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Tooth Loss in Adults

dentist's equipmentTooth loss is an issue that will affect most adults in the UK. Whether it’s in later or earlier life, this can be a stressful experience. Worries about the ability to enjoy food, their appearance and the health of their remaining natural teeth may crowd the patient’s head.

Thanks to modern dental technology, losing a tooth isn’t the end of the world. Practices like Orpington Dental Care can provide dental implants. In Orpington, implants are used as artificial tooth roots that can be inserted to provide a stable foundation for a range of different tooth replacement options.

Replacing single teeth with dental implants in Orpington

Dental implants are inserted after a minor surgical procedure. During this procedure, a small hole is created in the patient’s jawbone. This allows the titanium implant to be inserted firmly. The implant needs to have as much contact with the bone as possible to allow for integration.

This is why implants last such a long time. They work alongside the body’s natural healing function to provide a foundation that could last a lifetime.

When the screw has healed and settled into the jawbone a single hand-crafted crown can be attached that fits the patient’s smile seamlessly.

Replacing multiple teeth with dental implants in Orpington

In many cases, a single implant can be used to replace multiple teeth using a bridge that can replace up to three consecutive teeth. The number of teeth that can be supported by a single dental implant depends on the density of the jawbone at the point of insertion.

Bone density and structure can be lost if teeth are lost and not replaced for a long period of time. This is because the jawbone needs stimulation from the tooth roots to remain dense and stable.

If there is a lack of bone density then bone grafting surgery treatment can be carried out.

Denture Stabilisation

For patients who have been using dentures as their favoured form of tooth replacement, dental implants can be used to fix them in place, increasing their usability and practicality.

The use of dental implants will mean that the patient will not need to use products like denture adhesives to use their dentures.

Are Clear Teeth Aligners for You? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Clear teeth alignerTo most people, clear teeth aligners are a godsend. They provide everything traditional and metal braces cannot. They are practically invisible, conveniently removable, and surprisingly comfortable. However, they are not for everybody. You need to schedule an appointment with an experienced orthodontist to determine whether you are a good candidate for them.

For starters, ask yourself these questions to see if you are suitable for clear teeth aligners:

Are you old enough?

Age is the most important factor to consider. Teeth continue to grow until the start of adolescence, which is why clear aligners are not ideal if you are still in your early teenage years. It is impossible to create accurate aligner trays when the teeth have not stopped changing. After all your teeth grow, there is no longer an age limit. You can have them even in your 50s or 60s.

How crooked are your teeth?

Clear aligners are only designed to correct simple misaligned teeth cases. They can fix crossbite, overbite, underbite, and gapped teeth. However, if you have complicated problems, which require the rotation of premolars or canines or vertical movement of the teeth, an advanced method of correction may be essential. If this is the case, wearing traditional braces may be your only option.

Do you have the discipline?

Wearing clear aligner trays requires a high level of commitment to care for them and ensure their effectiveness. You need to keep them in your mouth for at least 20 to 22 hours per day. You need to be mindful that the food you eat or beverage you drink will not stain them. Also, religious teeth cleaning is a must to prevent discoloration.

Furthermore, you need to wear clear aligners for a relatively long period since they do not force your teeth to move as much as traditional braces do.

Speaking with a seasoned orthodontist is key to identify the teeth misalignment solution that makes sense for you. If you are a good candidate for all options, your dentist can assist you in the decision-making.

Teeth Straightening With Invisible Braces

A woman smiling while holding her Invisalign In recent years, more and more adults are seeking teeth straightening treatment to give them the smile they have always wanted. However, not all adults are keen to wear metal braces due to aesthetic concerns. Luckily, advances in modern dentistry have led to the development of discreet teeth straightening options, which are not only highly aesthetic, but also straighten teeth quickly and effectively.

There are various options to straighten the teeth, with invisible braces offered at specialised dental practices such as Liverpool Smile Studio in Liverpool. These include Invisalign, Inman aligners and Six Month Smiles. These treatments were designed specifically for adult patients and their busy lifestyles. Treatment typically only lasts a few weeks to a few months.


Invisalign is an innovative teeth straightening method that uses a series of transparent, custom-made aligners to help move teeth into their right position. Each aligner is worn for about two weeks before moving to the next one in the series. The complete number of aligners is different for each person.

