.

Aside from using a famous brand name, purchasing a franchise provides several other benefits. At the end of this article, you will realise that these opportunities won’t be accessible to an entrepreneur who decides to build their own business from the beginning.

Benefits of Purchasing a Franchise

The biggest asset of franchising is its capacity to deliver independent retailers together through a single business concept and trademark. There are plenty of advantages from this affiliation, including uniformity in meeting consumer expectations, control of pooled advertising, the effectiveness of group purchasing, and brand awareness.

Meanwhile, an individual owner will also yield several benefits from a franchise business. As you know, investing in a business always comes with risks, but the risks are substantially lowered by a successfully proven business program. Besides, using a recognized trademark will save you from the price of developing and promoting a brand for consumers to notice.

Other benefits that you can reap include:

  1. Assistance regarding marketing and sales,
  2. Provision of an operations manual,
  3. Guidance when selecting the franchise location,
  4. Financial support,
  5. Continuous development and research of the brand,
  6. Standardised packaging,
  7. Point-of-sale publicity.
  8. Local and national marketing programs,
  9. Readily available consultation and supervision,
  10. Collective purchasing power,
  11. Uniform financial and accounting systems,
  12. Standardised systems and products,
  13. Reduction of risk, and
  14. Turnkey operation.

In the future, a franchising business would lead to an easy expansion. Managing a franchise business could even lead to starting other businesses on the side. Keep in mind that fortunes were built in this method.

Hiring the Right Professional For Your Hospital

HR manager interviewing young man in officeWith the demand for reliable healthcare experts currently on the rise, it has never been more challenging to find the right staff for your medical facility. Given the fact that medical malpractice costs hospitals billions of dollars in lawsuits, you can’t afford to miss the mark in your hiring process.

Here are four easy tips on how to find best personnel:

Work with a reputable staffing agency

Staffing agencies vet candidates, ensuring that they only keep trustworthy people on their list. Whether you are looking for full-time doctors or you wish to offer locum tenens physician jobs, a medical staffing agency is your best partner. There are many of those around the country, most of which are available online.

Enhance your recruitment procedures

You medical facility’s hiring department needs to reexamine their hiring processes and find any loopholes they should fix. Where do you post your job advertisements? Reliable medical sites can help you land top talents. In addition, ensure that you conduct comprehensive interviews so you get the most qualified individuals.

 Provide residencies and internships

Instead of offering employment on a long-term basis, consider starting residency programs. Typically, residencies last about two years. During this time, you can decide whether an individual is right for your hospital. You may also provide internships to individuals who are less experienced. This gives you the opportunity to choose the best people to hire.

Keep an eye on new employees

Use the first few weeks to monitor your new doctors and nurses. This is the time to evaluate their work habits, attitude, and bedside manners. Doing so helps you decide whether they are the ideal practitioners for your hospital.

The last thing you want is to recruit the wrong medical personnel for your hospital. By being diligent in the hiring process, you can ensure that your patients receive the best health care.

Taking Your Business Further Means Making Sacrifices

Group of businessmen and businesswomen on a mettingIt’s not enough to have a steady stream of contracts and customers. Stagnation is a dangerous thing to happen to a business, especially because customers get bored easily. You will need to find ways to improve, or even expand, your operations.

Worried that things could get a little expensive? Here are some ways to handle the cost:

Get a Title Loan

Sandy’s residents are all about quality service and modernity. If you’re lagging behind in these, you’ll have to say goodbye to your customers as they move on to better options. To keep that from happening, Utah Money Center recommends considering a title loan to fund your business renovations. It’s an accessible loan if the title of the property is under your name, and you can easily get it back once the loan has been paid in full.

Use Your Property’s Equity

Another way to use your property to your advantage is by using its equity. You can get a home equity loan and set up a line of credit to pay for any improvements in your business, or you can also choose to get the loan in a lump sum to pay contractors and buy the needed materials. The good thing about this loan is you can apply for one even if you are not done paying for the property yet. However, note that the amount of equity you have depends on the amount you have already paid.

Consider Refinancing

Improving the property is not a one-time task. It’s something you have to do constantly, so you should always have some funds for it. Refinancing means you may cut down the monthly payments for your mortgage, which leaves you some financial wiggle room. You can use the money you cut back from your mortgage to pay for future business improvements.

