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clean rubber roofs

4 Easy Steps to Clean EPDM Rubber Roofs

As one of the most durable synthetic rubber blends available, EPDM rubber roofing needs minimal maintenance. To keep it looking clean and polished, you need to clean it at least four times each year. This will eliminate dirt and debris build up, and give it its factory fresh look back.

clean rubber roofs

To clean your EPDM rubber roof, follow these guidelines:

Moisten the Surrounding Surface

Moisten the surface surrounding the EPDM rubber with a hose. The water and water pressure will prevent waste water runoff from streaking the surfaces you’re not washing currently.

Wash Away Dirt and Debris

Most EPDM rubber roof manufacturers recommend the use of their cleaning products. If you don’t have access to these products, you can use cleaning solutions that don’t contain petroleum solvents, abrasive granules, or citric acid. Following the manufacturer’s instructions, mix the solutions with water. Using a stiff-bristle nylon brush, scrub away dirt and debris, and then rinse the surface with water.

Scrub Away Stains

Using a bleach- or monoethalomine-based cleaning product, scrub away stains while following the manufacturer’s instructions. Once done, rinse well with water.

Apply Protective Products

Apply protective products to the roof to protect the surfaces from harmful UV rays. Once done, apply polish and shine.

Despite their durability, it’s important to take care of your EPDM rubber roof. For more cleaning tips, contact local suppliers and manufacturers.

teeth whitening

Two Ways Smoking Harms Oral Health

Smoking is detrimental to oral health. Apart from causing other serious diseases, another big reason to kick the habit is to preserve the beauty of your smile and keep your personal hygiene in check.

Here are two ways tobacco products affect your dental health:

teeth whitening

Teeth Discoloration

Nicotine is one of the worst culprits of teeth discoloration. Every time you light up, the tobacco produces brown stains that enter openings in the tooth enamel. The more you smoke the brownish stain color even becomes stronger. Unfortunately, brushing alone won’t be enough to restore the natural color of your teeth. The key is to undergo teeth whitening in Anchorage to significantly reduce the discoloration in a short period.

Bad Breath

Smoking leaves a foul smell, thus causing bad breath. Many smokers are not aware of this as they are immune to their own scent, but the smell of cigarettes is offensive to non-smokers. In essence, smoking makes you unhygienic, and will affect the way you interact with others. Apart from having teeth whitening in an Anchorage-based dental clinic, consult your dentist about other habits that lead to oral malodor.

Smoking would cause you more harm than good in the long run. It may be a hard habit to break, but you may have a healthier mouth by quitting cigarettes over time.

public hospitals

Basic Guide on Choosing the Right Hospital

public hospitalsKeep in mind that hospitals vary in specialization. There are healthcare institutions that have a greater level of expertise with certain illnesses. Medical institutions with expertise in treating heart diseases can bring about speedier recovery. As a patient, you need to look for a hospital that suits your needs.

Here are some tips on choosing the right hospital:

Look for Accreditation

For government hospitals in Manila to be accredited, they have to meet certain standards of quality and safety. Choosing hospitals that rank well on quality is beneficial to you. If you need an immediate medical assistance, it’s advisable to go to the nearest hospital. If you’re not facing an emergency, however, you should take time to research.

Check Several Resources

It’s important to make an educated choice when it comes to choosing a hospital. You should check several resources. You may ask your doctor or friends for recommendations. Searching the net is also a good option. Find reliable reviews and articles online to help you with your search. Some private groups grade hospitals based on different measures. Check those reviews to get an overall view of the quality of service they offer and the kind of facilities they have. You should also consider a safer hospital in times of disaster.

Choose a Well-staffed Hospital

Understanding the ratio of patients to doctors and nurses is important. If the hospital lacks staff, there’s a high possibility for the staff members to work overtime. This can be risky, as they will not get enough rest to concentrate.

