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Elderly Indoor Safety

Aging in Place: Security Safety for the Elderly at Home

Elderly Indoor SafetyAn emerging trend amongst seniors shows a preference towards aging in place. In fact, over 90% of seniors are choosing the home as their retirement haven. Despite its popularity, however, current home designs tend to overlook indoor safety measures for the elderly. Statistics show that about one-third of seniors experience fall injuries and 55% of them take place in the home.

Most seniors may have decreased strength and balance, but believes that there are several ways to adapt the home setting for a better quality of life for the elderly.

For Floors

  • Carpets should contain adequate rubber grips that can grip floor surfaces well. When in doubt, apply carpet tape to keep the carpets in.
  • Those considering replacing their flooring can install cork or rubber floors since they both have soft surfaces and provide great traction underfoot.
  • Seniors may want to consider having their floors treated with an anti-slip floor solution for added safety.
  • The home should have wide spaces and be kept free of clutter to make it easier to get from place to place (especially for those who use wheelchairs or walking aids).

For Stairs

  • All stairs should have hand railings in place and checked lest they be too steep for seniors to climb.
  • Hand railings should run the length of the entire staircase, attached securely to the wall, and be stable enough to support the weight of a senior.
  • Avoid placing mats and rugs at the bottom of a staircase, since it could lead to slips and serious injuries.

For Bathrooms

  • Grab bars should be installed in easy-to-reach areas in the bathroom to help support seniors while entering and exiting the shower.
  • Using a shower chair in the bathroom can help older people who have trouble standing and balancing in the time it takes them to shower.
  • Having a non-slip mat can help can reduce slipping and give the elderly more comfort when walking inside the bathroom.

Aging in place will not be a problem for seniors as long as they have the right safety measures in place within the household. By keeping this in mind, seniors can enjoy the safety and comfort of being at home.

Fishing Charter in San Diego

Experience Your Next Fishing Getaway in San Diego with Fishing Charter Services

Fishing Charter in San DiegoSan Diego is a popular place for fishing. However, some, if not most, people are not accustomed to the water areas of the city where fishes are abundant and flourishing. This is where fishing charters come in and make a difference.

A good fishing charter company in San Diego like Fin Runner Sport Fishing Charters will take you to some of the most exciting water regions where you could potentially view the best marine life and experience the best catch of your life.

A few of the things you can get from a fishing charter service include:

1. Get accustomed to San Diego waters

If you are new to the region and you don’t know the right places to fish, you definitely need a fishing charter service. This will help you learn, understand, and experience the marine life in San Diego at its best, such as finding the right route, the best fishes, and other excellent fishing areas where fish congregate.

2. Have a complete set of gears and fishing equipment

Most fishing charter companies offer all the needed equipment for sport fishing. If you have come from a far place, you definitely do not want to carry your stuff back and forth to fish. A fishing charter service company provides all the right tools and equipment for a great fish sporting adventure.

3. Choose a variety of fishing options

A good fishing charter in San Diego provides an array of fishing opportunities to everyone. Whether you are looking for freshwater or saltwater sport fishing, you definitely have many options during your adventure. You can also choose from a variety of facilities all throughout your fishing, giving you the most convenient fishing experience there is.

There are many companies that offer fishing charters San Diego and the benefits you can experience are limitless. If you are planning for your next fishing getaway in San Diego, it is definitely a must to hire a professional fishing charter service provider.

More Than a Bad Mood: The Needs of the Mentally Ill

Needs of People with Mental Illness in DenverIn 2015, the National Institute of Mental Health said that approximately 45 million American adults suffer from mental illness. That makes 1 out of every 5 people. Fortunately, with more people raising awareness towards these conditions, further research goes into looking for better treatments.

Despite all of this, however, the stigma remains with mental health issues; many people who need treatment are too afraid of judgment to look for help. There are instances wherein people with mental illnesses experienced discrimination in the workplace, for example, when their condition became public knowledge.

Everyone, therefore, needs to understand that mental illnesses are just as valid as physical ones. The brain is an organ, after all. It can get sick too. So, what do mentally ill people need to get better?

Safety and Privacy

Patients need to consent and commit to their treatment for it to work on them. If they feel mentally or psychologically uncomfortable, treatments like therapy and medication won’t work to their full potential.

Recent advancements in the study of these conditions have made lawmakers more sympathetic to the needs of those with mental illnesses. LifeCraft Counseling LLC says that all 50 states require professional counselors to register in the state where they practice to ensure the confidentiality and safety of their clients.

