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Glass pool fence

Notes From the Clear Side: Glass Pool Fencing

Glass pool fenceYou doubtless already know that you need to get estimates for your planned frameless glass pool fencing for your home. However, it is not always a good policy to get the lowest bid. Before making your choice, you need to know the scope and inclusions of the work, as you may be getting less than what you expect.

Here are some cost considerations for having frameless glass pool fencing installed in Perth.


Labour costs will be a major component of your estimate. This can fluctuate depending on several things, including the season. If there is a high demand for this type of service, then you are likely to get a high estimate. However, if you time your project during off-peak seasons, you can probably get a better labour estimate. Your location will also have an impact on overall cost.


When you get an estimate, check that includes all the materials needed such as posts, safety glass panels, and construction supplies. It should also include the posts for excavation and anchoring the posts. Pay special attention to the grade and quality of the materials listed. A low estimate may be due to the use of inferior quality materials that may not last as long.


An experienced pool fence installer will probably cost more per hour, but they can get the job done faster and better. Frameless glass pool fencing, Perth contractors says, has to be installed properly, or it could be a disaster. This is especially true if the configuration of your fencing is non-standard, i.e. with many corners.

An experienced service provider can also give you valuable advice on the type of glass pool fencing for your purposes. They can even make suggestions on how you can reduce costs by combining jobs. For example, you can have the same installer do you balustrades at the same time. You will definitely save some money on delivery costs. You may also get a better cost estimate overall.

garage door

No-nonsense Garage Door Safety Guidelines You Must Know About

garage doorWhile a fully automated garage door can provide convenience, it can also come with major risks. Your garage door is one of the heaviest and biggest movable elements in your house. It utilises tensioned springs to move your garage panels without a hitch—these springs are also the same parts that may cause accidents.

Garage Door Safety Dos and Don’ts

There have been many reports about garage doors closing in on people, especially on small children—some of these incidents even resulted in fatalities. To avoid accidental entrapment under a garage door, the Australian Garage Door Association (AGDA)and Elite Garage Repairsrecommend the installation of an automatic reversing feature.

In addition, these simple dos and don’ts should apply:

  • Don’t allow people or pets to pass under the garage door when it is in use.
  • Do make sure that you have a clear view of your door when opening and closing. Only use the remote control when the door is in your line of sight.
  • Do place wall-mounted controls or buttons 1.5 metres from the floor. Install manual release handles 1.8 metres from the floor.
  • Don’t leave the remote control of the garage door where small children can easily reach it.

Additional Safety Measures

A properly installed automatic garage door opener will ensure your family’s safety. If you still want extra protection against accidental entrapment, hire a qualified garage door contractor to install an electronic contact strip near the door’s lower portion, or an infrared beam positioned at the bottom part of the panels.

More importantly, due to the safety risks posed by the tension springs in automatic garage door openers, repairs, adjustments, or replacementsmust only be performed by experienced technicians.

These are just some tips that will help you maintain safety in your home, while keeping your garage doors functional.

opera music

When Art Meets Science: Opera Music for a Healthy Heart

opera musicSeeing the opera is an exciting experience. The finest performances can be the most influential of all art forms. The combination of music, narratives, and human movements is said to be so captivating that it pierces the heart of audiences and moves them in ways no other art form can.

The powerful art form has evolved in so many ways over the years. From the Romantic period marked by Italian composers Rossini and Donizetti to the contemporary era that saw the rise of talents like Danielle de Niese, the opera scene has been keeping up with the times, reflecting the society we live in.

The Science behind the Art

The opera, however, is more than just a source of entertainment. A 2009 research said that listening to operatic music may help patients recovering from stroke. Classical music, especially songs that have varying tempos and sections induces changes in the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Researchers observed 24 participants aged 24 to 26 years old who were made to listen to different songs while connected to an ECG. The proponents of the study picked songs that featured different changes in dynamics, namely crescendos, decrescendos, piano, and fortes.

As the participants were listening to the music, researchers were observing their ECG, blood flow to the brain, and blood pressure. Emotional responses were minimal. What’s interesting is that physical reactions were apparent.

