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Microscopic image of Mesothelioma cancer

Understanding the Numbers Behind Mesothelioma

Microscopic image of Mesothelioma cancerEveryone knows that asbestos is bad, but very few people outside medicine know just how much damage those little fibres can cause. One of the worst conditions a person can get from exposure to asbestos is mesothelioma, a rare form of cancer that develops from the protective lining that covers many of the body’s internal organs.

The most common sites for this condition are in the pleura (lungs), peritoneum (abdominal cavity), pericardium (heart), or the tunica vaginalis (testes). Symptoms of this illness include shortness of breath, chest pain, and an unexplained loss of weight. The people most likely to contract the disease are people who work in an asbestos rich atmosphere such as miners. But, if this is a rare disease, why even bring it up?

Learning about this form of cancer matters because according to the latest statistics, the number of mesothelioma cases is rising instead of falling. There were around a hundred and fifty cases of mesothelioma in 1982, a number that grew to approximately six hundred and sixty two in 2007. Analysts anticipate that such figures will continue to rise and reach a peak in 2014; the statistics for Australia aren’t available as of this writing.

Many critics are quick to point the finger at the OHS, as most—if not all—of the cases of this disease involved people who were affected through their line of work. This is exactly what OHS measures and service providers were created to prevent. But, per the explanation of SSA, a better understanding of the disease can prove that the blame for the current situation doesn’t rest on the OHS.

Mesothelioma is a cancer with a slow rate of progression and development, which means it can take years before any symptoms appear to alert people of its presence. According to medical professionals that have experience with the condition, symptoms can take as much as twenty to fifty years before they appear.

This means many of the cases reported in 2007, as well as the ones expected to be included in the 2014 numbers, involve exposure to asbestos as late as 1987 and 1994, respectively, or as early as 1957 and 1964, respectively.

This means that the origins of many modern cases of mesothelioma began well before the implementation of modern changes that better protected people from the effects of asbestos exposure.

Locked Door

Locked Out of Haven? Unlock These Break-In Steps

Locked DoorIt’s raining hard and you find yourself at the mercy of your doorstep. There’s nothing better than finally basking in the warmth of home with a hot mug of cocoa and wrapped in dry clothes. The idea seems great until you realize you’ve got no keys and the door is locked.

Locked out of your own safe haven? Here’s how to break in:

Jamming Plastic Cards

Keep in mind that the more flexible a card is, the better. Refrain from using cards linked to money or personal data; laminated ones work better. Squeeze the card between the frame and the door. Once jammed, hold the card against the door frame. Push it in and bend away from the knob. When the latch slides back, turn the handle and open the door. This option promises less door damage, but requires extra patience.

Other Break-in Options

Search for windows you can easily access. Slotted screwdrivers can help in opening windows. Borrow one from a neighbor and lever it, exerting upward force. If the window is situated near the door, insert your hand and turn the knob. Hammers should only be used for desperate measures. A couple of hits on the handle are enough for it to break, giving you the chance to fiddle on the deadbolt. It’s a plus if you have bobby pins at hand.

Call a Locksmith

If you’ve given up, calling a locksmith is the obvious choice. A locksmith in Miami Beach suggests keeping the number of the nearby 24-hour service providerin case of emergency. It may be costly, but you’re assured of a neat job –less of the excess wood chips, glass shards and frustrations.

Prevention is better than cure. To avoid additional house costs, always keep your keys handy. Pat your pockets or wallet occasionally to check your keys. Spare keys are lifesavers. Carry an extra key in your bag or give one to nearby family or trusted friends. Keep these things in mind. So the next time you come home from a storm, you can easily enter your safe haven with no worries.

Interior Decoration

Abstract Art: A Modern Décor for the Modern Home

There are many ways to add personality and style to your home, the easiest of which is by putting up art pieces on the wall. Art adds a pop of colours and unique details, contributing to making your home more stylish, relaxing and comfortable.

Interior DecorationA popular form of art more people are putting up in their spaces is that which comes in abstract form. With the range of choices when it comes to this type of art, you can surely find one that suits your personal taste and preference. You can buy abstract art pieces online that come in different textures, sizes, materials, styles, and colours and make it blend beautifully with your furniture and the vibe of your living space.