Compassion and Comfort

Mental illnesses are emotionally taxing and, sometimes, physically exhausting. Patients often feel as if they are fighting battles alone, which can lead to feelings of worthlessness or self-destructive behavior. An understanding shoulder to cry on and a comforting hand, therefore, can mean the world at the right moment.

Speaking about these conditions openly is another way to break the stigma that surrounds these conditions. This provides an avenue of comfort so those who suffer from mental illnesses can know that there are many like them who can understand what they’re also going through on a deeper level.

It can be overwhelming, at times, to suffer from an illness that can feel chronic and unending. Those who are mentally ill (or those who think they see the signs in of mental illness in a loved one) should know that there is always help — and that the above are just some ways mentally ill patients and their loved ones can help them deal with their condition.

Torque and Horsepower: Gauging Engine Performance

Car Engine in RobstownPeople have different ways of gauging choices when buying a car. In the lots of dealers, however, two terms are often used: horsepower and torque. These two factors refer to engine performance as a whole. But to first-time buyers, they may sound too technical. It also opens up opportunities for underhanded deals, courtesy of shady dealers.

Torque and Horsepower: What Experts Say

Some sleazy car dealers would try to coax rookie buyers into overpaying with numbers. They’ll present a 300-horsepower car alongside a 450-horsepower one, and praise the latter like there’s no tomorrow. It’s the same thing with torque ratings. But horsepower and torque stand for much more than that, clarifies Mike Shaw Buick GMC.

When it comes to horsepower, the foremost enthusiasts put it simply: horsepower sells cars, but torque moves it. Judson Massinggill of the School of Automotive Machinists has another take on this. According to him, running fast requires more horsepower. But to get more horsepower, the engine needs more torque.

Connecting Torque and Horsepower

Horsepower refers to the amount of power an engine produces. One horsepower is enough to move 550 pounds one foot in a second. In bigger terms, this is equal to moving 33,000 pounds one foot in a minute. Physicists define this as the rate of doing work. The more horsepower, the faster and quicker a car. But horsepower measurements are nothing if not connected with torque.

A good mix of horsepower and torque is what makes a fast car, no matter its weight. Torque refers to the twisting force around an axis that may or may not result in motion. It can be generated without moving an object, but then, no ‘work’ is done. This makes high horsepower ratings useless if there’s not enough torque to actually move the load. In this case, it’s the car and its occupants/cargo.

Take a tractor and a race car, for example. Both vehicles have engines with the same horsepower. But the latter, however, is built for speed. To run faster, the load on a race car must be lessened. Therefore, there’s no real work (torque). A race car may be able to run fast, but it wouldn’t be able to carry around significant loads. On the other hand, a tractor might be slow, but it can haul a lot of weight.

Balancing torque and horsepower is the key to picking a truly excellent car. Consider these two when visiting a dealership. 

Ball Handling

Easy Yet Effective Hacks to Become an Elite Ball Handler

Ball HandlingBall handling is an important skill for a player because it busts defenses, allows for fluid and fast ball movement and enables one to create a better shot for themselves or other teammates. Players need to know the basics of proper dribbling and the drills that allow them to improve. Power and stationery dribbles are just some of the things you can do to become a better ball handler.

Blindfolded Dribbling

This may seem like an unorthodox practice, but it allows a player to gain a feel for the basketball. Perform this drill with eyes closed or a cloth around your head. Perform a power dribble with either hand for at least a minute make it more challenging by using two balls while walking.

Between the Legs While Walking

Coaches in high school basketball camps agree that players need to have adequate dribbling skills using both hands. This enables them to become dynamic and unpredictable on the court because they can change hands or directions while making a play, Intensive Basketball Camp explains. One way to achieve this is dribbling between the legs while walking. You may have seen Allen Iverson or Kyrie Irving shifting from left to right so fast that it knocks a defender down. This is a skill you can develop when you perform this drill.

Spider Dribbling

This is a common drill for players who want to improve their ball handling for both hands. Perform this by keeping feet shoulder-width apart with bent knees. Dribble the ball between your legs while switching hands and alternating it behind and in front of the body, but make sure to keep the ball in the middle.

Power Dribbling with Two Balls

Power dribbling with one ball for each hand strengthens your arms and improves control of the ball. You need to develop adequate ball handling for both hands, this drill allows you to do so.

