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safe searching site

The Bing Bump

safe searching siteThe Internet can show and teach people things that they otherwise have no access to. Still, the freewheeling nature of the web also makes it a dangerous destination for anyone unprepared for the things they might uncover – mainly children.

According to C1 Partners, Internet protections against objectionable content have mostly been restricted to safe search options that anyone familiar with a search bar can handily disable. This is alarming news for clueless parents with Internet-savvy pre-pubescent children.

The Bing Upgrade

Fortunately, Bing can put alleviate those fears by upgrading their child safety features. The new web standard known as safe preference enables users to lock down browsers to show only “safe” content.

Users need to have either Internet Explorer 10+ or Firefox and turn on “Windows Family Safety” for their specific account. Participating browsers recognize the parental control and respond with results that they consider as appropriate.

This method is far from perfect, though, as kids can still go on Chrome or Safari to avoid the blocks, or create a new account. But, they can deter kids whose only Internet knowledge revolves around Facebook. The technical aspects of conducting safe search for kids may always seem lacking, and that’s not the browsers fault.

Slipping Through the Cracks

Now, the way browser filters work is that they screen images with tags people find distasteful. Swear words, racial slurs, crimes, specific body parts, various stages of undress, so on and so forth. Whilst there are no objectionable terms in some examples, there may be images that might raise a few questions.

There’s literally no way for browsers to predict those kinds of results on their own. Conducting a safe search requires the cooperation of users and websites to become complete. Before that happens though, vigilance will have to do as the greatest weapon against inappropriate searches.

Businesses Needs SEO

The Factors of a Good SEO

Businesses Needs SEOIt is a fact in business circles that you need SEO services if you want to succeed, mainly due to the migration of industries having an online presence. SEO experts make your websites rank highly on search engine result pages, increasing its relevance from user searches. This will in turn increase the targeted traffic to your site.

Improve Your Rankings

Potential clients can find your website faster than they find that of your competitors. These leads, if sufficiently impressed, can buy your products or services sooner or later, and become repeat customers.

The goal of SEO professionals, says, is to improve your rankings by crafting keywords in your content, which all receive optimization to make them point to your products directly or indirectly.

Social Media Presence

They also work behind the scenes to grant your business strong social media presence in various sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

These experts also help in the conversion rates by streamlining the website itself, making it user-friendly and easy to navigate. They also recommend having a secure payment page if you are an e-commerce company.

Overwhelming Choices

Finding a reliable company offering these services can be tough, because there are so many of them and each claim to be the best. Follow a path of diligence to find the best one that will suit your business.

Evaluate your necessities and understand what you want from your website optimization. Then look at the work of some service providers and check their costs.

You can shortlist a couple of them and then ask for references. Finally, they should function with integrity and use white hat strategies only; Google penalizes other questionable, black hat methods.

Search engine optimization is a booming business, and conservative marketing pundits often snort at it with disdain. No matter though, as SEO delivers results as intended.

Goodbye, Soda!: 3 Simple and Refreshing Flavored Water Recipes to Try

Flavored Water There are occasions when water can’t quench your thirst the way you want. This is why you often turn to frizzy drinks and fruit juices. But, these drinks can get way too sweet and make you thirsty again. Aftertastes can be niggling, so you need something that is quite saccharine and still refreshing. Why not try water infused with fruits?

All it takes are filtered water and a couple of your favorite fruits. While you can get fruit-infused water at restaurants and convenience stores, it’s still better to make your own. You’re sure that there won’t be any additive included in the concoction.

Here are simple flavored water recipes you may want to try:

Using Citruses

Limes, lemons and oranges are your basic choices when creating your own flavored water. Put the slices of each fruit in a jar. You may simply leave them in the water or extract juices that will freely blend with the water. To add another layer of flavor, add some blueberries or cucumber slices.

Using Seasonal Fruits

Go for seasonal fruits if you want to explore more blends and flavors. Get some strawberries and raspberries. Place them inside a Mason jar and pour some water over them. To vary the flavors and acidity, add some slices of citrus or cucumbers.

Making it More Exciting

Try experimenting with fruits and herbs to achieve a more refreshing flavor. Instead of using other fruits with citrus, blend it with cilantro. Mix some rose petals and a hint of vanilla with your raspberries or strawberries. If you want some sting in your water, use watermelon and jalapeño. Add cinnamon or vanilla bean to your citrus water to enhance its flavor.

Ditch the soda and artificial fruit juices for these exciting and refreshing flavored water recipes. If you want to make your flavored water sweeter, use honey instead of sugar.

managing database server

Someone Called for an SQL Database Administrator?

managing database serverThere is saying in the tech community about the job of an online SQL database administrator. They say that it consists of three things: safeguard data, safeguard data, and safeguard data. This is because one cannot stress enough the importance of database administrator especially in businesses that use entire rooms to store their data.

Here are some of the reasons that a business needs one.

For Backup and Recovery

As the primary job of an SQL database administrator is to protect data, the nature of their job asks them to test a backup and recovery plan for a catastrophic system failure. In case this occurs, the DBA needs to restore from a previous backup with minimal, if any, loss in transactions or customer data.

