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Keep Your Car Looking Brand New!

Polished orange carYou have had your car in Mesa, AZ for several years and up to now, nothing terrible has happened to its paint job. Of course, you’d like to keep it that way.

Taking care of the paint job keeps your car looking good and brand new. You’d hate it if some careless guy scratches the paint on your vehicle. To prevent this from happening, you might want to have clear bra applied to your car.

Benefits of Using Bra

Clear bra is a protection film applied to the paint on your car. It acts like the car’s outer skin layer. Applying clear bra benefits your car in many ways. Using it prevents things like small rocks and dust from chipping the paint of your car.

Because of this, the metal beneath the paint is protected against rust, which would gradually make your car look old. Using bra is economical since it’s cheaper to replace it than the paint job of your car.

Maintaining the Bra

Once the clear bra is placed in your car, you have to maintain it. Do that by not washing your car for two weeks after the bra is applied, according to Skip Chips. Before you start washing your car, make sure that the bra is sealed and waxed to keep it from peeling off. When cleaning your car, avoid using rough and dyed materials as these can scratch the surface of the bra. Don’t let water spots get on the film, as well, as these can spoil the look of your vehicle.

With a clear bra on your car, you can drive safely through any road and in any condition without having to worry about something bad happening to your car paint. Your car will continue to look good for many years.

Why You need to Install a Tow Bar To Your Car

man with towing cableOwning a car is great because it allows you a lot of mobility. If you are a person who loves the outdoors, finding space for your camping gear or bicycles would be an issue with a car. How do you fit all that gear? Tow Mart suggests that a good solution for this would be a tow bar.

A tow bar is an attachment you install at the back of the car which enables you to connect and tow caravans or trailers. With this, you can carry more items on your journey.  Some tow bars even come with tow bar lights in the kit.

Aside from connecting to another vehicle, there are more benefits to installing a tow bar. Here are three benefits of installing a tow bar to your car:

1. Saves money

Shifting house is a big task in itself. What happens when you have to go back and forth moving things? What if you need to shift to a new location far away? Having a tow bar allows you to add a trailer which you can load up with all your stuff and get the job done. Plus, this saves you money from having to pay for moving professionals.

2. Added space

Going for a cross-country holiday with your family or friends is an exciting event. Fitting all that luggage and people into one car might pose a problem.  With a tow bar installed, you can connect your car to a caravan and be on your way. You now have space for extra beds, camping gears, or even hiking equipment. Then upon arrival, you can unload and start enjoying your trip.

3. Peace of mind

Loving the outdoors also means being able to take off when you feel the need to do it. With a proper tow bar installed, you can connect your vehicle to a trailer or caravan and start your journey. This gives you peace of mind knowing that your car is travel ready anytime.  Before you know it, you will be on your way.

More than a simple attachment, adding a tow bar to your car gives you peace of mind. It is nice to know that you have everything you need for an enjoyable trip.

A Short Tribute to the 80s Ford Mustang

Beautiful mustangThe 1980s Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic car models of our time, lauded for its innovative design and speed. Widely marketed as a sports automobile, it has long stayed in the hearts of the public as it continues to be one of the most well-recognized cars coursing the country’s highways and thoroughfares.

It is so popular, car parts vendor Anderson Ford Motorsport has a steady market of customers looking for ‘86 to ’93 Mustang parts.

The Ford Mustang III, in fact, had sold 2.6 million units since its initial release. Let us take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the old Ford Mustang models that were wildly popular back in the day.

Mustang GT

The Mustang GT made a major comeback in the 1980s after put on pause for 13 years. Ford announced the comeback in a big way, with an ad headline that screamed, “The Boss Is Back” during the 1982 re-launch of the popular muscle car.

Although lacking in horsepower at just 150, the car subsequently had upgrades with the addition of a four-barrel carburetor.

Mustang SVO

The mid-1980s was a lackluster time for Mustang, as sales for Ford’s Fox-body Mustangs declined. Ford wanted to retire the line, prompting Ford’s Special Operations team to step up. By 1984, the limited-edition Mustang SVO finally entered the market and was in production until 1986.

The car ran on a 175-horsepower engine and performed better than the competition, such as the Toyota Supra, the Porsche 924, and the Nissan 280ZX, the website reported.

Mustang SVT Cobra

The year 1987 saw a Mustang that was different in appearance altogether. The new muscle car possessed an aerodynamic design that was decidedly sporty. It also ran on a 5.0-liter V-8 engine that could generate up to 225 horsepower.

