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Saying Goodbye to Metro Manila: 4 Reasons People Leave

Movers helping the client to leave ManilaThe Atlantic wrote about the alarming rate of people leaving New York City to live and start a family outside of the Big Apple. In the Philippines, the rate of individuals leaving Metro Manila to relocate to other cities within the vicinity of the city center is also increasing.

While the reason for Americans leaving New York is due to the influx of new immigrants, the case is slightly different for the Philippines. More and more people from the province and coming to Manila to live their “city dreams” only to find out that the grass is not too green on this side of town.

Thus, Manilenos leave the metro. Below are other reasons why people choose to move rather than stay.

More space

Lancaster homes here in Cavite are famous for their beautiful and spacious house and lots. This is something people in Manila cannot enjoy due to continuously rising real estate prices and lack of space.

Moving to nearby cities like Laguna, Cavite, and Batangas, for example, can give you the luxury of space at a more affordable price.

Less traffic

People would give anything to escape Manila traffic. This also includes moving out of the city. The city center suffers continuous congestion, projected to do so for the years to come.

Lower cost of goods

Gone are the days when prices of goods outside Metro Manila are higher than the city itself due to different reasons. Nowadays, aside from having more affordable real estate choices, people can also enjoy goods and services at a more affordable price.

Easier access to other places

Get to the airport in no time and reach other provinces by land easier when you come from nearby cities outside the Metro. This would mean less time spent on the road and more time spent with family.

Moving outside Metro Manila has its cons. But for people who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life, moving out is definitely a great choice to make.

What Type of Door You Should Get, According to Feng Shui

wooden front door of an upscale homeA harmonious external state needs to be balanced by welcoming wholesome energies on the inside. This belief is especially apparent in the rules of feng shui. The ancient Chinese system for spatial arrangement takes the orientation of the different parts of a house very seriously to create balance inside and out. For instance, the front door is the mouth of the house that brings the chi — the universal energy — into one’s domicile. It ultimately determines the type of energy that enters the home.

So, before you choose your doors, consider these factors that will ensure you only welcome good energy.

Main Entryway

Wherever you are, whether you’re in east coast New York or Western Salt Lake City, always remember that the front door should be the sole entry point. Other entrances, such as garage doors, shouldn’t be used as the main entrance. This slows down the flow of Chi in the front door.


According to feng shui, disproportionate door sizes cause problems with one’s wealth and career. Moreover, the front door must also be bigger than all the other doors inside the house. If not, the system says that the resident will have trouble with their relationships, marriage, and emotional control.


The color of the door you should pick depends on the Kua, or the person’s feng shui number and the direction the door is facing. Generally, people can choose between two colors: red and green. Red invites abundance, while green invites money. The color is meant to enhance and cure the state of the household.


Some feng shui experts recommend that doors must be made of wood and not glass. However, this is only a recommendation to balance the five elements. Homeowners don’t necessarily need to sacrifice their preferences for this.


Feng shui experts warn against slightly misaligned doors in a house because it disrupts the Chi. Doors should either be completely aligned or not aligned at all. Moreover, the front door should never be aligned with the back door or a bathroom door, because the Chi entering the front door will rush out the backdoor or be flushed down the toilet.

There are many things to consider when shopping around for the perfect door so that a homeowner will invite good energy into their house. But it’s up to the home’s inhabitants to have the final say on what kind of door fits their vision of health and happiness.

Stylish DIY Christmas Lighting Ideas in 2017

Streets filled with Christmas lightsWith the holiday season just around the corner, it is inevitable to invest in time and effort to decorate your home. While designing your home to keep the holiday spirit may not be an easy feat, you can reuse and repurpose old decors such as the LED lights and Christmas wreaths.

Bring out the beautiful and magical holiday spirit in your home with these easy and stylish do-it-yourself (DIY) Christmas lighting ideas for residential areas.

Snow Globes

Snow globes are iconic decor masterpieces which remind you of Christmas. You can make a snow globe in just ten minutes. Use clear apothecary or mason jars and fill them with fake snow made of Styrofoam, cotton or tissue paper shaped like balls, LED lights and old Christmas figurines.

