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After Brexit: London’s Future in Finance

Finance recruitment employee preparing for the future of financePreparing, planning, and weighing. These are the words used by London’s largest banks to describe the moving of jobs to the EU. London, even two months after the triggering of Article 50, and as the world‘s top financial centre, seems hard to leave behind in spite of how “hard” a Brexit it might be.

We will only see accurate numbers once the proper negotiations with the EU take shape.

Still top of the league

The UK’s nationality-blind regulatory system and independent court system are the key factors that have made London the financial centre of choice for the world’s biggest firms. And these key factors will not likely change.

The latest Global Financial Centres Index published in April noted that even in these “interesting times” namely Brexit and the US election, London and New York remain the top financial centres in the world. The closest rivals in the EU are far off: Luxembourg ranked at 18, Frankfurt at 23, and Paris ranked at 29.

While these cities are luring the big banks over, London’s finance recruitment firms and agencies are continuing to place new hires.

Fintech boost

London also has enormous potential to be the world’s Fintech capital. Despite Brexit, local firms like Barclays and others have been fuelling the progress. From May 2017, Barclays is developing Europe’s largest Fintech co-working space in London, which will hire more than 2,000 people over the next three years.

With the right infrastructure, Governor Mark Carney of the Bank of England is convinced Fintech could assist in encouraging growth and increase stability for the UK.

2 percent loss

The UK’s financial services employ 2.2 million people. And even if London‘s largest global banks do move about 9,000 jobs as planned, it will only account for 2 percent of the City’s finance jobs. These planned moves will happen over the period of two years.

There will also be options for Britons looking to work in the EU, with some British firms looking to open subsidiaries in the continent to stay close to their EU clients.

Things are taking time to take shape, but one thing is certain: trillions of global trade in Euros still takes place in London.

Project Management Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making

Project Managers Project managers function the same way as the CEO, only, they’re mainly responsible for ensuring their team delivers the project on time, and in the right manner. They need to constantly check on team members, remind stakeholders of their designations and deliverables, and manage roadblocks and crises. They must also know how to maximize available resources as well as use the right tools, such as cloud-based program management solutions. This way they can make sure that everything is in place for the next phase of their project and formulate a clear report.

Project managers play a critical role in company operations, and their plates are likely always full. For this same reason, they may not always be able to handle everything, no matter how experienced and skilled they are. If you are a project manager, be careful not to get caught in the following pitfalls:

  1. Letting communication take a backseat

Effective and constant communication lets you ensure that every member of your team is on the same page. To make the project go off without a hitch, you need to establish clear communication channels. Doing so will help prevent confusion, conflicts, and mistakes – it also lets you check if the team has any suggestions or feedback on how to better execute the project.

  1.  Skimping on project planning

With strict deadlines to meet, project managers might be tempted to skimp on project planning. This is not a good idea, however, as little to no minimal planning makes execution extremely difficult. In fact, according to author and motivational public speaker Brian Tracy, every minute spent on planning saves managers 10 minutes in execution.

Many professionals agree that the key to the success of a project lies in choosing the right project manager. On top of having the right people to work on the project, however, it also pays to communicate with the team, prepare a solid project management plan, and take advantage of an effective project management tool. Doing so can help you and the team execute tasks smoothly and within schedule.


The Significance of Entrepreneurial Mentorship Programs

Women mentoring her employeeIt takes the effort of a community for a startup to succeed. A business involves more than just its sellers and buyers. As a corporate individual or an entrepreneur, you will find yourself in a situation where you do not know what to do and yet you have to make a decision. Without savvy guides to walk with you every step of the way, you might make mistakes that could derail your business.

Why You Need to Join a Business Mentoring Program

Business mentoring programs enable all parties in business to acquire critical skills that are crucial to catapult the business to success.