These are some of the drills that enable you to boost your handle and open up other opportunities to improve other aspects of your game.

Can This Mind-Boggling Test Gauge if Your Device Will Last 10 Years or More?

Phones ready for mass productionAll manufactured products must undergo a series of tests to determine their unique character and operating margins. Most of the time, these tests involve the application of extreme abuses to see if the product will survive.

You may not realize it, but the device you have in hand — a smartphone or a tablet — has passed through specific tests to prove that they’re worth to be in the market. They undergo accelerated stress testing, which involves HALT, HASS, and HASA. What are these anyway?

A Buffet of Acronyms

The objective of Highly Accelerated Testing (HALT) is to determine the unique nature of a particular device and find out its operating margins or limits. Highly Accelerated Stress Screen (HASS) involves checking unique features — as determined by HALT — and subjecting these to severe stress within their extreme operating limits. According to, hundreds of companies around the world use these reliability tests.

If a device receives a HASS definition of “passed,” Qualmark Corporation noted that it could go into mass production. Highly Accelerated Stress Audit (HASA), on the other hand, is a type of HASS test that establishes a particular batch of mass-produced devices by using a sampling plan.

The Tests in Simple Language

Ever noticed the labels on the packaging and manual of your device, saying that they’re waterproof and can function 1,000 meters underwater? The unique features of being waterproof and being able to operate at a certain depth are determined by HALT. The HASS then subjects the device to extreme testing to find out if it can retain its features after going through physical abuse like vigorous shaking, pounding, and misuse.

The Survivor

Look at your device. For sure, you will pity it and take care of it from now on. Each device displayed on store shelves is a survivor, or maybe you can even call them a champion of sorts. Why should they undergo such abusive tests, you ask? It’s all about warranty. Manufacturers need to ensure that their products can perform within certain conditions. If you’re wondering why there are still faulty products, this is where proper HALT, HASS and HASA training comes in.

Machines are only as good as the one operating them. If untrained personnel are allowed to handle testing equipment, you can definitely expect disastrous results. It’s like allowing an elephant to drive a Ferrari or something to that effect. In this case, professionals operating HALT, HASS, and HASA equipment might help a lot.

The HVAC Business Starter Kit: What Do You Need?

HVAC UnitsWhen you plan on starting an HVAC business, know that it is more than just contracting the right people and getting the right equipment. Running this type of company involves a lot of other factors, such as budget, work practices and customer service.

If you oversimplify the process, all your effort may go to waste.

An HVAC business is not just a two-step process. If you think you can handle it, that is good — but can you really handle it well?, a provider of quality HVAC supplies, recommends assessing your overall capabilities. In the end, you and your customers will benefit from it.

Kicking Off the Business

Do you know why you want to start an HVAC business? Before you go through the nitty-gritty factors of the business, it is essential to answer the ‘Why?’

Some contractors wish to be their own bosses, running the company by their rules. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be your own boss, but know this: being the top head comes with great freedom and even greater responsibility.

Do not be like those other start-ups building their business on a shaky foundation. Make your HVAC goals work with enough capital and business expertise. Keep in mind that an HVAC business is a complex operation that also requires a willingness to adapt.

Business Practices Matter

Once your business is up and running, implementing and maintaining quality business practices is the next hurdle. Granted, being a boss allows more flexible working schedules. The responsibilities, however, are all encompassing. You are the automatic jack of all trades; it is your responsibility to strike a balance between earning and serving the customers.

Lack of knowledge with the real cost of running the business is risky. Occasionally remember the goal: to create a business that works for you — not because of you.

Good Communication

As the head honcho of the business, the role of chief communicator also falls on your shoulders. It takes a team to successfully run an HVAC business; you owe it to your co-workers to show appreciation of their performance and point out areas for improvement. Establish good communication with the team to understand how teamwork impacts the business.

Are you starting an HVAC business? Take the advice seriously and see results soon.

Marine Construction

Marine Construction Services: Building Stable Underwater Structures

Marine ConstructionDuring the construction of bridges or structures whose foundation has to be in water, you have to consider underwater construction. Underwater construction is very risk considering the seemingly endless depth of water.

The construction techniques in use on ground can also be used underwater only that it requires special skill and use of specialized equipment meant for underwater work. The common underwater construction techniques are dry and wet construction.

Marine Construction

Underwater Construction Corporation shares that the main objective during marine construction is the creation of a dry environment to mimic the ground so as not to compromise the structural strength of any structure. Underground construction services are in four categories; however, their implementation is according to your industry’s specific requirements.

