A Short Tribute to the 80s Ford Mustang

Beautiful mustangThe 1980s Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic car models of our time, lauded for its innovative design and speed. Widely marketed as a sports automobile, it has long stayed in the hearts of the public as it continues to be one of the most well-recognized cars coursing the country’s highways and thoroughfares.

It is so popular, car parts vendor Anderson Ford Motorsport has a steady market of customers looking for ‘86 to ’93 Mustang parts.

The Ford Mustang III, in fact, had sold 2.6 million units since its initial release. Let us take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the old Ford Mustang models that were wildly popular back in the day.

Mustang GT

The Mustang GT made a major comeback in the 1980s after put on pause for 13 years. Ford announced the comeback in a big way, with an ad headline that screamed, “The Boss Is Back” during the 1982 re-launch of the popular muscle car.

Although lacking in horsepower at just 150, the car subsequently had upgrades with the addition of a four-barrel carburetor.

Mustang SVO

The mid-1980s was a lackluster time for Mustang, as sales for Ford’s Fox-body Mustangs declined. Ford wanted to retire the line, prompting Ford’s Special Operations team to step up. By 1984, the limited-edition Mustang SVO finally entered the market and was in production until 1986.

The car ran on a 175-horsepower engine and performed better than the competition, such as the Toyota Supra, the Porsche 924, and the Nissan 280ZX, the website reported.

Mustang SVT Cobra

The year 1987 saw a Mustang that was different in appearance altogether. The new muscle car possessed an aerodynamic design that was decidedly sporty. It also ran on a 5.0-liter V-8 engine that could generate up to 225 horsepower.

Ford’s Special Vehicle Team came up with a special edition of this car, which ran on 235 horsepower and put out 280 foot-pounds of torque.

There you have it. This is but a short tribute to the muscle car that has bedazzled millions. If you have one, consider all of these while you take your Mustang for a spin.