A common dilemma for many when, however, is figuring out how to add abstract art pieces without making it appear out of place. This article discusses different abstract wall art options and how to integrate them into your space.

Pops of Colours and Splashes of Designs

You can choose among many types of abstract art, with one of the more popular choices being curvilinear abstraction. This type of art uses many themes like knots, intricate patterns, and spirals. If you want elaborate designs to balance your minimalist styled living space, then go for curvilinear abstract art.

If you are looking for something that features shapes, then go ahead and choose geometric abstraction. This type of art presents non-naturalistic imagery, usually in the form of geometrical shapes, like rectangles, triangles and squares. You can hang this abstract art on blank walls or spaces with neutral tones and hues.

For people looking for pieces that embody simplicity and beauty, the best choice would be minimalist abstract art. Large minimalist art pieces add sophistication and serenity to any room.

Search for the Perfect Abstract Art

Now that you know your options, it is time to start looking for great pieces. Although you can visit art galleries, you can discover more options than what is available locally by shopping for art online.

Many online galleries provide thorough information about the work and the artist. You can compare prices, look at the art pieces closely by zooming in on the photos all at the comfort of your home, with just a few clicks.

Abstract art can be a beautiful addition to your modern home. Think about getting one now; shop online and make your home more stylish than ever.

Playing with Numbers

Playing With Numbers: The Different Types of Maths Resources

Playing with NumbersAll over the globe, many students regard mathematics as a terrifying subject. But, the truth is that maths is the mother of all subjects — it is required in every other field of study. So, laying a good foundation in this subject is a must; the first step towards achieving that goal would be by overcoming the fear of it. One good way of doing that is by using good quality maths resources — those that can generate an interest in you for the subject.

R.I.C. Publications offers a quick look at some of the maths resources you could use.

Basic Resources

Some basic resources that you could use to better your skills with numbers are the following:

  • Worksheets provided in school
  • Lesson plans prepared by teachers
  • Revision materials that allow students to practice with numbers

Generally, schools use these resources when teaching maths to children. The worksheets, lesson plans and revision materials introduce kids to various topics in the subject and give them the opportunity to practice.

Interactive Resources

These resources make learning maths more enjoyable. These include the following:

  • Interactive games that could teach kids anything in maths — from simple counting to solving equations
  • Matching cards, puzzles and riddles that can get young minds excited as they calculate and count mentally to get the right answer in the shortest time possible
  • Colourful wall displays that grab the attention of the children and make them learn faster
Online Resources

There are plenty of maths resources available online that could either be basic or interactive. The advantage of online resources is that they are accessible anytime and from anywhere as long as you have an Internet connection. They are more graphic too, which holds the attention of your kids longer.

Use the varied maths resources to help your child learn maths faster and better.


Safety First: Why You Need to Get Rid of Asbestos on Your Roof

roofingFor owners of old homes in Perth, roof repairs are a must to avoid unnecessary health risks due to a component in your roofing. There is a certain fibrous material that has been used widely throughout Australia; it is called asbestos. But, people soon learned the disadvantages of using this substance.

Why was Asbestos so Popular

According to Bower Roofing, asbestos has this one property that makes it the go-to choice for contractors – it has great insulation properties. This is why it became a preferred material to work with among home builders globally during the 50’s and even up to the 90’s. Everyone was excited by this discovery, so a lot of homebuilders chose to use this material for their properties.

What Does Asbestos Do to the Body?

But, little did people know that this useful asbestos is actually harmful to humans. It was too late before they realised they had been working with a material in which the fibres, strong and stiff and microscopic, have the ability to latch onto lung tissues. Over time, it could cause poorly functioning respiratory systems.

This may not sound like a problem to you if you have not been tampering with the asbestos in your roofing. But, you have to bear in mind that your roofing’s asbestos sheets can disintegrate over time due to the weather elements, so the fibres wear out, float in the air and get inside your nostrils. The inhaled asbestos fibres can then work on attacking your respiratory tract. For allowing them to get inside your system, you’ll be rewarded with the risk of getting not one, not two, but three lung diseases.

Your chances of having lung disease, asbestos is and mesothelioma – all serious and life-threatening – are high because once inhaled, asbestos fibres cannot be easily dislodged from your system.

So, What Can You Do About it?