Your business can’t survive if you’re not doing something to improve it in all aspects. Be ready to spend to earn more.


Stylish DIY Christmas Lighting Ideas in 2017

Streets filled with Christmas lightsWith the holiday season just around the corner, it is inevitable to invest in time and effort to decorate your home. While designing your home to keep the holiday spirit may not be an easy feat, you can reuse and repurpose old decors such as the LED lights and Christmas wreaths.

Bring out the beautiful and magical holiday spirit in your home with these easy and stylish do-it-yourself (DIY) Christmas lighting ideas for residential areas.

Snow Globes

Snow globes are iconic decor masterpieces which remind you of Christmas. You can make a snow globe in just ten minutes. Use clear apothecary or mason jars and fill them with fake snow made of Styrofoam, cotton or tissue paper shaped like balls, LED lights and old Christmas figurines.

A Magical Home with Twinkle Lights

Hang or tape your old Christmas lights onto the ceiling of your hallway to create a starry night vibe inside your house. Another good tip is to place your LED lights in front or near a mirror to create an illusion of fairy lights.

Repurpose Old and Unused LED lights

Wrap around garland lights to your chandelier, wreath, trees or even the edges of your home. Its brightness provides color which helps accentuate the design of your decor by outlining its shape.

You could also step up your DIY game by creating some art. Draw or paint your design on canvas. Plot out dots on the back of your canvas and slightly make a hole to fit the bulb of your Christmas lights. Make sure that the holes should be at least half an inch apart. Secure each bulb or light with tape.

Incorporate more homemade designs by creating various designs for Christmas cards, socks, trees, and even Nativity scenes. String lights within an empty frame and pin family pictures, cards and cutout letters to form words and greetings, and you’ll find that a more personalized Christmas decore creates a happier Holiday Season.

Why Online Marketing is an Effective Business Strategy

Online MarketingConsumers are increasingly using the Internet to carry out price research before making the final decisions on whether to buy or not. For this reason, online marketing offers the best way of attracting these consumers. Several strategies can be used in marketing businesses through the online platform. These strategies include the use of email, social media, SEO, PPC, and video marketing. Each strategy has its specific advantages and generally communicates faster in an effective way to a consumer, Prcaffeine.com explains. Therefore, your business can gain immensely by using search engine marketing.

Ways that a Business can Gain from Online Marketing

Compared to offline means of marketing, online marketing is more affordable. Online marketing helps a business to reach a large target audience. It also gives one the ability to customize the marketing for the various segments of the target audience. In addition, online marketing offers an important platform to build relationships with the clients that can result in increased customer retention levels. Therefore, you can operate your business around the clock because you do not have to worry about opening hours or opening several branches across the country. The reach that online marketing provides is limitless and knows no barriers or distance. Investing in online marketing has resulted in the growth of businesses owing to the improved public image and confidence of consumers.

Why Content is Key in Any Online Marketing Strategy

Content is the most important pillar of any online marketing strategy. Quality content ensures that a marketing strategy is successful. This is because it is also a Google ranking factor and can help a site to attract premier inbound traffic, build credibility and trust with your potential customers.

Proper content that addresses the various concerns of the consumers helps to increase consumer’s understanding of the products and services of your organization. Consumers will most likely purchase in companies that display all the required information of a given product, including its price and related discounts.

The online platform offers the world with endless possibilities. By marketing online, your business gets to benefit immensely by expanding its reach in terms of the consumer base and profitability margins.

Measure It, Manage It: Financial Statements and Their Role in Your Business

Financial Statements in U.SYou could be the most versatile of businessmen, able to get people to do your bidding at will, but without learning the art of effective management, you’re enterprise could be doomed right from the onset. And central to this is the ability to put numbers into your growth. Chances are, if you can’t measure it, you really won’t be able to manage it.

Knowing how much your sales has incremented will show you if your marketing plan is right on – exactly why keeping a ledger is apt.

Numbers Game

Lately, Forbes may have tried to debunk Peter Drucker’s strong pronouncements that “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Though the talented subject matter effect who made her rebuttal known may have done a fine job, still there’s certainly a need to measure things in business – especially true with sales.

