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Teen Gift Guide: Best Birthday Gifts for Teens

Gift boxesGiving a gift to your teen can be challenging, especially now that they are at their phase where they know what they want. But all you need to give them is something that is useful and impress them.

Teens are transitioning to adulthood, so they will surely opt for practical and long-term gifts. If you are having troubles with it, the fact that you are not the only one may comfort you. But you know what is more comforting? This guide, as it will give you a rundown of gifts that your teenaged son or daughter may like. Read on to learn more:

Things that satisfy their need for independence

Teens crave independence, so if your budget permits, you can get them their own car (a secondhand unit will do). If you’re also looking to have a long-term investment, you may get a contractor to build a teenage retreat.

Things for their studies

Your teens will surely ask for something that will aid them in their studies. You may choose to buy them a brand new laptop or a gadget they can use anywhere. If they are more than practical, give them the book that they usually borrow from the library. If your kid is quite a museum junkie or conference fanatic, a ticket to the museums or TED Talk, is something you may want to consider.

Things for their interests

Got a teen who loves music? A premium Spotify or Pandora subscription may make them happy. If they play instruments, you can give them a brand new instrument or a tool that helps them improve their play. For outdoor-type kids, a brand new tent or a waterproof Bluetooth speaker may come in handy.

These are just some of the things you may consider gifting your teen. If you still have no idea, you can ask them about their interests or observe their activities — just be subtle about it!