Loud classical music caused the blood vessels to narrow. It also increased the participants’ blood pressure and breathing. A decrease in volume, on the other hand, had a calming effect, with heart rates and blood pressures decreasing.

Perfect Combination

The study shows operatic music may be helpful for people recovering from stroke. This is because these songs usually have a good mix of crescendos and decrescendos, which may have a positive effect in blood circulation and the heart.

Classical music is more than just a source of entertainment. The next time you go to the opera, know that when art and science meet, it will not just be an eargasmic experience, but also helpful therapy for the heart.

HVAC system at home

Performance Optimization: HVAC Systems Backups

HVAC system at homeUnder neutrally temperate climates, having both heating or cooling equipment can keep you comfortable in your home. With such equipment, you don’t need to worry about the hot or cold weather outside. This is especially true if you picked the most efficient central HVAC unit, such as air conditioning and heat pumps.

In countries where the climate can get terribly extreme, a standalone central HVAC unit may not suffice. This is where upgrades like thermostat settings, insulation, and weatherization come useful.

This, coupled with using energy efficient HVAC equipment and applying proper maintenance, can help make everything better. Utah residents can find comfort while staying indoors, keep bills relatively lower, and ensure that the equipment is working under specified conditions.

Backup and Upgrade Options

Improve insulation through using energy efficient glass windows. Add solar films and coatings to glass panes. Window tinting is a cheaper alternative to ready-made tinted windows, but it may require frequent replacement or recoating.

The thermostat also serves as a great aid for HVAC equipment at home. It regulates the temperature and automatically turns on or off cooling or heating equipment as needed.

This allows more energy-efficient use of air conditioning. Draper residents can choose programmable thermostats because they are more accurate and responsive. The problem with solid-state electronic control systems like programmable thermostats is that repair means replacement.

Heating and Cooling Distribution Systems

Distribute cold or warm temperature throughout the house with the help of heating and cooling distribution systems. Your options are forced-air heating systems, gravity systems, and radiant systems.

In forced-air systems, a fan (e.g. blower) moves warm air. In gravity systems, warm air goes up naturally. In radiant systems, warm walls, floors or ceilings catch the heat. This is applicable for concrete homes.

HVAC systems are not a one-type-fit-all equipment. They need backup and upgrades depending on climate, home structure, and other factors.


Sleeping Problems: Causes, Possible Solutions, and Dangers

sleepingEverybody needs sleep—humans, animals, even fishes. For millions, the art of hitting the sack is a lost one and has made zombies of men, shortened their lives, and spun a billion-dollar industry.

At least 50 million Americans have problems sleeping. It sounds so simple, but the art of closing one’s eyes when it matters is hard for many. Taking the hint, the pharmaceutical industry produced drugs that cater to the problem.

Sleeping problems

The first-ever federal health study revealed that sleep is a growing problem affecting between 50 and 70 million Americans. That means one in six adults in America have a sleeping disorder. There are different sleeping disorders, with insomnia as the most common.

Several factors may cause insomnia, such as life stress, illness, and physical discomfort. Environmental factors also affect sleeping habits.

Work-related stress may be hard to solve unless you take a break or quit your job. Illnesses may pass. Better sleeping arrangements can solve physical discomfort. recommends foam mattresses that give support and comfort while sleeping.

Find ways to reduce the presence of environmental factors like light and noise. Turn off the lights and find a quieter room. Listen to soothing music instead of loud noises.

The temperature also affects one’s comfort—adjust your air conditioner setting and wear appropriate clothing. When all else fails, many turn to medications.

Quality Living Down the Drain

What is most astounding is that the problem has taken its toll on the weaker portions of American society, particularly the elderly. Most people over 80 years old rely on prescription pills and aids, including antidepressants that may carry dangerous mental side effects.

Sleeping aids, while useful, is not without side effects. Take Ambien as an example. The number one prescribed sleep aid is FDA-approved, but its effects may go beyond being able to sleep.

Robert Steward shot and killed eight people in North Carolina on March 29, 2009, under the influence of Ambien.

Without sleep, you may not function properly. Find ways to get good sleep, but make sure that you are not risking your life or anyone else’s for it.

