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Going on a Trip? Here Are Tips for DIY Jewelry Storage

Jewelry in a storage box A fashion statement can never be complete without those little accessories. When it comes to your OOTD, the cost does not matter may it be a pricey or one from retail jewelers like AAA Jewelers.

Utah local artist Jodi McRaney-Rusho has even produced jewelry from old colored bottles, and they are amazing!

Fancy or not, a good organizing is still all you need to keep them intact, especially if you are going on a trip. Here are ways to store jewelry.

Plastic Straws

A tangled necklace is the least you would want for on-the-go travel. A simple hack yet still storage savvy way is by using a plastic drinking straw. Insert half of the necklace into the straw and lock it up the usual way.

The firm plastic line of the straw will keep it in place. You can then simply toss it inside your pouch.


A royal pain and hassle when traveling are missing one in a pair of earrings. At times, you cannot just get over with losing the one thing that might complete your OOTD. One solution is utilizing buttons. An excellent way to organize your earrings in pairs and the bulkier button will be easy to find inside a bigger pouch.

Jewelry Roll

An all-in-one jewelry storage is a good way to keep them intact and organized. This is a smart idea, and you can easily buy them. But you can also DIY the whole thing. From studs to dangling earrings to necklaces and bangles, this stylish and functional way to pack and carry your jewelry is all you need.

Plastic Wrap

An easy way of carrying a clutter free jewelry is using a simple kitchen tool, a plastic wrap. Lay all the jewelry on a single sheet of plastic wrap then cover it with another layer. This thin film will stick together creating a tight vacuum seal that will keep the jewelry in place.

You can then just fold them and tuck it in a bag pocket.

That is it! Remember these tips when going on a long journey with high prospects of OOTD opportunities and selfies!

Karate Kids

Fun and Useful Activities for Kids on School Breaks

Karate KidsKids feel stressed with schoolwork, just like how moms (or dads) feel stressed with household chores. You cannot blame them since school holidays are the only time they could enjoy other things they love. As school break means weeks of free time, why not do your part and think of fun activities for them?

The introduction of smartphones, tablets, and other high-end devices helped improved the gaming experience. Today, even a toddler can operate a tablet, play their favorite game, and be hooked for hours. The television, with the availability of other entertainment channels, can divert a child’s attention from doing things that are more useful.

School breaks are supposed to be fun, but it would benefit your child more if they do something that is also productive. Here are some enjoyable yet useful activities that kids can do on school holidays:

Attend Free Workshops

Look for free workshops, especially those offered only on school breaks so your kids can continue the following break. You may be lucky enough if there’s one near your home. Apart from not paying fees, you wouldn’t also have to spend a penny on transportation. Your child would sure learn something from these workshops without breaking your budget.

Go the Extra Mile with Paid Workshops

Paid workshops provide a more systematic and focused form of learning based on a sole skill or concept. If you are willing to spend some bucks, your child could learn to play music instruments, dance, act, cook, and swim in just weeks. Taekwondo and karate lessons for kids are also becoming popular short programs during school vacations.

Do Activities Together

Make the most of your kid’s holidays and turn them into a bonding moment. Spend time with them, as you enroll them in a cooking or gardening class. If it’s summer, the beach is a nice place to visit together, or both of you can just stay home and try these fun water games. If it’s chilly, then it’s a good time to work on that tree and its personalized decors.


School breaks can also be the time to get rid of clutter in your kid’s room. Most children won’t agree and so you need to be good at convincing. How can you make them clean their room and get rid of their old stuff? Encourage donating some of their stuff to charity. Donating old toys, books, and clothes is not only popular during Christmas.

Parents can think of other activities for their children during vacations. When doing so, it pays to consider those that are not only fun, but also beneficial.

Control Your Heating Bills in Two Ways

Organizing the heating billMany homesteads struggle with runaway home heating bills not knowing they can take a few proactive measures to keep them in check. The article highlights some of the simplest ways to keep your heating bills low.

With their homes being the largest purchase many people will make in their lifetime, it then becomes of great importance to keep it in excellent shape. In most cases, people tend to build their homes to suit their particular needs. However, if you don’t have the budget to carry out an extensive remodeling, you can still create an ideal home environment and keep your bills low.

Keep it warm and cozy

The lasting thing you would want is to come home to a freezing house after a long day at work. Nevertheless, runaway heating bills might force your family to endure a few nights in the cold.

