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condominium for rent

Condo Hunt Made Easy: 3 Ways to Avoid Rental Scams

For travelers looking for a unique and personal place to stay in the Philippines, condominium rentals in Makati can provide the ultimate experience. Not only will you live like a local, but you will also have the opportunity to connect with fellow tourists.

condominium for rent

When there’s a popular travel trend, though, scammers aren’t far behind. Fortunately, you can avoid being a victim of rental scams. Here are some of them:

Read reviews

Reading reviews is an important step for checking your lodging choices. By checking reviews written by real people, you can easily see if a condo is a good fit for.

Beware of suspicious details

If you think something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. When searching for great deals on condominiums in Makati, always use common sense. To know the average price of condos, compare similar rental options in the area to give you a feel for the market.

Research Thoroughly

Reviews shouldn’t be your only source of information. Find out other details about the property and the company. Experts recommend using search engines to look up the address and contact numbers, for instance.

The height of summer vacation planning is here, and many are on the hunt for affordable travel options. Being savvy when you’re looking for a condo is well worth the effort.


funeral arrangements

How to Plan Your Funeral in 3 Steps

When a loved one dies, family members and friends are often the people who make the decisions about the costs and procedures of funeral arrangements in Salt Lake City.

funeral arrangements

More people, however, are now planning and making their own funeral arrangements. They’re also even paying for them in advance.

To lift the burden and stress off your family members and friends, follow these guidelines for making funeral arrangements in Salt Lake City:

Think of a Place

Think about a place where you would like your remains to be buried. It’s ideal to buy a cemetery plot before you actually need it. This can lift the burden off your family members from having to rush to buy a plot that they may have never seen before. With that said, tell your family members and friends the location of your cemetery plot if you do buy it in advance.

Choose a Provider

People often choose a funeral home or cemetery because it’s close to their home, or it has served their family in the past. It’s ideal, however, to shop around instead of risking paying more than necessary for their goods and services.

Consider Religion and Culture

Decide whether religious or cultural traditions will influence your funeral, as this can determine the procedures of your memorial service.

Death is inevitable, but this doesn’t mean it should be painful and stressful for the people left behind. Making your own funeral arrangements in advance can lessen the pain and stress your family members and friends will feel after you pass.



Fun Facts about Jewelry

Jewelry pieces, be it silver, gold, or diamond, aren’t just popular ornaments. They’re also used for other special function: as amulets, for medical alert, prayer, and celibacy vow, among others. Still, there are interesting facts about these precious favorites that make them all the more fascinating.


Here are some of trivia bits about these valuable pieces:

  • The word “jewelry” originated from the Old French term “jouel” in the 13th century. It can also be traced back to the Latin word “jocale,” which means plaything.
  • The Cullinan diamond is considered as the largest gem-quality diamond ever found at 3,106 carats, or about one and a third pounds. It was discovered on January 26 1905, in the Premier No. 2 mine, near Pretoria, South Africa.
  • The wealthy Croesus, the former king of Lydia, was the first ruler to mint and issue the first gold coins. These coins, however, were quite crude. They were also made of electrum.
  • Agnes Sorel, King Charles VII of France’s favourite mistress, was the first woman to wear diamonds in public during the 1400s.
  • In the past, only one ring was needed for an engagement and a wedding. But in 1477, Archduke Maximilian of Austria presented an engagement ring to his beloved, Mary of Burgundy. This is one of the earliest recorded uses of a diamond engagement ring, which eventually started the tradition.

It pays to know more about jewelry. The next time you go to buy wholesale silver jewelry, remembering these fun facts may make the hunt more exciting.



Lost in Brisbane: What to Do in 3 Days

Brisbane, or informally known as Bris Vegas, is one of the must-see cities in your travel bucket list. Below are some tips in case you’re planning a 3-day trip. But make sure to find a hotel near points of interest like the RNA showgrounds, first.


Day 1: Walking Tour

Your feet will take you to the best places in Brisbane. Start your day by café-hopping in Fortitude Valley. Once full, take a rest, walk the streets, and explore the city’s historic buildings, expansive gardens, churches and museums. Speaking of museums, don’t forget to drop by the Gallery of Modern Art. To end the day, cruise along the Brisbane River while having a dinner.

Day 2: Beaches, Zoos and Museums

Devote your second day to visiting beaches like the Suttons Beach Redcliffe and Lower Moora Park Shorncliffe. After that, visit theme parks in Gold Coast like Dreamworld and WhiteWater World.

Day 3: Shopping

As it’s your last day, go shopping for souvenirs at the Queensland Shopping Centre. You might also take a glimpse of Australia’s marine life by visiting the Underwater World. Get your last Brisbane meal by going back to Fortitude Valley.

You can do more if you’re energetic and willing to explore. Make sure that before you go to this beautiful city, you have made travel lists and booked an accommodation near interesting spots like the RNA showgrounds.

VoIP phones

How Businesses Benefit from VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a system that hosts a phone network over the Internet. Especially within business settings, this VoIP networks maximise functionality – far beyond conventional telephone systems.

So, how exactly can business owners benefit from this VoIP system? We’ve taken the time to put together a guide to ensure you fully understand the potential benefits of VoIP telephony.

VoIP phones

Reliability and Efficiency

VoIP doesn’t require the always present, dedicated connection of the PSTN – just a reliable broadband connection. Routing calls over VoIP private networks can be both efficient and cost effective for most organisations.


Traditional telephone systems can often be quite time-consuming and costly to maintain. VoIP is much simpler to maintain and comes bundled with a range of additional features. Call waiting and conferencing are in-built for most VoIP users. Further, with VoIP, it is very simple to add new terminals as businesses grow.

Cost savings

To clarify, VoIP does not require separate infrastructures to handle voice and data traffic. Moreover, there is no need to plan a significant budget for long-distance 0800 number calling, as VoIP treats 0800 calls similarly to landline calls. For any business owner, this is clearly going to reduce variable costs and increase flexiblility – especially for business development functions.

As VoIP has developed over the last couple of years, it has become a breakthrough technology. It is one well within the capacity of any business, regardless of its scale – as is significantly more cost-effective than traditional telephony systems. We have a range of VoIP packages on offer – why not talk to us? We’d be happy to help.

fitness equipment

Post-Holiday Exercise: Ways to Work off Holiday Pounds

Roast turkey, honey-baked ham, chocolate fudge, and Christmas cookies–holiday recipes were truly a delight to the taste buds, but may have ruined your well-maintained diet. Post-holiday weight gain can be frustrating, but there are ways for you to get back in shape. Here are some of them:

fitness equipment

Beat the Winter Workout Blues

Post-holiday workouts are challenging. The gloomy weather, lazy winter sun, and cold mornings can be very demotivating for exercise. But the weather shouldn’t hamper your workout routine. Simple activities like walking or running up and down the stairs, can help you shed those pounds off.

Bring Exercise Indoors

If the weather doesn’t permit exercising outdoors, then bring your workout indoors. Buy fitness equipment like an elliptical or treadmill, take a yoga or Zumba class, or learn kickboxing. Trying new indoor exercises can help you get back in shape and break into a sweat during the winter.

Find a Workout Buddy

To stay motivated during your post-holiday workout, it would be helpful to find a workout buddy. Reach out to a relative, friend, or workmate and find someone you can exercise with. Workout buddies can help you meet your goals, as they are usually motivated by the same objective.

From investing in fitness equipment to trying new workout routines and finding a workout buddy, there are many ways to work off the holiday pounds and achieve your ideal body.