Know the Staff

Finding the right hospital in Metro Manila is not that difficult as there are a number of choices to choose from. The city hosts both private and public healthcare institutions. They may have some misconceptions about public hospitals in Manila, but most of them are unfounded. Most government hospitals in the city may not have advanced facilities, but some of the top doctors serve there. The Department of Health (DOH) is also serious about the modernization of hospitals across the country, and has allotted funds for the said project.

Doing a bit of research prior to choosing a hospital can do more than give you peace of mind. Today, there’s a lot of useful information about quality and safety in hospitals. Just keep in mind that when choosing hospitals, your decision must be a calculated one.

jewellery designers

Current Trends that Rule the Engagement Ring Scene

jewellery designersChoosing the perfect engagement ring should be an exciting experience for every man thinking of popping the question. With a little research, you’ll manage to get the kind of ring she’ll love, and of course, the answer you’re hoping for.

Here are different cuts and settings you can choose from:

Emerald Cut

This is a classically elegant cut. It gives a subtle vintage air but at the same time, its sleek lines radiate a modern feel. It also looks bigger compared to other cuts with similar carat weight.

Cushion Cut

This is another stylish option. Many jewellery designers like Robert H. Parker and Sons are incorporating this in their designs. This has an antique aesthetic. The organic shape radiates a fiery brilliance owing to the large facets. This is also the reason why this cut was popular during times when candlelight and not electricity was used for night illumination.

Oval Cut

This is visually more appealing than the ordinary round stone. The oval cut ones tweak convention with just the right amount to be modern. It looks stunning when set as solitaire and is appropriate for use in trendy east-west setting.

Pear Cut

This is tapered and sensually shaped. Its shade of vintage appeal and perfectly feminine design makes it a popular choice. Its shape is also suitable for smaller carat weights.

Double Halo

Among settings, double halo is great this season. Two-tiered halo settings with some contrasting color on the surrounding metal or stones create an impression of a bigger solitaire.


This has modern, clean lines. Apart from being trendy, it’s also an extremely secure way to hold the precious solitaire gem. This setting can also show off the richness of platinum metal. To add visual impact, place the oval marquise or emerald stone horizontally.

Keep in mind that your proposal and the ring that comes with it is just the first step, so make it memorable. You can research online for more information on how to pick the right engagement ring for your girl.

looking for apartment

Four Good Reasons to Live in Makati

looking for apartmentMakati is the financial, commercial, and economic district of the Philippines. It is known for its upscale shopping malls along with the many multinational companies, banks, and embassies in the city. This makes Makati the preferred address of many foreigners.

Here are some of the reasons looking for an apartment in Makati is a great choice:

Workplace Proximity

If you work in the Makati central business district, an apartment near Ayala village is a good choice. Finding affordable condos in the city is relatively easy. Just take into consideration the accessibility of the property. If you want to have more opportunities to explore the city, then look for a condo that is accessible to main roads like Bel Air Village, a prominent and peaceful community in Makati. It also houses high-rise apartments for rent that can suit your budget and lifestyle.


Makati city is the home of many embassies and consulates in the country. From diplomats and entrepreneurs to tourists, many choose to call the city their home. The city also has highly developed foreign institutions that can meet different needs. It’s expat-friendly so many people from all over the world are interested to live there.

Shopping Mecca

Commercial centers in Makati city match world-class standards. There are many shopping malls in the city so many local and foreign tourists go there. From designer brands, jewelries, gadgets, and sporting goods Makati has it all. The items may even come at lower costs, making shopping even more convenient.

Top-Notch Education

Many well-known international schools are in Makati. This assures many parents that their children will have great education. Each school has its own merits. It’s important that you think about your child’s welfare and needs carefully before choosing the school that fits.

Makati is a culturally diverse community that offers many interesting things. It’s the city that caters to the needs of everyone. Go ahead and start your search for your ideal apartment.

how to get a visa

Flying to the UK: Helping Your Girlfriend Get a Visa

how to get a visaA long-distance relationship with a girlfriend in Thailand can feel lonely. You don’t get to see her as much as you’d like. Ask her to come and visit, so you can spend a holiday together. There are requirements to follow, though, before she can arrive in your country. There are regulations to follow, depending on your country’s laws.