Bath Abbey

Excite Your Senses: Sites to Experience in the City of Bath

The first thing that comes to mind when hearing of the city of Bath is, well, bath. And there is no pun there.

Bath AbbeyBath dates back to 60 AD and started as a spa for the Romans, as it had some neat hot springs at the time. They built baths and a temple while on their stay. In the Georgian era, it became a renowned resort that explains why Georgian architecture is all over the city.

As spa breaks in Bath are the main attraction in the place, a visitor should never miss out on visiting one. It is also a must after visiting the following lovely places:

Bath Abbey. Abbey Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul is an Anglican parish church founded in the 7th century. Its cruciform structure can seat more than a thousand parishioners. Architecture lovers should see its fan vaulting, a Gothic architectural design predominant in England.

Sydney Gardens. Bath’s oldest park is the Royal Family’s frequently visited place in the city. It is teeming with trees, lawns, flowerbeds and shrubberies with paved lounging for both the tired and restless.

Royal Crescent. Built in 1767 to 1774, it is made of 30 houses with Ionic columns and rusticated ground floor. While the front is completely uniform and symmetrical, the back is a mixture of differing roof heights and styles, which is thought to be intentional. This is often called “Queen Anne fronts and Mary-Anne backs” architecture as it occurs repeatedly in Bath.

Pulteney Bridge. Designed by the neoclassical architect Robert Adam around 1770, this three-arched bridge spanning the Avon is also a shopping arcade. It is one of the very few surviving bridges in Europe to serve this dual purpose.

Royal Victoria Park. In reverence to the late monarch who visited the city when she was 11 years old, the Royal Victoria Park boasts 57 acres of sanctuary. The north end of the park has botanical gardens. Here, families lay their picnic baskets on the grass while old couples stroll together.

Whether it’s for soul searching, retreat or country side exploration, Bath is the place to be.


Exploring Bridlington: Why You Should Go for a Beach Vacation

BridlingtonNeed a wonderful place to satisfy your inner adventurer? The town of Bridlington may be your much-needed answer, as it can give you your desired thrill of a lifetime. It is one of the best places to have the perfect beach getaway. Not to mention it can allow you to escape the ordinary.

Apart from its picturesque view and stunning nature, it offers keep-everyone-happy activities. From scuba diving and surfing, to pubs, restaurants and cosy accommodation to treat yourself, Bridlington can give you plenty of memories to treasure. Fortunately, several studies suggest there are many great reasons to get away and have a break.

Here’s why you should take a beach vacation as soon as possible:

It Instantly Boosts Mood

There is no avoiding it: life can be stressful. That does not mean, though, that you should dwell only on negative things. You can get away from your worries and be more relaxed when you take a beach vacation. The atmosphere of Bridlington’s coast and countryside can instantly make you feel better. According to studies, a person’s brain may react positively when seeing nature scenes. Researchers explain that beaches, trees and sand can heighten activity in the parts of the brain linked with emotional stability, positive outlook and happy memories.

It Gets You Moving

Whether you plan to stay for a day or a week on holiday cottages, taking a beach vacation encourages you to get moving. Perhaps there would never be a moment that you would think of just staying at a hotel and doing nothing. Bridlington can motivate you to go jogging, swimming, surfing or playing beach volleyball.

It Energises a Tired Mind

The beach is full of wonders. One research reveals that water helps recharge your fatigued brain. Scientists claim that looking at beautiful nature can rejuvenate and soothe the mind. They said the blue colour has a direct link between feelings of joy, reward and euphoria.

Have a vacation you will never forget by discovering what Bridlington has to offer. Whenever you feel exhausted, keep in mind that the answer is in nature.

Abandon child

The Effects of Child Abandonment at an Early Age

Abandon childChildren are the most affected by divorce and even with time, the pain of abandonment never really goes away. This festers and manifests through anger and frustration, which gets worse as the child gets older.

Abandonment issues and adolescents

The site and their child support lawyer in Provo noted, “According to the law, both parents are responsible for the financial needs of their children, regardless of marital status. In the state of Utah, child support is calculated by a formula which takes into account a wide range of factors.” Apart from that, divorce has many negative effects on the child.

Many forget that responsibility as a parent does not end in marriage, and that a young child is in a critical stage of social and emotional development. A child can still feel abandoned even if there is one parent taking care of them.