DBA Services notes several ways that lead to database failure. The DBA needs to know each one, and prepare strategies to prevent these scenarios, or at least recover from them.

Security of the Database

As databases centralise the storage of data, they attract the attention of hackers and even curious staff. The database administrator should have a good understanding of the particular security that the database uses and how to restrict unauthorised access to data. Providing passwords is not enough, as an ingenious hacker does not need password access to compromise information.

A DBA must implement three important security tasks:

  • Authentication – this calls for the setting up of proper user accounts to control logins to the database.
  • Authorization – this involves permissions for different users on different sections of the database to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Auditing – this is the process of monitoring the people accessing the database at any given time.

Database administrators are the unsung heroes of any IT outfit, in any company. They are the gatekeepers to confidential company data.

Temp Job Hiring Agency

Temp Job Hunting: How to Choose an Agency

Temp Job Hiring AgencyEvery day, hundreds of people wake up and head to work at temporary jobs across the country.  Some of the most popular temp jobs in Brisbane include: construction work, clerical jobs, accounting, medical and legal staffing.

Temp jobs used to be the realm of people who prefer part time work, those who want flexible schedules and fresh grads who need a boost to get employed on a more permanent basis. More and more people today, however, are looking for temp jobs as a stepping stone to a more permanent position in the company.

Here is what you should know about how to get your ideal temp job in Brisbane.

Choose the Right Agencies

If you are looking for a temp job to get you employed, the first step is to find the right agency that can provide you with the exposure you need in order to land employment. Check out a few job sites and staffing websites in order to get a feel for what can match your skills, experience and objectives.

Never neglect the power of word of mouth when it comes to choosing a temp agency. The experience of other people can determine how a specific agency treats their temp workers or applicants, and can help you find a good one and avoid those that do not bother to help at all.

Update your Resume

The fact that temp jobs tend to be employment opportunities that are goal oriented and very time specific, most clients are not really keen on going over a very extensive resume. They are more interested in what specific skill sets you have, like typing speed, details of projects you have accomplished, etc., as opposed to a blow by blow account of the companies you’ve worked with in the past.

Set Proper Salary Expectations

Whatever the outcome of your interview, never imply that you will take any pay they throw at you and then snub it because the offer was way lower than what you were expecting.  Decide way ahead of time what amount you are comfortable with and then inform the temp agency so they can look for positions that fit your salary requirements.


Finding Great Deals To Buy Fuchs Wheels

PorscheAs a proud owner of a Porsche, you have always preferred those unique Fuchs wheels, known for their strength and innovative designs. These will not only enhance your car’s performance in terms of speed and road grip, but will surely enhance your car’s aesthetics.

So, what makes these Fuchs wheels the best purchase you can ever make for a Porsche vehicle?

The Fuchs Wheels Make the Porsche Even Better

There are wheels that are seven inches wide originally manufactured using state-of-the-art alloys with the most advanced technology involving five leaf alloys. These have the most unique rims that defined all the classic Porsches of the Sixties to the Eighties. When going for such tyres, check out if each measures seven inches for front wheels while the rear wheels should be eight inches or even nine-inches in width.

The Internet is Where The Best Deals Are Offered

That’s when you may find that Fuchs wheels for sale are not that readily available. Fortunately, Fuchs wheels are available with certain dealers and motor parts spares dealers. Be sure to search online for the best deals. The Internet offers a whole lot of information on dealers who also offer online services for free delivery. Their lightness enhances improved acceleration and much better handling because of reduced mass.

The Advantage Your Porsche Will Gain from Fuchs Wheels

The main advantage of these wheels for sale, according to, is these enhance the brake cooling. Their uniqueness is that the rims are manufactured using forged aluminum, which makes them lighter than steel. Some of these online retailers offer great wheels at throwaway prices.

The introduction of the Design 90 rims did not impact the Fuchs tyres, as these continue to be preferred by traditional Porsche lovers.

childrens playground

Choosing and Installing Playground Equipment is Child’s Play

childrens playgroundPlaying in the outdoors is refreshing. Not only does the play count as exercise, it is also fun. You and your family can enjoy fresh air, while experiencing the many physical, mental and other benefits of exercise.

For this purpose, you can buy and install a range of outdoor playground equipment in your backyard that adults and children can use. Choose equipment that you can easily install in your backyard. Many equipment requires a certain area of land for safe installation and usage.

Here are some of your options when buying outdoor equipment for your backyard:

  • Trampolines: children and adults can exercise on trampolines. There are yoga exercises and other exercises that you can do on a trampoline kit. Children can enjoy trampolines immensely. Some specialised sports use trampolines, notably slamball, a variant of basketball played on trampolines.
  • Wildnet rope systems: this equipment is a rope-play system designed for children. The network of ropes is secure in place with alloy-cast clamps and clamp bolts, so children of all ages can safely climb the ropes. The equipment makes children more confident in climbing. Examples of Wildnet systems include the Konnecta, Konnecta II, Skyclimber, and Summit.
  • Monkey bars: These improve children’s core and upper body strength as they hang on the bars, or move around them. Some children even hang upside down in them using their legs, locking them into place using their knees and feet.
  • Swings and slides: these classic outdoor equipment pieces, which also include seesaws, are always a great addition to your backyard. Children can play on them and still achieve some form of mild exercise.