If you live in an old home, do not attempt to repair your roof yourself. Contact a licensed roof specialist who can remove the asbestos from your home safely for you.


If You Want to Live Longer, Floss!

flossingThe documentary show called United Stats of America states that flossing increases a person’s life span. This is not in reference to flossing itself, however. It is merely one aspect of gum health, and that does have an important impact on a person’s overall health.

Gum Disease Can be Fatal

Gum disease can let dangerous bacteria in, weaken your immune system, and increase your risk of developing other diseases. Among the most common types of gum disease are periodontitis and gingivitis.

The main cause of these diseases is food particles left behind in the spaces between teeth and gums that eventually inflame and destroy the gum tissue. Studies show that people with these types of gum disease are about 50% more likely to die than those who have healthy gums.

Gum Disease Makes You Look Older

Even if it does not kill you, gum disease makes you look older than you are. The gums support the teeth, so if you get gum disease, you will probably lose your teeth. Have you ever heard the expression “old and toothless”? That is because missing teeth makes you look older. Experts also say that gum disease makes you 3.4 years older than you are overall.

Importance of Dental Hygiene

Dentists emphasize the importance of proper brushing and flossing when you go to a family dental clinic in South Bend, especially to young children. Dental hygiene is an important routine acquired ideally early in life. However, more than 50% of adult Americans do not floss at all, meaning the same number has a greater chance to contract a grave disease later on.

It does not take much to practice good oral hygiene. Aside from proper brushing and regular flossing, make it a point to go to your family dentist for a regular checkup.

Bookshelf Door

5 Amazing Hardwood Door Design Inspirations for Your Unique Home

Bookshelf DoorDesigning doors are a worthwhile venture, as they draw the eye naturally when you view a house from the outside. This means most designers devote a good amount of time to make their doors stand out (or as artistic pieces).

In this regard, doors serve a dual purpose: as entry points into a house or secret room, or a design centerpiece. compiled five unique door ideas below – make your doors stand out by taking inspiration from the following doors that can be full hardwood or made from hardwood pieces.

1. Ticket Booth Home Theater Hidden Door

You can install a hidden door reminiscent of a retro-styled ticket booth with a modern twist. The ticket booth door itself can consist of wood with intricate inlay for a classic look, but for a modern twist could be a scrolling LED sign placed on top of the door. You can set it up in such a way that opening the door reveals a home theatre.

2. Light + Air Door

Some unique doors have a series of holes that a knob can open and close simply with a pull. This mechanism can adjust hole covers to form crescent holes or full circles to control the amount of light entering a room. Clients have various skin options such as wood, fabric or metal.

3. Shattering Door

More like an artwork than a functional door, the Shattering Door is a work by Argentinean artist Leandro Erlich. The door that seems like a wood door version of a shattered mirror was on display in Luciana Brito gallery in Brazil.

4. Curtain Door

Get inspiration from Matharoo Associates that designed the 17-feet curtain door constructed from numerous wooden panels with more than 100 pulleys and 80 ball bearings as support. Its designs enable the door to open like a folding fan. It will open up gradually as you move the door and give a curtain-like effect.

5. Bookshelf Door

Bookshelf doors gives way to concealed rooms and panic rooms meant for protecting valuables. Pre-fitted bookshelf doors are flush with walls. Opening doors is through simple pushing, remotely controlled, or through biometric scanners.

Let your creativity run wild in choosing a hardwood door design. Take inspiration from these cool designs and install unique doors that welcome guests into your home or to hide your secret room.


Find Your Roots: Vegetarian Trends in Australia

vegetarianBeing a vegetarian today entails not so much effort unlike before, where vegetarian produce are seldom available in the market and vegan diet are not as popular in many restaurant menus. Nowadays, more and more people are deciding to switch to a vegetarian lifestyle for the love of life and nature. In fact, this shift is so evident that 44% of Australians claim they are trying to veg up their diet, eating at least one meal a day free from any meat.

Going Vegan Means Convenience and Pervasiveness

Australia is consuming more veggies and less meat over the past couple of years. This upward vegan trend urges producers to make vegan-friendly products readily available in the market for consumption.

