Get That Summer Sparkle

a woman happy with her teeth whitening treatment

a woman happy with her teeth whitening treatmentGetting a good summer look is all about looking healthy and fit, so people will now be at the gym using weights to tone up their muscles, possible getting the beginnings of a tan on a sunbed and brightening up their wardrobe with 2018’s must-have summer items. But good lucks are more than skin-deep and having a sparkly smile can sum up summer more than a new sundress ever could. That’s why now’s the time to get teeth whitening in Camden.

Teeth whitening in Camden is an easy cosmetic dentistry treatment that offers choices for patients about how it is carried out. It is the world’s most popular cosmetic dentistry treatment because it is quick and non-invasive and doesn’t require any permanent changes to the structure of the teeth. It is carried out by various dentists in Camden, including Ace Dental.

Before Whitening

Many dentists recommend that patients who want to get their teeth whitened get them prepared for treatment with a really good scale and polish by the dental hygienist. Removing any build-up of plaque and tartar means that teeth whitening in Camden can get straight to the tooth enamel without encountering barriers, so the treatment is more effective.

Once the teeth are all clean and ready to be whitened, patients can choose between a DIY whitening treatment at home, or having the treatment carried out by their dentist at the clinic.

At-Home Whitening

It is important not to use off-the-shelf whitening kits, but to get one from the dentist. The dentist makes bespoke gel trays from impressions taken from the patient’s teeth. The trays fit the patient exactly, ensuring maximum contact with the teeth. Such trays also reduce the amount of gel that can escape from the trays and end up irritating the soft mouth parts such as the gums and tongue. The mild whitening gel takes two or three weeks of daily treatment for a few hours to lighten the teeth by several shades.

In-Clinic Whitening

Using a more powerful gel painted onto the teeth and activated by a UV light, this treatment is carried out in around an hour.