Ford’s Special Vehicle Team came up with a special edition of this car, which ran on 235 horsepower and put out 280 foot-pounds of torque.

There you have it. This is but a short tribute to the muscle car that has bedazzled millions. If you have one, consider all of these while you take your Mustang for a spin.

Second-hand Car Purchasing Tips

Buying used carBuying a car need not be the reason why you are drowning in debt. But, you should not deprive yourself of life’s comforts as well. Luckily, there are such thing as used cars which you can buy and use without busting your life savings.

Before you purchase from a private seller or a dealer in Auckland like Auckland Motors, here are some things you need to take note of when buying used cars.


Tips for buying used cars 

 1. Have a budget


Have a realistic budget and stick to it. Avoid impulse buying by reminding yourself on why you want to have that type of car in the first place. Your budget should include not just the initial purchase amount but also expenses you would need for repairs and maintenance.


2. Check the mileage


The first thing you should check when buying used cars is their mileage. Vehicles start to wear out at 60,000-70,000km. Therefore, anything beyond 100,000km should not be considered as it would cost you a lot of repair and maintenance.


3. Research the vehicle


Know as much information as you can about the vehicle you are going to buy. That way, you would know what to expect when you take it for a test run as well as have an idea on how to maintain it.


4. Inspect


Once you get it for a test run, inspect the vehicle inside and out. Check its engine and get a hold of its maintenance records to see whether there are things you need to expect and be worried about as the potential new owner. Then check on the exteriors and its overall appearance.


5. Know when to walk away


If the deal is too good to be true, chances are, it is. When this happens, learn how to walk away find another one.


A lot of people are afraid to buy used cars for fear of getting scammed. However, with proper research and evaluation, you would be able to land a suitable deal.  

Increase Efficiency with Auto Lifts

Auto lifts help auto mechanics lift the vehicles for professional or commercial purposes. The modern auto lifts are more advanced and can Auto Lift help save time, increase efficiency, save resources, and reduce waste. Qualified technicians know how to use this technology wisely and optimize its benefits.

Innovative technology

JMC Equipment agrees that auto lifts today are made using creative and innovative technology. There are several companies offering efficient auto lifts made of sturdy materials. These companies also offer installation, repair, and maintenance services. With these technologically advanced auto lifts, the auto dealers are able to improve check-ins and boost the performance of their mechanics.

For maximum benefits, the dealers complement this type of technology with other advisory tools of similar caliber.

Eco-friendly Materials

The auto lifts offered today are made of materials that are eco-friendly and can operate with the aid of non-hazardous oils. The lifts help in the optimization of car storage without harming the environment. As these lifts are efficient, the technicians are able to diagnose the problems and find solutions quickly.

There are many brands and types of auto lift available today. Depending on your needs and the size or shape of your vehicle or garage, you may buy a 2 post lift, a 4 post lift, or any other type.

Affordable Repairs

These auto lifts have made car repairs more affordable today. The growing trend among car owners is to have their cars repaired whenever there is a problem. In the past, the owners preferred to trade in their cars when they developed any problem.

Today, the scene is different. People have realized that if they visit a dealership, which has the latest auto lifts, the service will be efficient and less expensive. Consequently, car owners are able to use their cars for a longer period as they are maintaining the vehicle well and getting repairs promptly.

With different types of efficient car lifts available, customers are able to get more value for money, along with a host of other benefits. Choose a lift that suits your needs and have it installed by a pro to ensure maximum reliability and performance.

4 Ways to Make the Most Out of Buying Cars from Dealerships

Man and woman buying a carWhen buying a car in Northern Michigan, doing thorough prior research is important. Whether you have your eyes fixed on a GMC, a Buick or an Audi model, knowing the latest features and deals will help you part more willingly with your hard-earned cash.

If you are planning to buy a used vehicle, you can get a good deal on it, provided you do deeper research than you would a brand new car you want. Buying from Northern Michigan car dealers has a number of advantages, but you must know how to speak to the sales staff in a language that could get you a smart deal. You must also have an extensive knowledge of the cars prior to visiting the lot. Below are the things you need to do strictly before buying from the local car dealership:


When you initially go to the car dealership, you must not expect to make a purchase immediately. Tell the dealer you are there to browse – which should be the first thing you do. This is assuming that you have read and browsed enough online about the car model you prefer, and that you’ve seen the reviews and other news articles about that car’s performance.