Despite the rising cost of gas, you can keep your utility bills in check. Airtime Heating & Cooling says that one of the easiest ways to do this is to ensure your air conditioning unit is in excellent condition. A quick call to a credible furnace repair service in Riverton can help keep your unit in working order. These experts will inspect the unit for damages, and carry out any repairs. Additionally, regular tune-ups keep it running smoothly.

Improve the home insulation

You can still keep your bills low by eliminating all heat loss avenues in the home. Spaces below the doors and windows allow the expensive hot air to escape from the home. Cold winds also blow into the home through such spaces. Your heating unit also works extra harder to maintain a constant temperature if your insulation is not working well.

This extra work causes the air conditioning unit to suffer higher wear and tear, which lowers the lifespan. Luckily, you can seal off such spaces with a door sweep or a threshold. You can also get handy with a bit of caulk and seal spaces under the windows. Wrapping the window panes in bubble wrap in winter is a good way to insulate the home.

With a bit of effort, you can create a cozy atmosphere in the home and keep your family warm during the winter. These useful pointers can help you lower your energy bills without breaking the bank.

A Short Tribute to the 80s Ford Mustang

Beautiful mustangThe 1980s Ford Mustang is one of the most iconic car models of our time, lauded for its innovative design and speed. Widely marketed as a sports automobile, it has long stayed in the hearts of the public as it continues to be one of the most well-recognized cars coursing the country’s highways and thoroughfares.

It is so popular, car parts vendor Anderson Ford Motorsport has a steady market of customers looking for ‘86 to ’93 Mustang parts.

The Ford Mustang III, in fact, had sold 2.6 million units since its initial release. Let us take a trip down memory lane and revisit some of the old Ford Mustang models that were wildly popular back in the day.

Mustang GT

The Mustang GT made a major comeback in the 1980s after put on pause for 13 years. Ford announced the comeback in a big way, with an ad headline that screamed, “The Boss Is Back” during the 1982 re-launch of the popular muscle car.

Although lacking in horsepower at just 150, the car subsequently had upgrades with the addition of a four-barrel carburetor.

Mustang SVO

The mid-1980s was a lackluster time for Mustang, as sales for Ford’s Fox-body Mustangs declined. Ford wanted to retire the line, prompting Ford’s Special Operations team to step up. By 1984, the limited-edition Mustang SVO finally entered the market and was in production until 1986.

The car ran on a 175-horsepower engine and performed better than the competition, such as the Toyota Supra, the Porsche 924, and the Nissan 280ZX, the website reported.

Mustang SVT Cobra

The year 1987 saw a Mustang that was different in appearance altogether. The new muscle car possessed an aerodynamic design that was decidedly sporty. It also ran on a 5.0-liter V-8 engine that could generate up to 225 horsepower.

Ford’s Special Vehicle Team came up with a special edition of this car, which ran on 235 horsepower and put out 280 foot-pounds of torque.

There you have it. This is but a short tribute to the muscle car that has bedazzled millions. If you have one, consider all of these while you take your Mustang for a spin.

Second-hand Car Purchasing Tips

Buying used carBuying a car need not be the reason why you are drowning in debt. But, you should not deprive yourself of life’s comforts as well. Luckily, there are such thing as used cars which you can buy and use without busting your life savings.

Before you purchase from a private seller or a dealer in Auckland like Auckland Motors, here are some things you need to take note of when buying used cars.


Tips for buying used cars 

 1. Have a budget


Have a realistic budget and stick to it. Avoid impulse buying by reminding yourself on why you want to have that type of car in the first place. Your budget should include not just the initial purchase amount but also expenses you would need for repairs and maintenance.


2. Check the mileage


The first thing you should check when buying used cars is their mileage. Vehicles start to wear out at 60,000-70,000km. Therefore, anything beyond 100,000km should not be considered as it would cost you a lot of repair and maintenance.


3. Research the vehicle


Know as much information as you can about the vehicle you are going to buy. That way, you would know what to expect when you take it for a test run as well as have an idea on how to maintain it.


4. Inspect


Once you get it for a test run, inspect the vehicle inside and out. Check its engine and get a hold of its maintenance records to see whether there are things you need to expect and be worried about as the potential new owner. Then check on the exteriors and its overall appearance.


