Launching a Successful Facebook Campaign to Improve Online Visibility

Facebook Advertising

Facebook AdvertisingOne of the easiest ways to get targeted visitors to your website is through Facebook advertising. While SEO experts from Denver can help you secure your online market share and break through the noise on the local market, it does pay to understand how Facebook ads work so you can launch a successful social media campaign of your own.

Crafting the Right Buyer Persona

Facebook is an incredible advertising platform for businesses, as there are over 60 million businesses with their own fan page. Before you can reap the full benefits of Facebook ads, you’ll need a clear idea of the people you’re trying to reach, as a Zogby Analytics poll reveals that 40.5% of respondents prefer to see ads related to their interests. Make it a point, therefore, to find out what your customer needs and what their demographic attributes are, to improve your Facebook ads.

Creating an Ad that Generates Results

Facebook ads are composed of three parts: the image, the headline, and the description. Using an image of a face resonates well with viewers, as well as plain text juxtaposed on a strong, contrasting background. For a compelling headline, take advantage of power words to evoke the right reaction from your audience and influence them to take action. Top it off by creating a convincing description that describes your offer and its benefits on your customers.

Experiment with Various Ads

Come up with different ads and use different elements for each one to test which one performs best. For instance, you can make duplicates of a Facebook ad then change the headline to see which one gets the best response. Later on, you can test other elements like the description or image then put the best ones together to come up with a winning ad. Additionally, you could also play around with ad placement on desktop and mobile platforms to find out which ad gets the most attention.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, making it a thriving place to implement your online marketing and social media strategy. By crafting the right ads, you can easily share updates with your audience and engage with them both on desktop and mobile sites.