Entrepreneur Simplified explains that there are various services provided to entrepreneurs to improve their business and investment related skills. All you need to do is sign up for a program of your choice. Some of the services you can apply for include:

  • Business retreats
  • Entrepreneurial classes and programs
  • Business management classes and programs
  • Employee mentorship program

All Aspects of Business Management

By signing up for business mentoring programs, you get yourself a chance to learn about all facets of occupational management. These include business plans, finance and capital, marketing and sales, business operations management, startup strategies, human resource management, and entrepreneurial skills.

Importance of Business Mentorship Programs

Business mentorship programs offer expert-level advice and mentorship. Besides serving you (the employer), they offer mentorship services to your employees as well. A mentored employee will be empowered and motivated, will be able to form stronger bonds with colleagues, and will show increased productivity. Other benefits you get include:

  • Increased self-confidence
  • Improved interpersonal skills
  • Improved networking
  • Better understanding of the company’s unspoken rules and organizational culture
  • Improved leadership skills
  • Empowered and rejuvenated employee

If you want to scale the heights of success in your business, you need the input of experts with the right experience. Business mentoring programs are indeed designed to impact you with knowledge and skills to help you build your company.

Why an Office Renovation May be More Cost Efficient Than You Think

Office Renovation

It takes a considerable sum to build a place of business, so you may be forgiven for forgoing a renovation for as long as you can. There is much to be gained from renovating your premises, though, and you may not know about them.

First, know that you can choose from different forms of renovation. Repainting the walls is one way to do it. You can also make some upgrades on the insulation and the heating and cooling system. The ladies’ and men’s room are always good sites for renovation, as they are heavily used and moisture is present. You can make some improvements on the floors, such as replacing a scratched up marble with hardwood, or by installing modern balustrades on stairs and mezzanines. Many Sydney companies can provide you with materials and the right contractor to pull whatever kind of renovation you plan.

Here are some benefits of renovation:

Renewed interest from clients

A renovation sends positive messages. For clients, it may mean that your company is doing well and is thus stable. This gives them more confidence in your brand. For younger customers, this may mean that you are in tune with the times. A renovated showroom, for example, shows modernity.

Savings on energy

Renovating your office building to improve insulation (using modern materials that were not available before) can help you save on energy costs in the long term. The same is true if you replace your ageing heating or cooling equipment, as well as your water heaters, with something more energy efficient.

Improved employee productivity

When you apply renovations that help employees, such as better working spaces, more natural lighting, and better access to nature, you may be helping them boost their productivity. Designs that inspire and make them proud of where they work also boost their morale. A more relaxing atmosphere is every employee’s dream, and a renovation can help you give them that.

There are benefits you can gain from renovations that far outweigh the cost, especially if you consider the long term. It’s a worthy investment that every business owner should include in their long-term plans.

Why You Should Support Local Small Businesses

Local Business “When in Rome,” they always say.

If you were to apply that to a local business today, doing as the locals do is one way to take advantage of certain benefits. There was a time when local businesses played second fiddle (by no small margin) to big box stores and more established brands in just about anything.

But now, the wind is blowing a different direction. Partly because of the efforts of search engines, online maps and business listings, local businesses are enjoying more recognition.

Here are a few reasons you should give the local businesses their due, wherever you are:

Supporting the community

Business and social relationships blossom when support for local outfits is strong. Play your part; feel and taste the local flavour. If you are in Cleveland, for instance, having lunch at Cleveland Sands Hotel is more reasonable than heading out somewhere else in Queensland. You get to taste the local cuisine and the place’s version of other fare, while at the same time supporting the local food sector.

Helping the environment

Pollution is partly the product of travel for the sake of reaching other businesses outside your area. By supporting what your location offers, you contribute to the reduction of pollution. Can you imagine all the pollution a city can avoid if all or at least a huge percentage of its population only buy local?

Helping improve service

Supporting local stores most of the time can lead to relationships with local business owners and employees. When a relationship is good, the service gets better. When you’re on a first-name relationship with a local deli owner, for example, there’s a good chance you’ll get only the best cuts.

Supporting entrepreneurship on a larger scale

It’s not the big box stores that turn the wheels of the economy; it’s more the small businesses all around the country. By buying and eating local, you help fuel the economy and support entrepreneurship in the country, not just your area.