Invisalign can successfully treat moderately overcrowded or spaced teeth, but many not be ideal for severely misaligned teeth. Aligners have to be worn full-time, night and day, except when eating or brushing the teeth. One of the biggest benefits of Invisalign is invisibility. Invisalign aligners are made of smooth, high-quality plastic, which sits snugly over the teeth and gums.

Inman aligner

The Inman aligner is an oral device used to correct misaligned teeth and less severe types of overcrowded teeth. It can barely be seen and it can be removed any time. Inman aligners, however, can only be used for the treatment of top and bottom teeth in the front.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles is a short-term teeth straightening method with braces, which employs clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, to help front teeth move into their right position in as little as six months. Six Month Smiles braces apply low forces to the teeth and require fewer adjustments compared to traditional braces. They are ideal for patients who wish to straighten their teeth quickly and discreetly in preparation of an upcoming special occasion.

How Botox Can Turn that Frown Upside Down

Woman Getting Botox InjectionsHave you ever wondered how Jane Fonda or Sharon Stone still look so youthful at their age? Many will suspect plastic surgery. But apart from such a complex procedure, most celebrities may rely on the simplicity and ideal results of Botox because it could do more than make anyone appear younger.

Botox Makes You Happy, Literally

Sadhna Wellness Center explains Botox can soften wrinkles and fine lines by temporarily paralyzing the muscles. But it now appears that aside from reducing the signs of aging, it can also relieve symptoms of depression.

While this phenomenon — referred to as emotional proprioception — is still under investigation, there is sufficient data to indicate that Botox can help with the mental health issue. It can do so without the adverse effects of antidepressants, such as weight gain.

Research Findings

Research published in the June 2016 issue of the Journal of Psychiatric Research reveals that when you inject Botox into frown lines, it also hinders the trigeminal nerve from functioning. This nerve is responsible for telling the brain that you are sad. You can say that Botox “tricks” the brain by not transmitting the message.

The report also went on to note that seasonal depression seemed to subside in people who receive the anti-aging treatment.

Dr. Richard Sherry, a psychologist, believes that the treatment can change a person’s psychological state. Pointing out that the face is the main communication platform, he shares that when you appear stressed out, you exude a negative feeling that also evokes a negative feedback from people you come into contact with or engage.

Botox injections are a good way to fight the signs of aging. Who needs to go under the knife when smoother skin and youthful glow are packed in a syringe and achievable quickly? With its effect on depression, it may also become more than just an aesthetic treatment.  Before getting Botox though, make sure you consult with an expert and find out what kind of results you can expect.

Never Miss These Trending Haircuts for Men

Man Getting A HaircutEvery year, some haircuts are considered trendy by fashion and beauty magazines. These haircuts determine what’s “in” and what’s not. Consequently, people would want to have the latest haircut so they could go with the trend.

Haircutting and hairstyling are all about experimenting, while considering aesthetics. Determine what is good for your clients. Not all hairstyles suit the facial shape of your customers, but perhaps with a touch of art and technical skill, you can still pull off the look they want. That’s why it’s important to enroll in a barber school Midvale like Collectiv Academy – you get taught these things by the best instructors and professional hairstylists.

Haircuts for Men in 2017

This year, the rave is all about wavy hairstyles. An attractive look now is the textured crop cut that suits men with thick hair strands. The hair is layered too, but the hair at the back is kept short.

Another trendy haircut is the short wavy hair, with the back and sides short, if not shaved. The “minimalist” look can be balanced by applying a styling gel on your customer’s hair.

The heavy crop is also getting a lot of attention now at runways. The emphasis is on the layered and wavy hair on top of a guy’s head. However, the hair should be styled with gel to keep it manageable and free of flyaway hair.

Watch out for the classic undercut, too, in which the sides are trimmed. The hair on top is a bit longer too compared to the short wavy hair. This is recommended for clients who prefer a more conservative style.

The slick back undercut, on the other hand, channels a bit of the 90s vibe. Your client’s hair should be long enough to be styled this way. To keep the hair textured, mousse or styling gel must be kept handy.