A Magical Home with Twinkle Lights

Hang or tape your old Christmas lights onto the ceiling of your hallway to create a starry night vibe inside your house. Another good tip is to place your LED lights in front or near a mirror to create an illusion of fairy lights.

Repurpose Old and Unused LED lights

Wrap around garland lights to your chandelier, wreath, trees or even the edges of your home. Its brightness provides color which helps accentuate the design of your decor by outlining its shape.

You could also step up your DIY game by creating some art. Draw or paint your design on canvas. Plot out dots on the back of your canvas and slightly make a hole to fit the bulb of your Christmas lights. Make sure that the holes should be at least half an inch apart. Secure each bulb or light with tape.

Incorporate more homemade designs by creating various designs for Christmas cards, socks, trees, and even Nativity scenes. String lights within an empty frame and pin family pictures, cards and cutout letters to form words and greetings, and you’ll find that a more personalized Christmas decore creates a happier Holiday Season.

Prevent Water Damage: Waterproofing Your Home

Frustrated man repairing a water damaged ceilingWhether you have a newly-built home or live in one with several years behind it, you need to keep it properly waterproofed. Failure to do so can result in major water damage, which could give rise to numerous structural problems and health hazards.

Failing to waterproof your house will cause unnecessary expenses. You should not wait until it’s too late to work with waterproofing suppliers in Sydney, Australia. Waterproofing Direct explains that the correct application of high-quality waterproofing materials as soon as possible allows you to protect your investments from severe damages.

House Waterproofing 101

Your home has many areas that could be prone to water damage, with each one requiring certain types and application of waterproofing.

For instance, you can approach brickwork waterproofing with the use of a specialised type of external paint. Such paint products are more durable than regular outdoor paint, so they give better protection against potential water seepage.

Damp proofing walls

Your external walls need waterproofing more than any part of your home. In many cases, a highly experienced waterproofing supplier would recommend damp proofing. This is a series of treatments on your external walls to prevent the massive increase of rising dampness in building walls.   Roofs and gutters   You should also invest in waterproofing specifically for roofing systems and gutters. Properly-waterproofed roofs and gutters won’t just last longer than non-proofed ones; they also contribute largely to the protection of the interior components of the roof, as well as the area right below it.

Make sure to protect your home and property by waterproofing the areas that need attention. In Australia, a good waterproofing supplier could give your home the protection it needs from the elements.

Control Your Heating Bills in Two Ways

Organizing the heating billMany homesteads struggle with runaway home heating bills not knowing they can take a few proactive measures to keep them in check. The article highlights some of the simplest ways to keep your heating bills low.

With their homes being the largest purchase many people will make in their lifetime, it then becomes of great importance to keep it in excellent shape. In most cases, people tend to build their homes to suit their particular needs. However, if you don’t have the budget to carry out an extensive remodeling, you can still create an ideal home environment and keep your bills low.

Keep it warm and cozy

The lasting thing you would want is to come home to a freezing house after a long day at work. Nevertheless, runaway heating bills might force your family to endure a few nights in the cold.

Despite the rising cost of gas, you can keep your utility bills in check. Airtime Heating & Cooling says that one of the easiest ways to do this is to ensure your air conditioning unit is in excellent condition. A quick call to a credible furnace repair service in Riverton can help keep your unit in working order. These experts will inspect the unit for damages, and carry out any repairs. Additionally, regular tune-ups keep it running smoothly.

Improve the home insulation

You can still keep your bills low by eliminating all heat loss avenues in the home. Spaces below the doors and windows allow the expensive hot air to escape from the home. Cold winds also blow into the home through such spaces. Your heating unit also works extra harder to maintain a constant temperature if your insulation is not working well.

This extra work causes the air conditioning unit to suffer higher wear and tear, which lowers the lifespan. Luckily, you can seal off such spaces with a door sweep or a threshold. You can also get handy with a bit of caulk and seal spaces under the windows. Wrapping the window panes in bubble wrap in winter is a good way to insulate the home.

