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Accident at work

Compensation for Injury at Work

Accident at workEmployers have to make sure that the working environment is as reasonably safe as they can make it. Adherence to health and safety laws creates a healthy workplace. In the absence of a safe work environment, accidents can happen. Here’s where accident lawyers can help.

Even in an era of stringent safety, accidents are inevitable. Slip and fall accidents, repetitive strain injuries, machinery accidents, and exposure to excessive noise or toxic fumes have all occurred at business premises that failed to pay attention to health and safety regulations.

Claiming after injury

If the worker has reported his or her injury within 180 days of its occurrence (preferably sooner), he/she is entitled to compensation.  The injured person also needs to claim any medical expenses within a year and has up to six years to claim disability.

Compensation is provided through workers’ benefits, but if this is denied, workers may seek the services of a work injury attorney in Murray.

Benefits for injured workers

Benefits available to workers through their employer include:

Medical – All medical expenses incurred because of the injury are paid for, subject to acceptance by the insurance company.

Occupational Rehabilitation – Workers compensation includes a return to work program. It includes an assessment of the circumstances and support for the worker’s recovery. It aims to help the worker find employment again, either with the same employer or a new one.

DisabilityFinancial compensation is awarded to the claimant if the accident resulted in a temporary disability that limits his/her ability to work, or permanent disability that renders him/her unable to work at all.

Death – Should the worst happen, the worker’s dependents can claim up to $9,000 in funeral expenses.

Applying for benefits and waiting for an answer from the insurance company can take time and is often fraught with red tape. If claims are denied or reduced, an attorney can negotiate with the insurance company or ask for a compensation hearing on the worker’s behalf.

If you have been injured at work and aren’t getting the benefits you deserve, hiring a work accident attorney will greatly improve your chances of making a successful claim.