Wherever you are, whether you live there or are just visiting, make it a point to support the local businesses. The benefits to you, to the community, and to the national economy are more than you probably imagined.

Online Business: The Secrets to Success

Running a Business OnlineRunning a business, whether online or offline is no easy feat. While there are many resources on how to successfully run a business, effective strategies are just starting to be known.

Here are some hacks you can use for your own business:

  1. Work On It Like You Would On an Offline Business

Whether you are starting your online business as a hobby, or as your source of income, treating it like as if you are running your own offline business would help. Turn your living room into your office. Have a deal with a reliable freight service provider to take care of your shipments and do not forget your receipts! By having an offline mindset for an online business, managing your daily activities would be easier.

  1. Identify Your Niche

Anyone around the world can buy anything online. But, having an established niche would mean an established group of customers. Establishment and credibility are both needed to keep your online business running.

  1. Make the Purchase Process Easy

Ditch the need to make an account. Make your shopping form as precise and brief as possible. Have different options of payment and do have a reliable delivery service. If you get frustrated in dealing with a complicated shopping site, then so would your customers.

  1. Ensure the Quality of Your Product

Ensure product quality to make your customers happy and to keep them coming back. Their reviews and experiences do matter as it can build (or destroy) your business. Like in offline business, prioritize your customers and enjoy reaping the fruits of excellent reviews.

Whether online of offline, the quality of your product and your customer service skills are two important determinants of the success of your business.

Advertising Balance: Choosing what Works

Graphic DesignerThere are many ways to advertise and promote your business, but you have to strike a balance among all of them so your advertising spend does not spiral out of control.

Here are some suggestions.

Maximize Visibility

To make sure your advertising efforts don’t go to waste, focus no visibility. Just because your competition is using a certain form of advertising doesn’t mean you should just go ahead and copy them. Instead, find out how effective these advertising tools have been for them. Then adjust your own advertising accordingly.

One way to find out how effective your own efforts are is to conduct a small survey about how each customer found out about you. A simple survey sheet with checkboxes should give you valuable information.

Use Professional Quality

There is a certain amount of appeal in homemade advertising, but people trust professional quality even today. The work of a professional in graphic design in Provo, for example, can be more effective than that of a kid with a computer at home. Experience and proven talent do play a part in making advertising material more reliable.

It isn’t just about the design; it is also about the material. Anyone with a little experience with graphic design can produce some passable work, but when it comes to printing that’s where quality once again comes into play. Top quality materials look better and last longer.

Know Your Niche

When you know your niche well, you already have an idea which advertising techniques and media work. That’s because you are more likely to spend your budget on what ads get more exposure to your niche than waste it in a more general way of trying to reach your market. For example, younger customers spend more time using the Web than watching TV, so it may be wiser to advertise on the online channels they visit than to buy ad spots on TV.

Focusing your advertising spend on channels and media that are proven to be more effective can help you generate more business, even with a tighter budget.

“Get Organised” Month: The Process of Decluttering Your Warehouse

Warehouse ManagementWith 2017 fast approaching, there is no better time to commit to organising business processes than January or “Get Organised” month. Those running a warehouse should take the opportunity to go through their inventory and take out all the clutter to improve operational efficiency. While it may seem tedious and daunting at first, as long as there is a clear and solid game plan, you’ll be clearing through all of your dead stock in no time.

Examine Your Warehouse Design

The trick to streamlining your warehouse layout is to re-evaluate its design every now and then. With the constant changes in supply and demand, you might need to change your layout to make sure you’re still using the right product flow.

Keep Commonly Used Items Together

Finding products can be time-consuming, so it’s best to have a logical and defined system in place. By keeping commonly used products in a single area, workers can easily access items in a shorter amount of time, thus speeding up operational processes.