For instance, it’s the act of putting numbers to it that Apple was able to know its devices trumped Android in terms of smartphone sales in the U.S for the very first time. According to sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech Android sales took 47.8 percent of totals smartphone sales in the fourth quarter of 2014 while Apple’s iOS devices cornered 47.7 percent of the market, winning by a hair.

Without keeping track of these key figures, sales rallies would be an act of futility.

Putting Everything in Order

It’s by looking at these numbers all carefully recorded in financial statements that management can come up with various strategic tweaks to keep the company going.

Through a painstaking financial analysis, data can be used for quantitative analysis to help improve your overall business operation. Comparing balance sheets for instance with profit and loss account will show various strengths and weaknesses of your business model.

In a nutshell, financial statements show you how healthy and stable your company is. This is not only helpful to you but it also aids those people who may have invested in your enterprise to be easily updated with the direction of the company. In short, these numbers makes managing your enterprise a cinch.

Details that Help Your Coffee Shop Succeed

Coffee ShopDifferent coffee shops are open left and right, but not all are standing the test of time and earning profit. With the tough, competitive market, what can you do to stand out, have loyal customers and earn some revenue as a café owner? There’s no definite formula to achieve success in the café business, but these three factors will help you make your mark and gain a following.

Rich-Tasting Coffee

Of course, the first factor is to make sure you have delicious and refreshing beverages. Have many kinds of coffee, frappe, iced and hot tea, and bottled juices. Some want rich black coffee to wake them up, some like frappe because of their sweet taste and some like tea for their refreshing quality. Offer high-quality drinks that will satisfy different types of customers.

Delicious Food

To provide your customers with a complete dining experience, why not offer food items to go with their coffee and tea? Include cakes, pastries, pastas, sandwiches and gourmet food items on the menu. Give them as much importance as you’d give your beverages. They should be scrumptious and worth their price.

Comfortable and Pleasing Interiors

Some coffee shop enthusiasts don’t just come for the coffee, but for the atmosphere of the café. That’s why many entrepreneurs are coming up with themed coffee shops to stand out. Aside from a theme, you must also make your interiors as pleasing and picture-friendly as possible.

Don’t forget to buy café blinds in Perth to keep your coffee shop comfortable even at noon. Action Awnings says café blinds ensure your customers enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the damage the sun may cause. Aside from blinds, comfy sofas, sturdy tables, beautiful chandeliers and lovely decorative items are a must.

These three factors will leave a lasting impression on your visitors, making them want to come back and even recommend your café to their family and friends. This way, you’ll have more chances to find success in the café business.

Restaurant Business

The Restaurant Start-up Guide: What Every Owner Should Keep in Mind

Restaurant BusinessMany people venture into the restaurant businesses because of the growing number of people who prefer dining out. Whilst food businesses can be financially rewarding, establishing your own brand can be very challenging. You have to consider a number of things to make sure your business doesn’t fail before you even launch it.

Here are a few reminders to help you get started:

Your attitude is a key player

Your attitude as the owner and an entrepreneur is an important factor. Are you someone who loves food? Do you want to open a restaurant because of the profit? Do you have the passion for cooking, or are you doing it half-heartedly just for the sake of having a business?

To make this venture successful, you have to love what you do. Maintain a positive attitude on putting up a restaurant, and success will surely follow.

Do you have enough in your pocket?

Restaurant business requires a lot of money, especially in the first stages. The amount of capital you need depends on the size of your restaurant, its concept, and your chosen location.

As Hoskit Store recommends, do your homework first. Research about the costs and make a realistic budget. Check out other options to raise capital, if need be. See if you can apply for loans and grants.

Know everything there is about the business

Smart planning will increase your chances of achieving success in the industry. It is not something you can do overnight, after all. Take time to learn everything you need to know about running your restaurant business.

Look for the perfect theme or concept and location. Plan your menu and see what types of commercial cooking equipment you will need. Check out food standard codes and health and sanitation regulations.

Starting a restaurant or any type of food business can be a crucial move. With thorough planning matched with a positive attitude, you can efficiently secure a slot in the booming restaurant industry.