For instance, if you are walking around a shopping mall in Gold Coast, it’s not that difficult to spot vegan produce neatly lined up in the grocery shelves. More and more restaurants, takeaways, and cafés are also becoming vegan-conscious in their menus, notes Chevron Renaissance, and there is an upward trend in fashion or health and beauty shops that offer all-natural treatments.

In fact, the Sanitarium Vegetarian Study published by the Vegetarian Victoria stated that 77% of Australians who prefer vegetarian meals feel that there are way better vegan options today than half a decade ago.

Going Vegan Means Eating Healthy

The risk of developing cardiovascular disorders is higher among those who prefer meat rather than veggies in their diet. This means curbing your meat consumption and eating more vegetables can actually make you live healthier and longer.

Going Vegan Means Loving Mother Earth

Meat production and consumption leave a very big environmental footprint that could impact Earth’s sustainability. Over many years, industrialization has converted more natural habitats into grazing lands and cornfields to feed farm animals. By having a vegan lifestyle, you are reducing your impact on the environment while helping it become more sustainable for the future.

By being a vegan, you reap the benefits of a healthier you while helping to heal our planet. Start now by slowly vegging up your diet, and see how it benefits your health and your home, one meal at a time.

heavy duty machines

Equipment Hire Services: More Help with Less Money

heavy duty machinesEquipment rental or hire services that belong to the service industry provide all types of hardware, such as tools, equipment and machineries for different markets. The products you could rent from such services can be of all types and sizes, ranging from the small handheld tools to big-sized, heavy-duty machines.

For Industries and Individual Customers

As an industry that has been around for a long time, equipment hire services primarily cater to the needs of construction companies. But, according to Classic Hire, some also provide equipment to industries and individuals who might not be looking to buy a tool but rent one instead. Some of the equipment you could hire from such services include the following:

• Heavy-duty machines
• Lifting equipment
• Simple tools
• Welding equipment
• Pumps
• Landscaping materials
• Vehicles such as trucks and trailers

For a Limited Time

Whatever equipment, machinery or tool you hire from the rental services, you can only use them for a specific period of time. Read the contract carefully before getting into an agreement.

The Benefits of Equipment Hire Services

For starters, most of the equipment, particularly the big ones, are simply too expensive to be bought by industries and individuals. Particularly, with industries that need to show high profit levels, these services help them to cut down operating costs.

Also, since the equipment hire services are in this business, they are likely to have state-of-the-art machinery. There are some service providers that can offer a fleet of equipment, while others are more specific with their offerings. But together, these can cater to varying customer requirements.

Finally, it is the equipment hires services that bear the responsibility of maintaining their equipment, which makes them cost-effective for different industries. Some even provide qualified operators along with the hired equipment.

Given all these benefits, you must consider hiring equipment from the equipment rental services the next time you need a drilling machine or a big trailer for a vacation.

OEM wheels

3 Reasons to Buy Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Wheels

OEM wheelsOriginal Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) is a replacement auto part, which is similar to what manufacturers used when they released your vehicle. This means that if you want to get a new wheel, then the rim and tires should have the exact same color and treading properties.

Are you planning to update your ride? Then you have to make sure that it’s getting the finest auto parts possible. Here are some factors you should still buy OEM wheels:


Many vehicle owners say that OEM wheels are costly, so they buy replicas instead. What they don’t know is that they’re buying wheels that went through substandard manufacturing methods only. Experts at and auto part sellers like noted that OEM wheels are less likely to bend or crack. Their suppliers don’t perform gravity casting, a method used to pour molten aluminum into a mold and let it cool off, which causes the wheels to have a lower density aluminum.


The wheel and tire size can determine the performance of your vehicle. OEM wheels fit and perform better, as suppliers didn’t produce them for different vehicle models. Their lugholes and center openings have the right size, so the lug nut and adapter behind the wheel don’t need to compensate. OEM wheels fit properly, giving enough clearance for the fenders, suspension parts, and wheel wells.


OEM wheels are unique in terms of design, as they came from suppliers that made a contract with vehicle manufacturers. A common misunderstanding among vehicle owners is that they think they can buy wheels directly from the same plant that manufactured their vehicle. As manufacturers own the rights to the wheel, you can only get them from specific suppliers.

Don’t sacrifice the quality of your wheels for the price. If you want what’s best for your vehicle, you have to make sure that you’re getting the most remarkable part from a reliable supplier.