Saying Goodbye to Metro Manila: 4 Reasons People Leave

Movers helping the client to leave ManilaThe Atlantic wrote about the alarming rate of people leaving New York City to live and start a family outside of the Big Apple. In the Philippines, the rate of individuals leaving Metro Manila to relocate to other cities within the vicinity of the city center is also increasing.

While the reason for Americans leaving New York is due to the influx of new immigrants, the case is slightly different for the Philippines. More and more people from the province and coming to Manila to live their “city dreams” only to find out that the grass is not too green on this side of town.

Thus, Manilenos leave the metro. Below are other reasons why people choose to move rather than stay.

More space

Lancaster homes here in Cavite are famous for their beautiful and spacious house and lots. This is something people in Manila cannot enjoy due to continuously rising real estate prices and lack of space.

Moving to nearby cities like Laguna, Cavite, and Batangas, for example, can give you the luxury of space at a more affordable price.

Less traffic

People would give anything to escape Manila traffic. This also includes moving out of the city. The city center suffers continuous congestion, projected to do so for the years to come.

Lower cost of goods

Gone are the days when prices of goods outside Metro Manila are higher than the city itself due to different reasons. Nowadays, aside from having more affordable real estate choices, people can also enjoy goods and services at a more affordable price.

Easier access to other places

Get to the airport in no time and reach other provinces by land easier when you come from nearby cities outside the Metro. This would mean less time spent on the road and more time spent with family.

Moving outside Metro Manila has its cons. But for people who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, moving out is definitely a great choice to make.