There are other haircuts and styles that teachers at the barber school Midvale would gladly share with you. The most important thing is that you are willing to go the extra mile and embrace the learning curve, however steep.

Transform your smile with a smile design makeover

Dental Procedures A smile design makeover is what dentists call improving the appearance of the teeth and smile through one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures, such as teeth whitening, dental veneers and composite bonding. The main difference between a smile design makeover and a full mouth reconstruction is that the former is something that you choose, whereas the latter is something that you need to have performed for health reasons.

If you opt for smile design at a specialised dental practice such as Simply Teeth in Essex, you dentist will take many factors into consideration in order to determine the right procedure or procedures for your individual needs. Some of these considerations include your facial structure, your skin tone, your hair colour and the shape and size of your teeth. More importantly, your dentist wants to know what you like or dislike about your teeth in order to help you achieve your ideal smile. A smile design makeover may include some of the following procedures:

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is a popular and cost-effective cosmetic dentistry treatment that lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discolouration. Professional teeth whitening can either be performed at the dental practice with the aid of laser technology or at home with custom-made bleaching gel and trays, under the supervision of your dentist.

Dental veneers

Veneers are thin, porcelain shells which are attached to the front of your teeth to cover up various cosmetic imperfections in your smile. They are custom-made and minimally invasive and are used to correct flaws in the colour, shape and size of your teeth. With porcelain veneers, your dentist can achieve permanent whitening, correct moderately misaligned teeth, close gaps between your teeth and restore damaged and worn tooth enamel.

Composite bonding

Bonding refers to the application of a tooth-coloured composite resin to repair decayed, chipped, fractured, discoloured teeth, to make teeth appear longer, to protect a tooth root that has been exposed because of gum recession, or as a cosmetic alternative to metal fillings. Bonding is a quick, cost-effective and minimally invasive dental procedure that can be performed in a single visit to your dentist.

A New Smile

Teeth WhiteningIn today’s society, the pressure to be beautiful is bigger than ever. Many people spend a lot of money on buying clothes that flatter them, skincare products, hair colouring and conditioning products, or on gym memberships to get into their best shape. But it is interesting that a lot of us ignore our smile, when it is often the first thing that people notice about us.

Do you long for a bright, white photo-ready smile? A glowing, healthy grin to flash at the world and make you feel happy and confident? Teeth whitening could be the answer you are looking for.

Your teeth can become discoloured for many reasons. Nature takes it course and the ageing process can cause discolouration no matter how well you look after your teeth. In some cases, having less than white teeth can be due to a hereditary condition, or due to an illness or disease. In many cases, it is due to daily habits that teeth become yellow or brown. The food we choose to eat, drinks such as coffee and red wine, or smoking can all create varying levels of discolouration over time.

If you do have discoloured teeth, teeth whitening is one option to consider. You should always choose a well-established dentist for this procedure, such as Denchic Dental Spa in North London.

Home Teeth Whitening

This option involves custom-fit lightweight plastic mouth trays for home use. These trays fit snugly over your teeth. Simply add the whitening gel inside the trays and wear it at night, or during the day for a few hours. After around two weeks, your teeth will look brighter and whiter.

Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening

If you want teeth whitening performed in your dental surgery, then Philips Zoom! could be just what you require for your new brighter smile. A protective barrier is placed on your gums and whitening gel is applied directly to your teeth. Unlike some other whitening systems, Philips Zoom! has adjustable intensity settings and can be customised to eliminate sensitivity to maximise your comfort. A UV lamp activates the bleaching process. This then produces visible results in just an hour.

What is Orthodontics?

Aligned TeethOrthodontics is the area of dentistry that focuses on the use of gentle pressure to align and straighten teeth.

Teeth can become crooked by habit, genetics, injury or even gum disease. But no matter how they became misaligned you should never be afraid to consult your dentist about possible orthodontic treatments. From a brace through to full appliances your dentist can offer both quality care and equipment to fit your needs.

Why do I need orthodontics?

Misaligned and crooked teeth can shake your confidence every time you smile.

Even worse teeth that aren’t where they should be can’t do the job they’re meant to be doing. In the long run, crooked teeth are subject to more damage which can only cause more health problems and expense. Getting orthodontic treatment is the way to stop problems before they escalate. There are many good dental practices that can give you information about braces in Stevenage.

