3 Seemingly Harmless Activities That Can Actually Damage Your Water Drains

Drain in the sinkAt home, there are some unsung heroes that need to be recognized. Among them is the water drain—yes, the water drain! Without it, your bathroom and kitchen will surely be dirty and unhygienic. They are the willing transporters of your home’s refuses.

While they are built to withstand a lot of things, that does not mean they do not suffer from damage. There are seemingly harmless things and activities that actually cause damage to your drains. In fact, as All Hours Plumbing and Drain Cleaning explains, these damages may even require high-pressure water drain cleaners in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind to avoid bad habits that affect your drains.


Putting bacon grease into your drain may seem like a normal activity, but it actually has a negative effect on your plumbing system. The grease can harden, especially during cold weather. When it does, it will clog your drain. On the other hand, it may line the walls of the drain and make the passage tight for the water to pass.

Your “Biodegradable” Food Refuses

How many times have you actually thrown fruit peelings and vegetable cutouts into the drain? You may think that they get carried away, but they become obstructions. The flour, the egg shells, and the meat trimmings actually have the same effect.

DIY Attempts

At some point, your plumbing has been damaged. You might have thought that you can save money on repairs by doing the fix on your own. But in reality, it can only cause further damage. Of course, further damage means more expensive fixes.

It is time to change your habits if you want your drains to last a long time. More importantly, you need to fix any problem as soon as possible by working with a reliable solutions provider.