Analysis Ranks Vermont As The Safest State In 2018

Minnesota skyline at twilight

Minnesota skyline at twilightVermont ranked as the safest place in the U.S. for 2018 based on five aspects, according to an analysis of all states in the country.

The study determines the rankings by scoring the state’s safety on personal and residential, financial, workplace, road traffic and emergency-preparedness levels. Maine, Minnesota, Utah and New Hampshire completed the top five.

High Security

Except for workplace safety, Vermont ranked on the top 10 for the four categories from the analysis. The state had a relatively low crime rate since it has the second best level of personal and residential safety. Connecticut ranked on top of that category. If you live in Utah, a personal injury attorney in Provo or Salt Lake City such as Matthew Jube, Attorney at Law may be necessary more than you know.

That’s because the state ranked on the 21st spot based on a personal and residential safety level. The state ranked on the top 10 for the other categories. Its low level of security for communities likely stem from an uneven ratio between law enforces and the population size.

Least Safe Places

South Carolina is the most dangerous place for motorists, as it has the most number of road fatalities per 100 million miles of travel, according to the analysis. On the other hand, Alaska has the most number of assaults per person. In terms of job security, the state also has the highest unemployment rate.

Overall, Mississippi ranked as the least safe state in the country due to its low scores on the five categories. The state has the lowest score based on emergency preparedness, while also landing on the 48th spot for financial and workplace safety.


The analysis should only serve as a partial insight into the safety condition of each state, so you shouldn’t just pack up and move to Vermont to feel safer. Which state do you think should be on top of the rankings?