Get to Know the Common Metal Fabrication Processes

A worker checking a metal sheetNearly every metal product you see has undergone the process of metal fabrication. Whether from a new or old yet still usable metal sheet, you can fabricate and transform it into a useful form. But did you know that there are different metal fabrication processes?

Visit a steel metal fabrication company in Tamworth and get to know the metal steel fabrication process needed for your desired metal form.


When you hear of metal fabrication, the first thing that came to mind is a piece of metal subjected to shape alteration using a rotating machine. This is called machining.

This is a process of modifying the shape of metal through deformation, drilling, facing, knurling, sanding, or turning to create another object.

Cut and Shear

One of the common fabrication processes is cutting the metal. The traditional way of cutting through metal is by mechanical bladed saw and power scissors. Nowadays, new and modern technologies use higher precision platforms such as plasma cutting, water jet cutter, and laser cutters.

On another note, shearing is the term used to describe a straight through cut usually done on sheet metal.

Bend and Fold

Another common fabrication process is bending the metal. While the use of hammer continues to this day, one can achieve a more precise output using a CNC press brake machine.


Another familiar fabrication process is called welding. As you already know, people use the method of welding to join two pieces of metal together.

Punching and Blanking

The process for both punching and blanking a metal is the same except for the finished product you will need. Punching is the term if you want to put holes on a piece of metal. But if you’re going to pierce a piece of metal from a larger sheet, it is called blanking.


The process of stamping is quite similar to punching and blanking. The only difference is that the die won’t cut out the portion it is pressed onto; rather, it will form a new surface depending on the face of the die to create an embossed surface.

Whatever size and shape of metal you need, there is always a process of metal fabrication you can use to achieve the desired form. Visit the nearest metal fabrication here in Tamworth and get your pet project completed in no time!