The United Kingdom, for example, has many regulations for visiting foreigners. An entry clearance officer in the UK embassy will interview her about the purpose of the trip. Questions about your relationship will also be part of the interview. The embassy might ask for documentation, such as photos of you together, email correspondence, and other records. Give your girlfriend a copy of your passport. This way, she can prepare all the required documents on time.

Obtaining a Visitor’s Visa

Applying for a visitor’s visa for your Thai girlfriend can take time, as she’ll need to organise her documents. Providing proof that she’ll go back and won’t overstay in the United Kingdom is important. The application might not get approval if she provides insufficient information about her finances and employment.

A letter from your girlfriend’s boss confirming that she has been given time off to visit the United Kingdom is an important supporting document. It should also state in detail the length of her employment and her salary. If she owns a business, she must produce registration papers. Bank account statements or records of income from properties are also essential documents to carry to the embassy.

What You Can Do to Help

You can make your girlfriend’s application easier with a letter of invitation. Provide financial documents indicating your income and a certificate of employment to your girlfriend. Supply evidence about your residency status in the United Kingdom. The bio-data pages from your passport will prove your nationality.

Asking for advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office will also give you more information. Find out how you can get a visa for your Thai girlfriend from authorised personnel to start the preparations. This will let you prepare everything she’ll need to meet you at the airport the soonest time possible.


hire a virtual assistant

Online Meetings Made Easy: Virtual Assistance for Well-Run Conferences

hire a virtual assistantToday’s office environment is more dynamic than ever. This is especially true for big corporations with different branches across the country. Such growth presents its own challenges, however. For one, arranging meetings can be tough for people working in different time zones. Everyone has to adjust their schedules to accommodate each other.

Hiring virtual assistants is a good solution for these instances. They can set up an online meeting where everyone can gather. Experienced in this type of arrangement, virtual assistants make up an important part of the organization. They have the knowledge and training to make a meeting go without a hitch. This is essential, especially if you have to resolve a specific issue.

Calling the Meeting to Order

Virtual assistants have the tools to make a meeting go on as planned. First, they’ll email the attendees days before about the meeting’s agenda and when it will take place. They will then use online conference platforms to support online meetings.

Taking notes during the meeting is another duty of a virtual assistant. Learn about virtual assistance solutions you can use to make your meeting successful. This way, you’ll know how to provide the support they need to make your office operate efficiently.

Screen-Sharing and Whiteboard Solutions

There are online platforms available to share your screen to demonstrate a particular function. Work with your assistants to find reliable systems that will make meetings run smoothly. WebEx, for example, provides utilities which enable you to show a presentation from your office to conference rooms across the country. It also has a recorder that will help your assistant transcript the details.

Use an online whiteboard where participants can illustrate their ideas. Your assistant can prescribe other solutions apart from chat, if you find it ineffective. Lease virtual assistant services that can help you accumulate all the online meetings you need. This way, you can communicate well with managers and colleagues from different places about specific issues in the office.

car dealerships

Scoring an Auto Loan Despite Your Bad Credit

car dealershipsHaving a bad credit doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase a car or get a car loan with terms that will not hurt your monthly budget. There are still some lenders and car dealerships that offer loans for people with poor credit. You just need to take control of the car you want to buy and the price interest you can afford.

Knowing Your Credit Score

Before shopping for any car, you should get to know your credit score first. Don’t take someone else’s word that your credit score is bad. Get a full report from online sites issuing annual credit reports. When you know your credit score, you can proceed with the process with more confidence. You may also discover that can qualify for a loan with a lower rate.

Shopping Around

As not all lenders will see a positive light in your credit history, you need to shop around. Don’t go straight into a single dealer, as you may get caught up in a situation that’s hard to deal with. And when you find a car dealership that works for people with bad credit, don’t sign anything on the spot. Always ask for the offer in writing and review it at home.