Once a child reaches their teenage years, they respond to this frustration through rebellion. As they feel rejection, they in turn evade the remaining authority figure. Eventually, this turns into violence.

Children and teenagers from broken families are less likely to place their trust on others because they are afraid of rejection. It is unlikely that they form long-lasting relationships; even if they do, it is usually troubled.

The vicious cycle

Teenagers from divorced families are more violent than their peers who come from intact families, and this is a manifestation of their frustration and anger at a parent abandoning them. They get into fights at school and get into trouble with the authorities eventually.

As the person grows older, they may decide to start a family on their own. Unfortunately, the effect of abandonment does not diminish. Parents who retain abandonment issues are more likely to resolve family conflicts with violence. In many cases, the parent may abandon their own families to get away from their problems, and so the cycle begins anew.

Divorce is a painful thing a child has to go through, but for many parents this is usually the only way to resolve their differences. The remaining parent needs to provide their child with more love and attention to prevent problems as they get older.


Tips for Finding the Best Hairdresser in Perth

HairdresserFinding the best hairdresser in Perth is not as easy as it sounds. Not all hairdressers are good. You would think that the best ones would be the ones that charge an arm and a leg. Unfortunately, that is not always true. It is important to take your time about choosing a hairdresser, because a bad one can ruin your look for months.

Here are some tips for finding the best hairdresser, courtesy of


You can always ask. You do not even have to confine yourself to family and friends. If you see someone on the street with really nice hair, make a point of going up and asking who does their hair. You will not only get an objective referral, but you will also make someone feel good.


Take note of the salons in your area and check them out online. Go to your social networks and solicit feedback. You can also go to forums in your area and check out what people are saying. You will not always get honest reviews, but at least some will be helpful. Use your discretion when sorting the wheat from the flax.


You do not have to commit to anything the first time you go to a hairdresser. Ask them what they think about what would be a good look for you. People with problematic hair like frizzy or limp hair should listen very carefully, because a good hairdresser knows that the cut is the most important thing. They will spend more time discussing a good cut than any expensive hair treatment.


You can try the skills of your hairdresser by getting a trim or a shampoo first. You can learn a lot about the professionalism of the hairdresser and the quality of the salon by how they handle small jobs. If you like the way you and your hair are treated, you can try something a little more extensive.

A good salon does not necessarily mean an expensive one, but neither does the cheapest mean quality. Strike a balance between the two. Often, the salon with the most reviews are the best.

Grizzly bear

Grizzlies Extinct? Save Your Teeth From Going the Same Route!

Grizzly bearNot too long ago, Utah was home to the grizzly bear, an iconic symbol of the American wild. Reason enough why West Valley Utah carries a hockey team that flaunts the Ursus arctoshorribilis specie.

Like many places in continental USA that carries the huge beast as a symbol (e.g., University of Montana) there may not be a thriving population in Utah – or its forested mountainous region. Fact is not one may exist today.

Fortunately, recently an environmental group called federal wildlife managers rolled out an updated recovery plan and put the animal back to the Grand Canyon and to places in the West.

Remembering Old Ephraim

Though a sighting was reported recently in 2013, the last known grizzly bear in Utah was killed in 1923 reports Backcountry Chronicles, a DIY online guide for hunting. Known as Old Ephraim, the famous bear was the subject of a long manhunt (1914-1923) by a sheepherder. Today, a grave still remains for Old Ephraim and it is located in the Cache National Forest in Northern Utah.

Of course, there is no bear feared more than the grizzly. It may not have an array of super-sharp teeth, but its fangs are as sharp as it can get.

Teeth – of a Different Animal

Speaking of fangs and teeth, West Valley is home to nice set of teeth, but this time, those of humans. The town boasts of dental clinics that perform anything from oral surgery to cosmetic dentistry, even extract annoying wisdom teeth. West Valley, Utah, has all the specialists and establishments you need for a proper oral care.

Grizzly bears are nearly extinct in the state, but this doesn’t mean that good dental care is, too. West Valley might have been unable to save Old Ephraim and his breed, but it sure as heck can save your teeth from going the way of the dodo.