Use Ergonomic Equipment

Using ergonomic equipment in the warehouse keeps employees happy and healthy, and this leads to higher productivity. For example, making use of a cantilever rack can put space consuming products such as steel and pipes together all in one shelf. Not only does it improve warehouse efficiency, but it also lowers the risk of injury from workers lifting heavy loads.

Utilise Vertical Space

Don’t block your aisles with boxes and pallets. The excess clutter is never helpful to business operations, so make sure you clear the aisles and stock products in the right places. Try making better use of space by stacking your items vertically — you’ll be surprised at how much warehouse space you’ll save!

You won’t have to worry about a disorganised warehouse as long as you start decluttering early. With the New Year and the “Get Organised” month ahead, there’s no better time to launch initiatives geared towards improving your business operation.

The HVAC Business Starter Kit: What Do You Need?

HVAC UnitsWhen you plan on starting an HVAC business, know that it is more than just contracting the right people and getting the right equipment. Running this type of company involves a lot of other factors, such as budget, work practices and customer service.

If you oversimplify the process, all your effort may go to waste.

An HVAC business is not just a two-step process. If you think you can handle it, that is good — but can you really handle it well?, a provider of quality HVAC supplies, recommends assessing your overall capabilities. In the end, you and your customers will benefit from it.

Kicking Off the Business

Do you know why you want to start an HVAC business? Before you go through the nitty-gritty factors of the business, it is essential to answer the ‘Why?’

Some contractors wish to be their own bosses, running the company by their rules. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be your own boss, but know this: being the top head comes with great freedom and even greater responsibility.

Do not be like those other start-ups building their business on a shaky foundation. Make your HVAC goals work with enough capital and business expertise. Keep in mind that an HVAC business is a complex operation that also requires a willingness to adapt.

Business Practices Matter

Once your business is up and running, implementing and maintaining quality business practices is the next hurdle. Granted, being a boss allows more flexible working schedules. The responsibilities, however, are all encompassing. You are the automatic jack of all trades; it is your responsibility to strike a balance between earning and serving the customers.

Lack of knowledge with the real cost of running the business is risky. Occasionally remember the goal: to create a business that works for you — not because of you.

Good Communication

As the head honcho of the business, the role of chief communicator also falls on your shoulders. It takes a team to successfully run an HVAC business; you owe it to your co-workers to show appreciation of their performance and point out areas for improvement. Establish good communication with the team to understand how teamwork impacts the business.

Are you starting an HVAC business? Take the advice seriously and see results soon.

The Importance of Safety, Protection and Swift Response in a Chemical Business

Safety Measures for the Chemical BusinessWhether you like it or not, chemicals are a part of modern living and it will be hard to do without them. True, some are dangerous and poisonous but they have their roles to play in manufacturing, fuel processes, technological advancements and even food processing. That said, the best way to make sure that they do minimal harm to the environment is to keep them controlled and contained properly.

Proper Handling and Storage

The first solution to an accident is to create conditions that will minimise the chances of it actually happening. Like in any business, you would first find ways of preserving, and storing your wares in a safe and secure environment. The same should be said of chemicals, oil and fuel products. Standards for maintaining their quality and protection must always be checked and supervised vigilantly. Prevention is always better than solutions, after all.

Heat and Fire Protection

All factories, storage facilities or transport that manufactures, stores and transfer chemicals are required by the government to have these features installed. Fire protection equipment and standards should be kept in place and regularly checked for efficiency. These measures for fire-prevention and safety should be monitored and practised regularly to be assured of the safety of your business, product, staff and the environs.

Spill Control Response

In the event of a spill or seepage, there should be a speedy emergency response in order to minimise the damage done to the surroundings, the staff and the equipment. These measures also allow time for the proper countermeasures to be applied, along with larger scale rescue and response operations if they are still necessary after the initial upshot. Spill control kits and material such as bunding and absorbents are vital in containing and managing the incident's effects.

Losing thousands of dollars due to an incident is one thing, losing even more for cleaning up the damage is another. Keeping your product in a controlled, safe and secure area guarantees you a good reputation, better service and less expenditure. And swiftly responding to any possible incident can save your company even more.