Make sure that you have safety precautions in place as well to ensure the safety of your children while they use the equipment. Most play equipment manufacturers can install these, so you do not need to have the necessary know-how. Find the one best suitable for the size of your backyard, but never compromise on safety.

Building Dream Homes

House Builders: Doing More Than Just Building Your Dream Home

Building Dream HomesPeople are of the opinion that a house builder does just that – build your home. Little do they realise though that this job involves a number of other tasks that all go into building that dream home.

Here is a look some other non-construction services that a homebuilder does in behalf of its owner.

  1. Consultation

At the outset, the builder will provide you with consulting services and lend a keen ear to your plans. Based on your suggestions, the builder will then tell you the following:

  • Judge if the plan is practical or feasible;
  • The construction regulations of the city and if the plan can meet them;
  • Suggest any improvements to make efficient use of available space and the materials for a more durable construction
  1. Prepare and Document the Plan

Once the proposed house plan is in place, the builder will then make a sketch of it and prepare a report detailing the scope of the work.

  1. Assemble the Team

Remember, the builder alone cannot complete a home construction project. They need to subcontract other firms to complete the house, usually in allied fields. These include:

Builders ensure that only the best make up the team, or at least the best that they could find given the budget.

  1. Obtain the Building Licence

In consultation with the other experts in the team, the builder then prepares the documentation to obtain the building licence. Different areas, such as VIC or QLD, have different home builder licences.

Once you receive the necessary approvals and permits, builders will then chalk out a detailed construction program and commence the actual construction process. And yes, a good builder will keep you in the loop all throughout; some owners derive satisfaction from seeing the construction of their dream home, brick by brick.

Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry: Because Prevention is Always Better Than Cure

Preventive DentistryWe’ve all heard the common adage, “prevention is better than cure” one too many times. Those in the medical industry, especially those who practice preventive dentistry, understands this very well. This branch of dentistry emphasises on keeping dental problems at bay rather than treating them. In this regard, the role of the dentist is to make people more aware of prevention of dental problems so that they may not only avoid pain, but also save a lot of money.

The Goal of Preventive Dentistry

The goal of preventive dentistry is to teach people good hygiene practices to prevent tooth decay and other diseases of the oral cavity. To achieve this goal, leading dentists recommend undergoing a minimum of two checkups every year for professional cleaning and maintenance.

Here are some tips to keep your oral health in check:

• Regular brushing and flossing at home
Use of fluoride to strengthen the teeth to prevent tooth decay
• Regular dental visits for thorough oral cleaning of the teeth
• Regular dental screenings to check for any tooth decay
• Taking of X-rays to diagnose problems that are not visible to the naked eye
• Orthodontics to correct the bite of the teeth
• Use of sealants on chewing surfaces of the teeth to prevent decay

Patient Education

This is the most important part in the practice of proper preventive dentistry. To help people keep dental problems at bay, dentists educate their patients on the following topics:

• The outcomes of poor oral hygiene
• The oral diseases they put themselves at risk for
• The cost of treatments
• The importance of following good oral hygiene practices
• The various oral hygiene practices to be followed on a daily basis
• The importance of proper diet to prevent oral problems

Everyone must consider visiting a dentist regularly no matter how busy their schedule may be. By doing this, they can avoid serious dental problems and costly treatments.

business coach

Starting a Career as a Business Coach

business coachHaving your own business seems like a walk in the park, but in real life, that is not the case. As a business owner, you need to worry about not only the first step to take to get your operations up and running, but also its day-to-day activities, at least for the first few months.

Aside from this, you also have to devise ways to keep your business from becoming redundant and unable to compete. As these concerns are crucial, most business owners get the services of a business coach.

A business coach typically has an area of specialty. Scolari Comerford recommends hiring a business coach based on the area you need help. What happens though if you are the business coach, and you would like to bring your services to others?

1. What do you want to be?

First things first. Before you can start offering your services, you need to make sure that you have what it takes to be a business coach. Get to know your strengths and weaknesses, and assess if what you know could help other businesses in need.

2. Be familiar with your niche.

As a business coach, you should make use of your strengths to determine your area of specialisation. Familiarise yourself with the said niche to easily see a particular concern in a business. It is also a good idea to keep yourself updated with the latest techniques and technologies in your area.

3. Grow your network.

Although you can easily make use of the Internet to advertise your services and let businesses know your offerings, nothing beats word of mouth and building relationships with authorities in the field and business owners. Attend trade fairs, workshops, and seminars to meet people who can become your customers someday.

A business coach is an indispensable tool for the growth of a small business. You will become part of a brand’s strategy and its collective history, but for this to happen, know yourself first and what you bring to the table.