Learn the Details

Do not allow the sales guy to talk you into something you are not really interested in or you’re not comfortable with. Remember that you are not forced to purchase anything. Feel free to check out different brands, models and prices of cars you like. Ask as many questions you want to know every detail about your target vehicle. Take some notes, and then do your own research based on this new knowledge that you’ve gathered.

Compare Prices

Once you have a pretty good idea of the amount certain cars are going for at the lot, do an online search for similar used vehicles and compare them. Numerous car dealerships have online inventories and online sales teams. If you don’t see right away what you’re looking for, you may request for several quotations from different dealerships or from the one dealer you visited (if you’re comparing models). You don’t have to settle for the quoted price, but you can use the lowest quote to negotiate your prices with other dealerships.

Test Drive before Buying

When you have decided on which dealer you will purchase your car from, schedule all the cars you target for test drives. It’s essential that you don’t give the sales staff the impression that you are already committed to buying any of the cars you are test driving. Do that when you are 100% certain of your choice.

Cars are quite an investment, and thus you need to be sure of what you’re getting yourself into when making that major car purchase. Spend your money on a vehicle – and dealer – you are most comfortable with. Exorbitant prices, less flexible terms, and pushy salespeople should not force you into a purchase you will regret someday. These four tips will help you get the car and price you want.

Top 3 Basic Vehicle and Heavy Equipment Maintenance For Beginners

Mining Machinery in a Vehicle WorkshopCar and heavy equipment maintenance sounds like a completely new concept to most people. Whilst most of us own and have driven cars before, it is surprising that not many know how to take proper care of them.

You do not have to be an expert to know a thing or two about your vehicle, you only need to learn the basics. Here are a few maintenance tips that even the most clueless of pedestrians can follow.

Check the Manual

Your car or heavy equipment has a manual and in it, you can find a maintenance schedule. So take it out, post it on the fridge door or write it on your calendar or planner. If you do not know which fluids to replace or how often you should have your machine, stick to the manual. You can never go wrong.

Routine Maintenance

Now that you have those things down pat, do not forget other simple care tips. Whilst you are at the shop, make it a habit to do these three things: clean your windshield; check your tyre pressure; and check your oil. Hamilton has plenty of shops that you can choose from.

Cleaning your windshield should be a no-brainer. The tyre pressure check takes a little practice but if you are at the shop, you can have all the help you need and the equipment to do it as well. Get wheel alignment service, as well. Checking oil levels and topping off if needed is likewise a good idea.

For heavy equipment, Tyre Tracks recommends keeping the tracks in good condition to ensure optimum performance. On-site inspection and maintenance services are likewise available throughout New Zealand.

Keep it Clean

Wash your vehicle or equipment regularly. If you have a vacuum cleaner, clean the interior as well. Get rid of the trash piled up inside, dust the seat covers, wipe the windows and wax your hood. Cleaning does not necessarily need expertise, and you can save a few hundred bucks a year if you do it yourself.

Vehicle and heavy equipment maintenance should be a priority. You will be surprised at how long your machine can last with just a little effort from your side.

Reasons to Love the 3rd Generation Mustang

Red beautiful MustangThe third-generation Mustang launched into the market in 1978 and production went on until 1993. But despite releasing new models, it seems that the Fox-body, as it is popularly known, continues to capture the affection of car enthusiasts, who love a sporty car that is laid-back and classy at the same time.

This is where car parts vendor Anderson Ford Motorsport finds the market for its Mustang GT, LX, or Cobra products, among muscle car aficionados, especially when one is looking for hard-to-find 1993 Mustang parts.

Here are the top reasons why the third-generation Mustang is an awesome car:

The Ford Mustang III got swag

It does not matter what you do with your third-generation Ford Mustang or where you go with it: You can bring it to work, the supermarket, the drive-in movie theater, or use it to pick up your mom or toddler, and you would still look like the coolest person in town.

Celebrities love it

From Conan O’Brien to Nick Jonas, the third-generation Ford Mustang is a classic automobile that attracts adoration by the country’s stars. Nick Jonas drives a Classic Ford Mustang Cobra, while Conan owns several Mustangs, including the Ford Taurus SHO, first launched in 1988.

Eminem drives a 1999 Ford Mustang convertible. Carrie Underwood, meanwhile, drives a blue Mustang, adding to the long list of celebrities who are big fans of the iconic car line.