Looking at Used Cars

A used car can provide good value for a reasonable price and it is the best choice for consumers with bad credit. The downside, however, is that the interest rates are usually higher for preowned car loan. This is why you should check the pricing guides to ensure you know the real value of the car you want to purchase. Moreover, know the vehicle’s history and have it checked by a trusted mechanic.

Saving Up

When you have a low credit score, you should save up for a bigger downpayment. A high downpayment decreases the amount you cover for the duration of the loan. Making a higher down payment is a good idea in general, but it’s very important if you have bad credit.

Paying On Time

As bad credit auto loans have higher interest rates, pay your dues on time. This is also helpful to reestablish your credit score and create a good impression on other lenders. Failure to pay your loan on time can lead to consequences and repossession of the vehicle.

When buying a new or a used car, keep your emotion out of the transaction process. Always look at the reliability of the car, the cost of your monthly payment, and your ability to pay the loan.

web design company

Services Offered by a Reputable Web Design Company

If you have a business that you would like to put up online, then you will definitely require the services of a web design firm. Web design companies offer a variety of services essential for the creation and maintenance of a business’ online presence. If you are searching for a Los Angeles-based web design firm, here are some of the services that you should be on the lookout for.

Logo Design

web design company

Your business can benefit from the design of a logo to differentiate you from other companies that provide similar products and services. Web design firms operating in Los Angeles provide distinctly creative logo and banner designs that’ll best represent what your business offers. Reputable web design companies use only the latest technology and graphics in an array of different formats. Take your pick between 2D or 3D logos for your website.

Search Engine Optimization

Besides website design and logo creation, they offer search engine optimization (SEO). SEO utilizes different methods to ensure that your Webpage’s content is optimized to let search engines easily recognize it and bump up its page ranking on search engine results based on prevailing algorithms. They handle the integration of marketing automation software to capture leads and then convert them later on. These companies can make your landing page streamlined, intuitive, and user-friendly for potential customers and visitors of your site.

Web design companies also offer file conversion services. They work with different formats and convert them into stylish HTML web pages that can be integrated onto your website quite seamlessly. They’ll help you setup any e-commerce requirements your business may need, including secure payment channels.

No business is complete without a professionally-designed website. Company websites are an extension of their image and can dictate credibility. Its overall design, including usability, intuitiveness, and appearance are often what makes or breaks a sale.

home loan

Benefits of Using a Home Loan Calculator

home loanMost people who want to buy or build a home need to get a home loan from a bank or private lender. A small percentage of people have the money to buy or construct a house without needing a loan.

Getting a home loan can be difficult, however. It involves a lot of research, planning, and calculating. Due to this difficulty, many people have given up their dream of buying a home. As such, if you decide to get a loan, think of using a home loan payment calculator and its benefits.

With an accurate monthly home loan payment calculator, you can find out how much you can afford to borrow without straining your finances. Other benefits of using a home loan payment calculator include:

Appropriate Suggestions

Home loan payment calculators can offer appropriate suggestions, allowing you to make an immediate, but correct decision.

There are some important factors that a home loan payment calculator takes into account when making the calculations. Some of these factors include the maximum amount of money you want to spend buying a house, your monthly salary, repayment period, and interest rate.

Accurate Results with Minimal Details

Home loan payment calculators can offer accurate information without offering too much detail. In contrast, some calculating tools will offer elaborate information, and include all the details.

Other tools also take into account factors, such as interest rate fluctuations while making the calculations.

Buying Capability

An accurate home loan payment calculator can tell you of your true financial worth and capability for buying a home. For instance, if you have set your budget too low, you may have to settle for a small home without much facilities.

With a home loan payment calculator, you may afford a bigger home with more facilities. Without realising it, you may have the finances to buy a bigger home. Using a home loan payment calculator, you can find out your exact buying capability.

With the reliable information you can get from a home loan payment calculator, you can start choosing different home loan options and lenders. You don’t need to waste time thinking of unrealistic options, if you decide to benefit from the services of this tool.