With a bit of effort, you can create a cozy atmosphere in the home and keep your family warm during the winter. These useful pointers can help you lower your energy bills without breaking the bank.

Radon: The Silent Killer In Your House

Man inspecting homePerhaps you have heard of a family who died in their sleep because their house was filled with carbon monoxide as a result of a faulty furnace. How about people who acquired lung cancer because of radon exposure? Radon is not a joke and it’s a silent killer. In fact, it is the second leading cause of lung cancer today.

Radon levels in the house should be checked regularly to prevent its serious health effects. Radon testing in Provo is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a measure to make sure the radon levels in the house is within acceptable gauge. Companies like the Aerolite Group say that regular testing is essential for your family’s safety.

What Is Radon?

Radon is a radioactive, tasteless, odorless and colorless gas that comes from the natural process of uranium decay in the soil and water. Radon can easily seep into the house. Usually, radon can dwell in the basement but in some cases, it can be found in other parts of the house. Once it gets ingested or inhaled, it could cause serious health effects, particularly lung cancer.

How Does It Cause Lung Cancer?

Radon can decay abruptly, releasing tiny radioactive particles. When these particles are inhaled, they can damage the cells that line the lung. If there is chronic exposure it could lead to lung cancer.

Lung cancer is a very aggressive and deadly disease. It can be caused by both radon exposure and smoking. However, if both are present in the house, it could lead to more serious health consequences.

What Can You Do About It?

First, testing for radon is needed. Radon testing helps determine the level of the gas inside the house. When you are aware of how much radon is present, you can contact a radon mitigation service to solve the problem. Moreover, this should be done regularly to make sure that your house is safe, especially if you have kids.

Radon can cause serious health effects. Make sure your house is safe from this carcinogen through regular testing and maintenance.

Should You Go For a Plumber or a Rooter Service?

Woman hired a plumberAccording to Eastern beliefs, everything is about the balance between yin and yang. Nothing speaks more about yin and yang than water – an element that is both bad and good. While rain is great for keeping the soil hydrated, it also means carrying away leaves and other debris, not to mention the flood that results from a heavy downpour.

If you have a plumbing problem, would you hire a plumber or a rooter service provider in Salt Lake City? Learn about the things that will affect your decision.

What Clogs You

Before you call a company providing rooter service, you need to familiarize yourself with what can cause a drain to get clogged. Some of the most popular reasons for a clogged drain include heavy rain and storm, grease build up from washing your dishes and pots, bad plumbing installation, and accumulation of hair, leaves, food particles, and toiletries.

Rooters vs Plumbers

One of the things that would most likely confuse you is whether to go with a plumber or a rooter service provider. The main difference between the two is the fact that rooter service providers focus on declogging drains and septic pumping, as well as septic maintenance, while plumbers can handle other types of pipe and vent problems.

What To Do

When your drains get clogged, the water will overflow and cause the affected structure of your home to weaken, not to mention the increased risk for mold growth. Of course, the best way to keep this from happening is to ensure that your drains are clean. But we know that cleaning the drains and pipes on your own can be challenging and time-consuming. In such cases, it is better to get the help of a professional.

Some of the tools being used by rooters include sewer jetters, inspection cameras, and drain cleaning cables. You also have to keep in mind that getting the services of a rooter does not necessarily have to be just when you have a clogged drain. In fact, you should do it on a regular basis.

Benefits of Solid Steel Doors

Door with solid steel knobIf you want to improve your home’s security, consider getting solid steel doors, especially for your exterior entryways.

Door expert All Steel Security understands that entryways and other openings to your property are easy targets for unwanted intrusions, and deterring unwanted personalities is a great concern. Having a steel door installed will solve that problem.

Here are some benefits of steely access to your house:

Cost Efficiency

Unlike wooden doors or fibreglass ones, a solid steel door does not carry the risk of splintering, cracking or breaking. In the end, it is more cost-efficient to have a steel door than replacing your present one because of dents and cracks that make your home less safe. It is also low maintenance compared to wooden doors.

Interesting Entryway

A solid steel door painted in the colour that you like add a lot to your home’s kerb appeal. It also makes your entryway appear harder to tamper with and this can discourage many potential burglars who scout neighbourhoods for easy preys.