Optimized for speed racing

The 1980s saw the Mustang becoming a staple in motorsports, propelled to fame in the late 1960s by its appearance in the Steve McQueen film, “Bullitt,” and its participation in the Trans-Am Racing.

Its revamped lightweight design and torque helped a lot, which are apparent in the SVO and SVT (Special Vehicle Team) models in the early to late 1980s. The SVT F-150 Lightning, for instance, runs on a 240-horsepower and 5.8-liter engine, which is a very powerful engine, if you think about it.

Do you now feel that inexplicable urge to own a Ford Mustang III? Well, if you read the article then it becomes evident why.

Car Insurance Policy

North Carolina Rate Bureau Seeks Higher Car Insurance Rates

Car Insurance PolicyThe North Carolina Rate Bureau (NCRB) seeks a higher car insurance rate in the state, which may lead to an almost 14% increase by the end of 2017.

NCRB acts as the industry representative of all insurance companies operating in North Carolina. Its proposal may cover your next purchase of a new or used car for sale in Raleigh, Durham, Charlotte and other cities.

Although some motorists in the state believe that a double-digit increase appears to be an unattractive option, the bureau justified the plan with several factors.

Increasing Incidents

The proposed hike in car insurance rates partly stems from more drivers being involved in road accidents, according to an NCRB spokesperson. In 2015, road fatalities in North Carolina rose to 8.1% over the years, while injuries and reported vehicle crashes increased 11.8% and 11.1%, respectively.

State officials are negotiating with the NCRB to reach a settlement on the matter. In case discussions don’t succeed, a hearing will be required to address the rate filing, according to the state department of insurance.

State Deliberation

North Carolina’s regulators will need to decide within 60 days whether or not to approve the proposal. An approved rate increase is expected to be effective on Oct. 1. The last time a proposed increase gained approval took place in 2011 and 2002.

Some of the reasons that may have led the NCRB to seek higher insurance rates also included higher costs for insurance companies attributable to more expensive repairs for modern vehicles.

The chances of an increase in the insurance rate for cars in North Carolina remain uncertain, as there hasn’t been a rate hike for more than a decade. However, that’s not to say it will be rejected especially since certain policy changes by the North Carolina Insurance Commission may take place under Mike Causey’s leadership.

Abrasive Blasting at a Glance: Common Media and Uses

Abrasive Blasting EquipmentAbrasive blasting, also known as sandblasting and grit blasting, is an extremely useful method of cleaning different surfaces. Its use is not limited to cleaning, however, as it is also applied to artistic purposes, such as in the making of signage with glass, lumber or stone.

A sandblaster in NZ like Euro-Blast NZ Ltd typically uses these tools or equipment: an air compressor, nozzles and the media that makes sandblasting possible. Although it is still largely referred to as sandblasting, there are different media other than sand.

These are some of the most commonly used abrasives for blasting purposes:

  • aluminium oxide
  • aluminium shot
  • glass beads
  • crushed glass
  • corn cob
  • chilled iron grit
  • coal slag
  • steel grit
  • garnet
  • plastic media
  • dry ice
  • nickel slag
  • walnut shells (typically used to prevent damaging the underlying material, as fruit kernels and nut shells are softer alternatives)
  • silica sand (not allowed in some countries)
  • cut wire
  • corn starch and wheat starch
  • sodium bicarbonate
  • steel shot
  • stainless steel shot
  • copper shot
  • zinc shot

As for the different applications of sandblasting or abrasive blasting, here are some examples:

  • Pre-treatment used before paint spraying, coating and electroplating, among others. The blasting effectively cleans the surface for maximum adhesion and to prevent corrosion.
  • Restoring paint grain pattern.
  • Removing the residue or dirt after welding and similar heat treatments. Abrasive blasting can even remove tiny burrs for precision cleaning requirements.
  • Eliminating corrosion on metals. This is commonly done at auto shops that perform repainting.
  • Reducing or eliminating stress and enhancing metal surface hardness.
  • Carving patterns on different types of material, from metals to stone to lumber.
  • Applying effects or marks on jeans.
  • Stone markings, such as those found on graphite and marble headstones.

In some instances, especially when a coarse material is used for blasting, you may witness sparks or light upon impact. The colour and size of the sparks may give you an idea what media is used. Steel shot usually gives off bright orange sparks and garnet results in a faint blue glow.