Aboveground Storage Tanks: Choosing the Right One

Oil spillEven a liter of an oil spill in anybody of water is enough to destroy natural resources. A few spills on land, on the other hand, can cause potential hazards to communities and people surrounding the area. The point is fuel spills — whether on land or in water — is dangerous and should be avoided at all cost.

One of the most effective ways to do so is choosing the right aboveground storage tanks to contain these liquid chemicals. While it seems overwhelming, Heartland Tank Services noted that choosing the right tank won’t be that challenging with all the various models available in the market. Keeping these things in mind can also help you choose:

Size and shape

Aboveground storage tanks come in different shapes and sizes. To know how big and what shape is right for you, have a plan and know where you will install the tank. Doing so can help you decide the size and shape accurately when it’s time to decide.


Two of the most common materials used for aboveground fuel storage tanks are steel and fiberglass. Both can hold fuel tightly to promote safety and prevent leaks. There might be some differences between them, but they’re known to be of the most reliable for storage tanks in the market.


As mentioned, leaks can lead to hazards and unfortunate instances. Therefore, safety should be a priority when choosing aboveground storage tanks. These should have safety features not only to keep fuel safely, but also the people operating and maintaining the tank.


Choose a contractor and a brand that can offer reliable quality tanks as well as reliable and immediate services during emergency situations.

Considering these things when choosing your aboveground storage tanks is necessary. Never compromise on the quality of your tanks so as not to put your safety at risk.