Added Security

Modern technologies have made it possible to create custom-made steel doors without compromising design or security. In fact, some customise their steel doors to mimic the aesthetic of conventional wood doors and this can provide you with wider choices for design.

This improves security in your home without having to compromise aesthetics. Solid steel doors are bulletproof, as they are chemical and fire-resistant.

Energy Efficiency

Solid steel doors also improve insulation in your home. This means it helps keep the hot or cool air from escaping so you are saving more on electricity that you know. It is great to help you maintain your household budget without compromising security and comfort.

If you are in the market to get a security upgrade, consider changing your current doors into solid steel ones. They last a long time with virtually no maintenance and can greatly improve your home’s security and aesthetic appeal.

Window Shutter

Interesting Historical Facts About Window Shutters

Window ShutterWindow shutters protect your home and business from rain, heat, and other environmental elements, especially in a country like Australia. These external louvres do not only look appealing, but CVS Equipment says that they also safeguard your privacy and allow air and natural light in your home. However, not many people know the history of these home fixtures.

1. The Ancient Greeks were the first to come up with the idea of external window shutters. At this time glass was not yet widely used or known. The main purpose of shutters was to protect their homes from the winter and to keep it cool during the summer.

2. Glass was invented in Ancient Egypt, but it was the Romans who spread this new technology to their Empire.

3. Glass windows, unfortunately, didn’t lead to more reliance on this new material. It was only until years later when people started setting up shutters in their rooms that people used this material.

4. By this time, people living in humid areas replaced curtains with shutters. This was a better alternative since insects tend to reside in any curtain fabric.

5. During the Georgian Era in England, glass shutters were designed in England and is now a standard in British architecture. The Brits were responsible for exporting this new feature to North America.

6. Shutters now became commonplace in many homes, especially exterior ones in places with sweltering weather. Almost every country has now gotten rid of curtains and installed open louvre blades in its place. These enabled light to pass through a room while retaining privacy.

7. Mediterranean countries, like Italy, preferred fully operational external shutters. They had narrow, tall, and completely recessed windows that opened into a room. These kinds of shutters were easy to operate and didn’t take too much space when opened.

Since the beginning, shutters were used for the same purpose they have today. However, creativity and technology has led to a more reliable product.

Charming Playhouse Ideas to Keep Your Kids Entertained

Backyard cubby house
Building a backyard playhouse is more advantageous to your child’s development than you can imagine. For instance, a playhouse is the perfect space for fun games that foster camaraderie among your kids and their peers. The cubby’s design as well as the playthings and items that you put inside it provide an avenue for your kids to express their creativity.

Here are some quirky playhouse ideas that will definitely delight your kids and get their creative juices flowing:

Simple Square

If you have limited space for the cubby, clever design strategies can help solve site problems. Use no-fuss materials, such as a simple square shed with a sloping tin roof, for instance. You can shop around for a shed manufacturer that offers various options too, so you can get a cubby in the size that works well with your space.

When you want to increase your child’s areas of interest, be sure to integrate several clever cubby details. Include accents, such as a mailbox, complete with address numbers, wind chimes, ornamental lamps, and other real-life extras.

Mini-Fairytale Retreat

Install a fairytale-themed playhouse complete with a mini Dutch door, shutters, and a pseudo-chimney. Give the exterior an extra air of charm by outfitting the cubby in fun, dreamy colours like old rose and deep periwinkle laced with white.

Some clever landscaping and ornamentation should complete the storybook look. Add, for instance, stone edgings and some pink or lavender blooms.

Backyard Bohemia

A quirky cubby dresses up an otherwise plain backyard. Create a bohemian-inspired playhouse for your future artist by dressing up a plain square cubby with surprising shades. Add some whimsical details, such as a colourful tapestry or canopy drapes. Encourage creativity by including actual papers, canvases and paints.

A playhouse in your backyard helps keep your little ones happy and occupied, even during an otherwise uneventful summer season. Choosing the right design and incorporating the right details, moreover, also creates an imaginative play experience for them.