Inspection Services

This involves highly qualified and trained technicians and inspectors and site-specific procedures to assess the current conditions of your project to aid in long-term maintenance. This approach also involves a good knowledge of industry requirements and specialized diving techniques to assure inspections in line with industry standards and codes.

Rehabilitation and Construction Services

For large rehabilitation and construction projects, underwater specialists offer diving support and turnkey services for companies in need of underwater construction services. Additionally, you get experienced personnel with the right resources to get the job done right.

Technical Support Services

Technical issues may arise in the course of your projects. Foe safe and effective solutions, technicians help with project specifications, scheduling, material selection, and procedure development — all in line with your specific requirements.

Maintenance Services

Maintenance initiative aims at reducing costs on unplanned works and also minimizes operation downtime. In this, the performing team needs to work closely with you as the client to ensure consistency with your unique requirements.

Lastly, marine construction specialists offer a wide range of services to suit the different industries that could need underwater construction services. The served industries include hydro power generation companies, engineering firms, power and gas transmissions, and homeland security among many others.

Hospice and Palliative Care: Promoting Care for Seriously Ill Patients

Hospice Care in MunsterSeeing your loved one live with a serious illness can be devastating and can affect your daily activities. Learning how to manage the pain and stigma that comes with these illnesses will help you assist your love one in going through the illness victorious. Here are some care services that can help you.

Hospice Care

Hospice care in Indiana focuses on relieving symptoms of a patient with a short life expectancy, explains an expert from Hospice of the Calumet Area. Hospice care is only for seriously ill individuals who are in the last stage of illness; however hospices may offer palliative care as a different treatment package.

Palliative Care

Sicknesses come with symptoms that affect an individual physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Palliative care refers to treating the illness’ symptoms, thereby making the patient comfortable. Palliative care addresses issues that cause suffering, physical or emotional pain. Unlike hospice, palliative care is given from point of diagnosis or any stage of the illness.

Palliative care providers and hospices have a team of trained people who work together to provide excellent health care to patients. Despite the differences between hospices and palliative care centers, they both offer care to people with life-limiting illnesses.


Caregiving is basically providing support to anyone who needs your help. The amount of time you spend offering your support is not a factor to consider, giving the right care is. You can either offer physical or comfort care. Physical care involves ensuring the patient takes their medication, physical therapy, and making them comfortable. Comfort care on the other hand refers to giving emotional and spiritual care — helping the patients overcome emotional pain.

The main goal of palliative and hospice care is to improve the quality of a patient’s life through continued support throughout the treatment process. Living with a life-limiting illness may be challenging, but palliative and hospice care in Indiana can help. Seeking a good healthcare center that offers these services is a great way to kick-start your recovery from that life-threatening illness.

The Importance of Safety, Protection and Swift Response in a Chemical Business

Safety Measures for the Chemical BusinessWhether you like it or not, chemicals are a part of modern living and it will be hard to do without them. True, some are dangerous and poisonous but they have their roles to play in manufacturing, fuel processes, technological advancements and even food processing. That said, the best way to make sure that they do minimal harm to the environment is to keep them controlled and contained properly.

Proper Handling and Storage

The first solution to an accident is to create conditions that will minimise the chances of it actually happening. Like in any business, you would first find ways of preserving, and storing your wares in a safe and secure environment. The same should be said of chemicals, oil and fuel products. Standards for maintaining their quality and protection must always be checked and supervised vigilantly. Prevention is always better than solutions, after all.

Heat and Fire Protection

All factories, storage facilities or transport that manufactures, stores and transfer chemicals are required by the government to have these features installed. Fire protection equipment and standards should be kept in place and regularly checked for efficiency. These measures for fire-prevention and safety should be monitored and practised regularly to be assured of the safety of your business, product, staff and the environs.

Spill Control Response

In the event of a spill or seepage, there should be a speedy emergency response in order to minimise the damage done to the surroundings, the staff and the equipment. These measures also allow time for the proper countermeasures to be applied, along with larger scale rescue and response operations if they are still necessary after the initial upshot. Spill control kits and material such as bunding and absorbents are vital in containing and managing the incident's effects.

Losing thousands of dollars due to an incident is one thing, losing even more for cleaning up the damage is another. Keeping your product in a controlled, safe and secure area guarantees you a good reputation, better service and less expenditure. And swiftly responding to any possible incident can save your company even more.