Clever Client Gifts to Give Cheer This Christmas

Christmas Gift IdeasWhen it comes to buying gifts, the thought will always count. And for gifts that you are planning to give to valued clients affiliated with your company or business, it does require a lot more of the thought. This is because you need to make sure that you not only give a well-prepared gift, but you can also use the opportunity to make your clients feel like they’re on your top of mind, so you can be on theirs. has a few choice bits of advice.

Know the client’s type

Everyone has a hobby, and good client servicing means you get to have these light conversations with clients. Part of that means ensuring that you have some know-how on the client’s personal wants.

Is the client a health enthusiast or a pet lover or a techie? Knowing these can go a long way to help deliver some premium business gifts that have a lot of heart in them.

Personalisation is key

Top-of-mind also means that you need to associate your brand with the good experience that your gift will bring.

Going for a touch of personalisation can be mixed with creativity if you know how to put your brand first. Just think of how corporate gifts and giveaways are created. So long as the branding is minimal and clean, you can transform any useful thing — umbrellas, coasters, notepads, picture frames — and give your clients something they can use and remember you by.


There are premium business gifts that will go wrong when it comes to wine. So long as you have good taste — or have someone choose a good wine brand for your, the client will be happy.

What’s more, you can even personalise this wine by delivering it in a personalised case or a holder outfitted with your company logo. There’s even the added bonus of your client displaying the wine bottle at house dinners or gatherings together with a case — a great way to subtly advertise your brand as well. Just make sure you create an elegant case so it will last within your client’s household.

These are just some things that you can opt for the next time you need to buy your clients a holiday present. The simple rule is to keep it simple yet presentable, so your clients will remember your brand in the same manner.