5. Know when to walk away


If the deal is too good to be true, chances are, it is. When this happens, learn how to walk away find another one.


A lot of people are afraid to buy used cars for fear of getting scammed. However, with proper research and evaluation, you would be able to land a suitable deal.  

Personal Grievance Letters: Keep it Professional and Polite

If you ever find yourself unfairly dismissed, harassed, or otherwise mistreated by Grievance Proceduresyour employer, you can choose to raise a personal grievance against them. A personal grievance is a formal complaint about unfair workplace treatment. They give the complainant peace of mind, uncover questionable business processes and streamlines professional contracts.

The Employment Relations Authority (ERA) handles personal grievances in New Zealand, having established the Employment Relations Act in 2000. This act protects employees from exploitation and harassment.

The first step in raising a personal grievance is writing the employer a letter, which challenges the way a company handles a certain situation and gives the employer enough time to respond.

When to Give Your Employer a Notice

The ERA encourages employees to resolve matters without legal action with their employers first, before bringing matters to court. Employees may need the help of a mediator or an employment advocate to help resolve the issue. All grievances must be raised within 90 days of the event, or from when the employee became aware of the event.

One of the most important aspects of writing a personal grievance letter is to add as much detail as possible. It will serve as a notification to the employer and help resolve matters instead of having to go to court.

What to Write

Your letter should be professional and polite, regardless of any ill feelings that you may harbour. Start by addressing the employer professionally, and stating the reason why you are writing a letter.

Next, describe the events that transpired and inform them about what type of personal grievance you are raising. Some examples include sexual harassment, a schedule change without prior consultation, and unfair dismissal. Personal grievances cover a wide range of issues. Remember that details and clarity are important.

In the last part of your letter, offer a solution to the problem and inform them about agreeing to attend to mediation. You should give the employer about five days to respond. You may need to do a follow up if the employer does not respond.

Be sure to attend mediation on the agreed upon time to help resolve the issue. If the employer chooses to ignore you, you can file a claim with the ERA so that they can step in. Be sure to keep a level head at all times and remain professional and respectful throughout the whole process. 

Radon: The Silent Killer In Your House

Man inspecting homePerhaps you have heard of a family who died in their sleep because their house was filled with carbon monoxide as a result of a faulty furnace. How about people who acquired lung cancer because of radon exposure? Radon is not a joke and it’s a silent killer. In fact, it is the second leading cause of lung cancer today.

Radon levels in the house should be checked regularly to prevent its serious health effects. Radon testing in Provo is recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as a measure to make sure the radon levels in the house is within acceptable gauge. Companies like the Aerolite Group say that regular testing is essential for your family’s safety.

What Is Radon?

Radon is a radioactive, tasteless, odorless and colorless gas that comes from the natural process of uranium decay in the soil and water. Radon can easily seep into the house. Usually, radon can dwell in the basement but in some cases, it can be found in other parts of the house. Once it gets ingested or inhaled, it could cause serious health effects, particularly lung cancer.

How Does It Cause Lung Cancer?

Radon can decay abruptly, releasing tiny radioactive particles. When these particles are inhaled, they can damage the cells that line the lung. If there is chronic exposure it could lead to lung cancer.

Lung cancer is a very aggressive and deadly disease. It can be caused by both radon exposure and smoking. However, if both are present in the house, it could lead to more serious health consequences.

What Can You Do About It?

First, testing for radon is needed. Radon testing helps determine the level of the gas inside the house. When you are aware of how much radon is present, you can contact a radon mitigation service to solve the problem. Moreover, this should be done regularly to make sure that your house is safe, especially if you have kids.

Radon can cause serious health effects. Make sure your house is safe from this carcinogen through regular testing and maintenance.

A Quick Guide to Mixing Antiques with Contemporary Furniture

An example of interior decorating with antique furniture Are you redecorating your home? If you can’t decide between contemporary or modern interiors and antique furniture, why not choose both? Mixing new and old designs is popular these days. But it requires careful thought because two different styles could look chaotic in one space.

Here are ways you can make the eclectic style work for your home.

Choose your pieces wisely.

Start with the overall look in mind. Do you want a contemporary farmhouse look? Would you prefer the decadence of a Palm Beach mansion? Find pieces that suit your desired style, and you’ll have an easier time of decorating your home.