It doesn’t just stop at your teeth either, an improper bite can add strain to your jaw muscles. In the worst cases abnormal teeth and jaw development can even affect the shape of the face.

Given all the problems that can occur without treatment it is a good idea to have a consultation with a dentist to see what can be done to fix problems before you suffer severe consequences. There are a significant number of treatments available including fixed braces, removable, functional and even headgear to make sure your teeth gently move into the right position.

What is the result?

Every time you look in the mirror you know your teeth are crooked. After our orthodontics treatment, you’ll look in that mirror and see a straight smile.

Better yet orthodontics can add years to the use of your own teeth. By putting your teeth back where they belong it will reduce the chances of long-term damage.

Properly aligned teeth are also easier to clean and can also reduce strain on your jaw muscles and joints.

What should I do next?

We all know from experience that getting ahead of a problem will help in the long run. It can also save you a lot of pain and a lot of money. Contact a dentist in your area for advice about orthodontics.

Sleep Problems: What’s Keeping You Up at Night?

Sleep ProblemThere are times when no matter what you do you just cannot fall asleep. You have tried every possible technique you know, but somehow your body has forgotten how to lie still. What was once a naturally occurring thing now becomes a fight with time as the hours pass by. This usually happens especially when you need lots of sleep for a big day tomorrow. So you are left there wondering if sleep will ever come before the sun rises on you.

Knowing what is preventing you from having a good night’s rest can help you put a stop to an unhealthy sleep cycle. Here are some things that might be getting in your way.

A Little Discomfort

With the temperature either being a little too high or low, it can really be hard to get some shut-eye. Anything that causes discomfort externally can keep you from getting the sleep you need. While the weather is not something you control, how you protect yourself from it is within your hands. Buy yourself queen size bamboo sheets and covers for that maximum comfort.

A Little Heavy in the Tummy

Eating comfort food at night might be a regular thing for you. Psychologically, you think it helps you relax and get you ready for sleep mode. What it really does is energize you depending on the type of foods you eat. Foods high in sugar can give you so much excess energy that your body will try to waste before letting you get some rest. Eating too much can also cause discomfort in the bed as it limits your sleeping positions. Keep midnight snacks at a minimum and avoid drinking so much water so you do not end up waking up in the middle of the night.

Sleep is out there for the taking. Just make sure your body is ready to accept it.

Modelling 101: Not ‘Cheese’, But ‘Smize’

Perfect Smile in Shrewsbury ShropshireIf you wish to be Britain’s next top model, it pays to take a leaf out of Tyra Banks’ book.

Tyra’s secret to a good photo is simple: smizing, otherwise known as smiling with both your mouth and your eyes — hence the term ‘smize’. The American’s Next Top Model host coined the popular term on one episode of her popular show. Since then, it has become a part of the modelling vocabulary.

Good teeth are essential for a good smize. As a result, most aspiring models visit nearby dental practices for help, according to Monkmoor Dental Practice. But just having a good set of pearly whites is not enough.

A good smize also requires necessary skills.

Remember to Relax

One of the primary culprits behind a stiff appearance in photographs is a stiff body pose due to anxiety. It is only natural to feel a little tense in front of the camera, but if you want a better smize, start relaxing.

Remove the tension from your body by practising breathing exercises. Also, shake your body around to loosen up; if you cannot do this due to makeup and clothing, at least wriggle and stretch as much as you can. Remember, you want a ‘Duchenne smile’ — a genuine smile that lights up the eyes. Relaxing keeps your happy place in command.

Prepare Your Eyes

Next, practice glamorous squinting using only the eye muscle. By using a mirror to practice, train your eyes not to stare. This shifts the temples back, which changes the expression and shape of your eyes. Instead, let your upper facial muscles move slightly as you position your gaze and refrain from moving them again.

Perfecting the Warm Smize

Once you have practised the various areas of your face, put everything together for a good smize. Always use a mirror first to see if you can achieve the look. Remember to squint a little, let the gaze seep in and focus on your chosen point. Do not think ‘cheese’ – think ‘smize’.

A perfect smize need not be difficult. With enough practice, you will charm not only the camera, but modelling agencies as well.