3 Things to Get Rid of before Moving

Couple packing home items

http://www.bead-trader.comA move is always chaotic, and full-service long-distance packing and moving companies can only do so much to help. You need to help yourself first. How? Getting rid of the things you do not need now is the surest way to go. Not to mention, the savings you will have for not needing to move these things that you will throw anyway. So, come up with a list of what to bring with you and what to throw.

Old Towels and Linens

Towels and linens that show noticeable wear and tear must be discarded and replaced with something new. You may use them as rags because you will need of them during the moving day, that is, if upcycling them is not possible. And no, you cannot donate these items.

Old Clothes

When digging through the closets, decide which ones to keep, toss, and donate. Old clothes that you or your kids will never use again are just taking up closet space. It is either you sell them through a garage sale to earn extra cash or donate them at the local charity.

Used Beauty Products

Cosmetics expire, and once you have opened a bottle of mascara, for instance, you need to consume it in as little as three months. Ditch half-used lipsticks, foundations, sunscreens, nail polishes, etc. They may not be able to tolerate the long haul travel anyhow.

If you are moving locally (within 100 miles), the mover may charge an hourly rate. It will be, of course, more expensive. Hiring a full-service company may mean longer hours of sifting through and packing your things. Do yourself a favor by getting rid of these things at least two weeks before the actual moving day.