Alternately, you can go for furniture pieces and accessories that work with most interior styles. shares that iconic bistro chairs and chic accessories complement any indoor space.

Not all pieces fit together, though, which is why you should only pick a couple key pieces that have their own flair.

Go with a color scheme.

Mixing styles can create a busy feeling, which is why you should be careful with the color scheme. Neutral backdrops are always safe because these are perfect for showing off key pieces. But if you love a colorful space, then try to veer away from experimenting with too many palettes.

Add a conversation piece to the space.

If you have too many key pieces in a room, it’s hard to concentrate on just one. Pick one interesting piece for the space. Try antique furniture your family has passed on for generations.

Why decorate with antique furniture? Designs are now becoming more personalized, and antiques will always be the reference point because they carry history. Most items from back in the day also have the finest craftsmanship and materials, which is why they’ve lasted for so long.

There’s a fine line between eclectic and outdated. Choose your pieces well. Consider a focal point for the room. Add a personal touch to create warmth. With the right combination of furniture and accessories, your eclectic interior space will feel inviting.

Should You Go For a Plumber or a Rooter Service?

Woman hired a plumberAccording to Eastern beliefs, everything is about the balance between yin and yang. Nothing speaks more about yin and yang than water – an element that is both bad and good. While rain is great for keeping the soil hydrated, it also means carrying away leaves and other debris, not to mention the flood that results from a heavy downpour.

If you have a plumbing problem, would you hire a plumber or a rooter service provider in Salt Lake City? Learn about the things that will affect your decision.

What Clogs You

Before you call a company providing rooter service, you need to familiarize yourself with what can cause a drain to get clogged. Some of the most popular reasons for a clogged drain include heavy rain and storm, grease build up from washing your dishes and pots, bad plumbing installation, and accumulation of hair, leaves, food particles, and toiletries.

Rooters vs Plumbers

One of the things that would most likely confuse you is whether to go with a plumber or a rooter service provider. The main difference between the two is the fact that rooter service providers focus on declogging drains and septic pumping, as well as septic maintenance, while plumbers can handle other types of pipe and vent problems.

What To Do

When your drains get clogged, the water will overflow and cause the affected structure of your home to weaken, not to mention the increased risk for mold growth. Of course, the best way to keep this from happening is to ensure that your drains are clean. But we know that cleaning the drains and pipes on your own can be challenging and time-consuming. In such cases, it is better to get the help of a professional.

Some of the tools being used by rooters include sewer jetters, inspection cameras, and drain cleaning cables. You also have to keep in mind that getting the services of a rooter does not necessarily have to be just when you have a clogged drain. In fact, you should do it on a regular basis.

Increase Efficiency with Auto Lifts

Auto lifts help auto mechanics lift the vehicles for professional or commercial purposes. The modern auto lifts are more advanced and can Auto Lift help save time, increase efficiency, save resources, and reduce waste. Qualified technicians know how to use this technology wisely and optimize its benefits.

Innovative technology

JMC Equipment agrees that auto lifts today are made using creative and innovative technology. There are several companies offering efficient auto lifts made of sturdy materials. These companies also offer installation, repair, and maintenance services. With these technologically advanced auto lifts, the auto dealers are able to improve check-ins and boost the performance of their mechanics.

For maximum benefits, the dealers complement this type of technology with other advisory tools of similar caliber.

Eco-friendly Materials

The auto lifts offered today are made of materials that are eco-friendly and can operate with the aid of non-hazardous oils. The lifts help in the optimization of car storage without harming the environment. As these lifts are efficient, the technicians are able to diagnose the problems and find solutions quickly.

There are many brands and types of auto lift available today. Depending on your needs and the size or shape of your vehicle or garage, you may buy a 2 post lift, a 4 post lift, or any other type.

Affordable Repairs

These auto lifts have made car repairs more affordable today. The growing trend among car owners is to have their cars repaired whenever there is a problem. In the past, the owners preferred to trade in their cars when they developed any problem.

Today, the scene is different. People have realized that if they visit a dealership, which has the latest auto lifts, the service will be efficient and less expensive. Consequently, car owners are able to use their cars for a longer period as they are maintaining the vehicle well and getting repairs promptly.

With different types of efficient car lifts available, customers are able to get more value for money, along with a host of other benefits. Choose a lift that suits your needs and have it installed by a pro to ensure maximum reliability and performance.