3-Point Guide to Cleaning Your Boat Cover

Boats with Cover in Pier

Boats with Cover in PierInvesting your money in a quality boat cover is one thing; taking care of it is another. When a boat cover is taken care of, it doesn’t just secure your boat but also enhances the overall appearance of your vessel. One primary method of caring for your boat cover is occasional cleaning. Here’s a guide you may follow:

1. Wipe Off Dust and Debris

Start by undoing the tracker marine boat cover from the boat. Spread it out, so the top surface is well stretched. Wipe off the dust gently using a soft brush or broom. If you have a vacuum cleaner, the better since it’s more effective and doesn’t interfere with the strength of the fabric. Do the same repeatedly until the dirt is eliminated.

2. Wash It with Water and Soap

Having removed all the dust and dirt, get some lukewarm water, and mix it with mild soap. Using a bristle brush, apply the mixture on your boat cover and gently scrub it, leaving no stain and spot undone. After that, rinse it with water until it’s sparkling clean.

3. Air-dry It

If you want your boat cover to last you longer, avoid drying it near a heat source. Heat disentangles the fabric, loosening it, which, in turn, shortens its life. Also, avoid prolonged exposure to sun rays since ultraviolet rays can cause bleaching to the color of your cover. Don’t store it until it’s completely dry. And store it in a moisture-free room to prevent mold and mildew buildup.

Boat cover care doesn’t mean you have to call experts now and then. Avoid some maintenance costs by doing simple DIYs such as occasional cleaning, and you’ll save thousands of dollars that would otherwise end up in repairs.